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I want to migrate from nova launcher.
Is it possible to create folders in the app drawer? I can't find this. 

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+Philipp Crocoll Just in case you did not see here:

We seem to have a massive memory leak in Keepass Autofill which is in my humble opinion a great tool. When my phone started to stutter I checked my running processes and Autofill was using 511 MB. I had to kill and disable it unfortunately.

Tested 3.1 beta 7 and found this:

1. Archive: The year shown as header above old entries is 2115 instead of 2015

2. When editing a location based reminder, it is difficult to change the "when arriving" / "when leaving" button because it is partly covered by the hovering save button

3. What is the "Pre-Alarm" in location based reminders?

I have bought a Motorola 360, so Android Wear support is important to me right now. I see that reminders pop up. But will it ever be possible to create a new reminder right on the watch?

I just installed 5.4.6 on my LG G2 (d802).

The date format shown for German is wrong, Titanium Backup and ColReminder show 06.02.2015 for June 2nd instead of 02.06.2015 which would be correct.

Can this bug be corrected?

I am currently trying to find an alternative to K9-Mail which I use several years now to access my self hosted imap server.

AquaMail seems to be a really good alternative for me, however I miss two things

- Can I use an English GUI on my German Android?
- Mail View: Can I add a "move to spam" button to the button bar?
- I'd like an archive button/menu (move to archive like move to spam folder). I have a dedicated archive folder to keep my inbox clean.
- Search mails on server

Is anything of this on the list to get implemented or have I even missed something that's possible today?

Is there a module that magnifies/zooms the cursor when selecting text like the iPhone does? Would be nice because it would be so much easier to select text.

Feature Request:
Bei den Ortsbasierten Remindern eine Verzögerung einbauen, z.B. erinnere mich 10 Minuten nachdem ich zuhause angekommen bin.
Ansonsten kann es vorkommen, dass die Erinnerung hochkommt, sobald ich zuhause in der Garage bin, das Handy noch in der Tasche, dann überhöre ich es evtl.

Ich bekomme immer einen Absturz, wenn ich einen Ortsbezogenen Reminder setzen will, sobald ich anfange, eine Adresse zu tippen. Ich habe die Absturzdaten an Google Play geschickt, reicht das?

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Don't we all know this? 
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