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Oliver Acevedo
I just may have Google running through my veins...
I just may have Google running through my veins...

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Don't be "that guy" that has their cellphone go off in the middle of conference or sacrament meeting... This app will silence your phone whenever you walk into an LDS chapel!

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I've always said Chromebooks would be going places. Now their targeting the mobile market!

Happy April Fool's!

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Amazon has been really impressing me lately...

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This is insane. Playing pictionary with an A.I. computer! Pretty impressive

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Google new smart messaging app is neat. A little creepy, but has a lot if potential. It's built in bot uses artificial intelligence to learn from you so the more you use it, the smarter it will get.

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Being grateful every day is very powerful. A little black notebook can help us get into this great habit. 
A powerful message for #leaders as well. Be a leader today, not a calling. Mormon Insights

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So I'm just waiting for more parts to come in from China but here's where I'm at so far with my Arduino Home Automation project.

I've got 2 nodes built on breadboards so far. Both of which have temperature, humidity, and motion sensors. My bedroom node also controls my lights. I've got full control over my HVAC unit and even have a script running speedtests to test my bandwidth.

I also have it monitoring my solar array. I have a 10kW solar array at home and with this I can see how much I'm producing currently and how much electricity was produced throughout the day.

All of this data is being saved in a database so I can chart it as well. I'm planning on adding more nodes throughout the house. They all talk to my Raspberry Pi controller through an RF chip and the Raspberry Pi collects all the data and runs my OpenHAB dashboard. So everything's wireless, just need to plug these into a usb outlet and you're all set!

Total cost for each node has been less than $10 which is a lot of functionality for the price. I'm going to add relays and get a printed PCB board to make these nodes more permanent. These project have been a lot of fun. With Arduino you can program these chips to do a ton of cool stuff and are great for home automation!

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Interesting article on Fasting! 
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