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16 años después de preguntarle a James cuando se iban a Paraguay, la respuesta es que ahora mismo esta tocando Metallica en Paraguay #MetallicaEnPy

Thanks +Metallica for coming to Paraguay, greetings from 1998!!!

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A white paper with letters is not a Graphical User Interface(GUI). #ios7   #flatdesignsucks    #getbacktohardwarejony  

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If you have to explain to me why something is beautiful, you already failed.  #ios7  

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iOS 7 flat design is just depressing, depressing and depressing. #ios7

There is nothing worse than Apple following the steps of Microsoft and Google, design wise. #depressing  

Feliz 2012!!! 
Asunción, Recoleta

Ahora si, se fue Buzz! :(

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