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Insanely-Quick 3D Tracking with 1 Camera
+Film Riot I wonder how long before this becomes a part of mocha...

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VLC Media Player Finally Available on Chrome OS

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Wow!!! Some amazing stuff. Can't wait until it becomes main stream.

Disney's FaceDirector changes facial expressions in movies

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A Simple Guide to Urgent Missed Calls

Yup, that's about right with any calls these days.

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What IT Professionals Earn Around the World

I'd like to see this based on US educational IT.
Education IT income isn't much better than these third world IT pros.

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Glad someone is looking beyond their own charge, it's a pity this says most aren't.

Security pros failing to address digital certificate risks, survey shows

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This is why I use Munki or Casper.
I'm still trying to build my Autopkg environment.

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Hey +Casey Farina ! Remember when we tried to do Mocap with kinect!

Looks like we can finally do it properly!! 
Lust need more toys and this free software.

I don't thing +Pandora gets enough credit for why it does.

I just drove 45 minutes each way and only hated one song, that I got to promptly skip! Awesome!

I don't th
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