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The solution is sometimes trial and error.
The solution is sometimes trial and error.

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Let's start a petition for +Google​ to update their in app billing APIs, add a properly tested library wrapper around it and release that library as one of the app compat libraries.

Many developers like +Francisco Franco​ have faced serious issues with this badly documented API and nearly every developer is stuck with using a third party library most of which are not well tested and documented either.

This post is also meant to collect potential features that library should have:
• Basic thread safe API calls for purchasing/consuming purchases and subscribing/cancelling subscriptions
• An easy way to query purchases the user has made on another device
• Full integration of promo codes in the new API, no more broadcast receivers
• More accurate error codes and messages
• …

Post your suggestions in the comments and tick one of the options below to evaluate the need of such an API update.
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Please make new API, Google!
I'm fine with the old IABv3 API.

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I don't think the email is from you +Aidan Follestad​. Right?


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Most of you already know +Heinrich Reimer and me are working on a 2.0 release of our Equalizer app [1].
Now we are asking for your support to help translate the app.
The new strings are up on Crowdin:
To motivate you, we have two 10$ Google Play Store gift cards (or PayPal credit as alternative) to give away to a randomly selected translator.


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Fun thing if you are testing an Equalizer app:
You end up having 14 music players installed on your device of which only 5 support the official Android API 😮🤣

The good thing: it's fairly easy for music player developers to implement the standard API, we even have copy-paste ready code for you in our support guide [1] ☺️
So if you know any music player developer please share the guide so that the list of music players supporting the Android API gets longer 😎

(+VLC​​ already responded they'll include support in their next version 🎉)

PS: If you love music players and Equalizer I would really​ appreciate resharing this post and my previous post about Equalizer.


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Awesome icon pack by +Max Patchs​. Download now!
Ango is now live on google play store , i will do my best to make this icon pack the best with weekly updates and support.

re share for support :) 

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Ango Official Icon 😇

650+ done

All OEMs themed 🤓

The icon pack won't be launched to play store till I hit 1000 icon and 10 wallpapers and 30 app drawers icons.


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Next round of the Equalizer PRO Giveaway
Share this post, follow us and +1 this post. 20 winners are randomly selected within the next few days.

You don't like your devices music sound? Just download Equalizer on Google Play and adjust it to your needs!
Equalizer is a free equalizer app I developed with +Heinrich Reimer following material design that basically improves your music listening experience a lot.
It includes a bass boost, volume boost, 3D virtual surround and much more effects/presets for music fans.

Sounds cool? Then just re-share, follow us and +1 this post and get the chance to be one of 20 lucky winners who'll get all the PRO features for free.

#free   #giveaway   #android   #free   #music  
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