I wrote a #200WordRPG version of Rifts, because why not?


The far future. Civilisation has been destroyed by portals called rifts opening up to thousands of dimensions, spewing forth monsters and returning magic to the world. A technologically advanced human empire, the Coalition, attempt to reclaim the Earth, but crush all who resist them, slaughtering innocents.

PCs are adventurers, trying to make their way in the wasteland, avoiding death at the hands of demons from the rifts or the Coalition. They can be human or a sapient creature from a rift.

Character creation

Pick 3 gimmicks. They can be magical, technological, psionic, mutations, or natural to non human species.


Whenever your character attempts something exciting, roll a 6 sided die. If you can tie in one of your gimmicks, add 2. On a 4 plus, they succeed. Describe how.

If a character fails, the GM must introduce a new complication and keep things moving forward. Failure should never stop the game from progressing.


Glitter Boy: Has a giant, laser resistant mecha with a ludicrous cannon.

Juicer: Has assassin training and a drug harness giving them incredible reflexes and physical abilities.

Dragon Hatchling: Can fly, breathe fire, and shapeshift into any form.
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