Hank Johnson has said that mankind should fear the N'Zeer.  Many have asked where I stand.  

It should be obvious that as a man of science, I stand on the side of knowledge.  We have much to learn.  If that knowledge comes from the Shapers or from the N'Zeer it does not matter to me.  I want only to understand, to understand the universe and how it works, what our true capabilities are as a civilization.  

It is science that will get us to our true potential and the N'Zeer are friends of science.  They have great knowledge that they would share.  Some fear it.  I believe the Shapers, whatever they are, would seek to deny us access to it.  

I owe Jarvis no allegiance.  He tried to kill me more than once.  No, I fight only for myself and for the purity of science and discovery.  I shall expend all of my efforts that no last minute actions can block the beacons and keep us separated from the N’zeer.
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