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Hi everyone!

We want to make sure you can represent your real-life relationships on Google+ -- whether you want to connect with someone or not :-) So starting today, we're rolling out a new option to Ignore people, in addition to the existing (and stronger) option to Block them.

Ignore means you'll see less of what a person is sharing (i.e., you're just not interested). Block additionally limits the ways a person can interact with what you're sharing (i.e., you don't want anything to do with them). And in either case, we don't notify the person that you've ignored or blocked them. (Help center articles are
available at and )

Let us know what you think in the comments!


Video Transcript

One of my favorite parts about Google+ is how Circles let me connect with my friends, family and other people I want to hear from, in a way that reflects my real-world relationships.

Of course, in real-life there are also people you don't know, don't like or don't want to hear from. And we want to give you the ability to define these relationships in Google+ as well. That's why today we're introducing a new "Ignore" option, alongside the stronger "Block" option. I’ll talk about Ignore, and my co-worker +Sean Purcell will talk about Block.

Ignoring someone is basically saying you’re just not interested -- maybe you don’t know them, or maybe you don’t want to see what they’re sharing. When you do Ignore someone, a few things happen on Google+, including:
- you won't see any of their posts in the Incoming stream
- you won't get notifications about their activities
- you won’t see them on your Circles page

The Ignore option is available from multiple places on Google+. And importantly: we don’t notify people that you’ve ignored them. Let me show you how it works:
- first, you can ignore someone from Notifications in the Google+ bar, or the Notifications stream. Just click Ignore next to their name, and you'll see a confirmation message.
- you can also ignore someone from Incoming, and again you’ll see a confirmation message.
- finally, you can Ignore one or more people at once from your Circles page. Just highlight them, and click ignore.

If you change your mind you can always find the list of people you’ve ignored under More Actions on the Circles page. You can un-ignore directly from here, or by adding people back to a circle.

Blocking someone is much stronger than Ignoring them -- it’s basically saying you don’t want anything to do with them on Google+. After you choose this option, a number of important things happen on Google+, including:
- they’re removed from your circles and your extended circles
- you won’t see any of their new posts in the Stream
- they won’t see anything you share with your circles
- and they can’t comment on your posts

Block is available on a person’s profile, and everywhere Ignore appears. And once again: we don’t notify people that you’ve blocked them. Let me show you.
- here I am on +Vic Gundotra’s profile. I can block Vic, confirm, and he’s blocked. And if I change my mind, I can unblock Vic directly from his profile
- another place to block someone is from the notifications widget. Click on your notification, click ignore, and you’ll have a second option to Block them if that’s more appropriate
- finally, I can always unblock people from my Circles page. I just click More Actions, View blocked, and unblock them

Between Ignore and Block, we want to help you bring the nuance and richness of your real-life relationships to Google+ -- whether you want to connect with a person or not.

Over the next weeks and months we’ll be working to improve both Ignore and Block, but please let us know what you think of today’s features in the comments!
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This is brilliant! Thank you, I've been secretly wanting this feature! :D
I'm not sure how the ignore feature differs from not placing a person in your circles in the first place.
This is just what I want.
I thought the video might be enough to convince you that I work at Google :) But yes +Christian Jay Marshall it's now on my Google+ profile too. I hope you all find this feature useful!
+Dirk Talamasca if you don't ignore someone, their posts will still appear in your Incoming stream, and you'll still get notifications about their stuff. Watch the video :)
+Olga Wichrowska Ahh I see. It affects the incoming stream. That is a pretty good addition, I suppose. Although I can generally filter out people that add me pretty quickly by looking up their profile to check out what sort of content they are sharing and decide whether or not to add them to a circle. That pretty much keeps me from looking at the incoming stream at all.
OK, but I would like to ignore a post, to not see 12 reshares of the same cat animation, or basically tell G+ that once I have seen something, not to show it to me again. I want the ignore and circling functions to be more about content than about people.

Right now, to have a lot of random activity on G+, users that circle a lot of people probably are circling a bunch of random technology early adopters, which they probably found through comments on famous and popular technology pundits posts.

While the whole thing about circling, ignoring, blocking people you might know but for now probably have never met before is cool, it can be even cooler once G+ shows you content that it knows you might be interested in just based on the content you previously +1'd, based on the content from people you pay attention to through +1'ing, commenting, scrolling slowy (spending time in browser at content area), stuff you don't just scroll past fast (ignore). Maybe you should provide some type of "Hide" functionality for hiding repeatable content from ones stream.

Let me filter out the hdr still life and landscaping photography if I am not in the mood. And let me filter out specific topics by keywords once I have heard enough about it. And let me "see the best posts of the day" again based on what G+ knows that I am interested in
The help file says : When a person adds you to a circle, you might not be interested in what they have say

In that case you just don't include that person in your circle. No need to ignore it.

However when you do add someone interesting in your circle, your main stream can be overlaoded with all his stuff (even dull posts). So I guess you can ignore it.

It's good but what is really needed is a way to configure your main stream with selection of circles (and sets operation while we are at it !) and keywords.
+Dirk Talamasca yup, that's one of the main changes. But I've been looking forward to using my Incoming stream to find interesting people and stuff - and this feature helps make that possible!
yours notifications are a little different, and you have a opcion to chat with people in google+
are they a testing features?? (excuse my bad english)
But, blocking still leaves us in THEIR cIrcle though. So it is not yet strong enough. 
+Dirk Talamasca If you don't place them in a circle, but they circle you, you end up receiving their post in your incoming, which for me is quite annoying. I don't like seeing that notice at the top of my screen, "X is posting something for you".
+Olga Wichrowska From the perspective of someone I've ignored, Will they still appear to be within my circles? My issue is that there are people who I want nothing to do with, who want me to have them in my circles, and with whom I wish to avoid drama. So, I want to appear to have them circled, but not see them in my stream.

Personally, I think having circles for these functions is a more elegant extension of the circle concept. I already have a "Quarantine" circle where I put people who've added me, whom I dont really want to ever publish anything to, and from whom I dont want to read anything. Being able to do my blocks and ignores via circles would be so much more convenient than getting it through a pulldown.
Interesting. Would love to see additions to "Ignore" to allow it to dampen the frequency of posts from someone I'm ignoring (as opposed to exiling them altogether). Tough to decide which posts to show, though.

Also, would love to ignore reshares I've already received (not the poster themselves). Maybe it's just early days of G+ but my plussociates reshare the same things, just days/weeks apart.
I would like to see this feature suggested by +Nicolas Charbonnier +Olga Wichrowska OK, but I would like to ignore a post, to not see 12 reshares of the same cat animation, or basically tell G+ that once I have seen something, not to show it to me again. I want the ignore and circling functions to be more about content than about people.
I was so tired of muting the squid post. how many reshares will I mute?
Also, blocking does not prevent them from using the reshare feature in a malicious manner. So no, not yet strong enough.
+Luke Waldron ignoring only works on people who aren't in your circles -- so if you try to ignore someone, they'll be removed from any circles you have them in. Your suggestion is definitely something we'll be looking at.
For me 'ignore' is probably not overly useful. It could help tidy up the incoming stream a bit to aid deciding who to add to a circle but I tend to add interesting people to a holding circle already and decide where to put them later. I wouldn't over stress the idea of ignoring people you don't know in real life too much. The asymmetric follow model is entirely what differentiates Google+ from other platforms. Making Google+ 'more closely reflect your real world relationships' is kind of what many are trying to get away from. Choice is good though. I just hope the feature doesn't become too popular as it could undermine the platform's strengths.
It would be nice to filter(ignore) certain types of content, such as: videos, GIF's, or repeated reshares.
Seems like we need a gentler "Ignore" that acts more like "Mute" in GMail. That is, what if I still want to receive mentions from that person but not general blab? Ignore prevents them from contacting me at all (and yet they think messages are coming through!).

Feature request: "Mute" that does everything ignore does but allows for +mentions to still come through.

Oh, and Mute should allow me to still circle them to SEND them messages (like Hangout requests). That works well for coworkers who I don't care about but still need to invite to work-related hangouts.
+Luke Waldron made a good point. Coupled with the ability to toggle mute certain Circles from the main stream would provide fantastic control of the G+ experience.
So ignore is basically like a one-way block? Interesting.
+Olga Wichrowska +Natalie Villalobos Perhaps it's worth mentioning here, but there's a delay when you "block" someone. That'd be a nice thing to fix. When someone is going a little crazy/overboard and you block them, you've got to wait quite awhile before they are really cut off from posting. This will be a problem for brands who are trying to keep their accounts squeaky clean.
Layers to the Ignore. Say, ignore 'Today', 'This Week', 'One Hour'. Sometimes when people are uploading photos, you get slammed with that in your stream; and one hour would work here.
For a while, I've been putting some peeps in a Circle called "Peeps to Ignore". That way, they can see that they're in my Circle, but won't know that I don't read that Circle. I don't read the stream: instead, I read stream of each Circle that I have: my legal colleagues, my local friends, my overseas family, etc. How does the latest Ignore improve on this for me?
checked in all the places you showed, and still no ignore
I am sneaking in to make a feature request not related to the feature here :)

Right now, the "see profile as" is not working for me. For example I have shared sooo many posts with one of my friend(x). But If I "see profile as" x , I don't see a single post.

I wanted to use it to easily go back to the conversation we were having. I want a feature in profile or as a tab where I can have all activity with a particular person

And also I have a few circles as empty circles. If I share something to a empty circle, I don't want them to appear in the stream in my "profile" tab.
Hmm, I don't actually see it in effect yet...soon enough I assume. If I am Ignoring someone and they +mention me, do I receive any notification? Will I see if they reshare something of mine on that post?

+Christian Jay Marshall seriously, how many people do you have to actually Block? I have 0 people blocked, if they want to read what I post Publicly then that's great. But if they're spammers I don't want that clogging up my Incoming stream. So I'll argue that Ignore isn't useless, especially for people who don't just reCircle automatically.

Is the old Circle implementation better, not necessarily but it is at least a different way to mange it. No reason there can't be Ignore and Blocked Circles to go along with the existing menu system. If people want the visual, Circles can provide it; if people like lists, g+ can provide that too. And you really can't argue with the ability to Ignore/Block from so many places, you don't have to hunt around to find where to do it.

But I have to know, +Christian Jay Marshall, how many people do you have Blocked? Dare I ask why?
+Olga Wichrowska - If you add someone to a circle, they get un-ignored. What if you +mention them? What happens to your post to them? What happens to the response?
+Ted Pavlic from their perspective, it's just as if they're not in one of your circles. If you +mention them in a post, they can still see the post.
Dave B
But I've already deleted Scoble?
+Eugene Smiley Ahhh, I rarely if ever get that notification. I can probably remember two times where that has happened. I can see the value of the feature under different circumstances. Thanks.
If I make a "public" post, will they see that? If that's the case, someone can easily detect I blocked them when they can't post a comment on my public post. Then the ugliness begins...
+Olga Wichrowska - This whole framework makes circles look more and more like "incoming only" devices. Circles are often used to batch direct messages to groups of people. For example, I want to send a Hangout request to a variety of my co-workers at once, but I don't care to see their posts in my main stream (unless they +mention me directly). There needs to be an Ignore-like device that allows people to stay in your circles (and +mention you as a direct message).
+Joe O'Connell +Myrna Weinreich if you ignore them you can read the entire stream instead of having to read each stream separately. If you prefer to read the streams separately by default, though, then i imagine there's no gain from this.
+Joe O'Connell This is indeed the only way to go for now : ignore the main stream. I use a circle called "G+ Actors" to follow the posts of interesting people but I would really appreciate to not see all their "funny" stuff on my main stream...
this great for noise control .
but google still add new feature which let custom default Incoming stream is from particular circle.
+Gabriel Veiga What I watched myself doing today is pulling people out of special circle that I had put them in days ago...continual know how life is.
Meirav M.
Like +Ted Pavlic said, I'd like to be able to just ignore someone's posts in my Incoming but to receive notifications if they +mention me. Just because I'm not interested in someone's posts that doesn't mean I want to totally snub them - it could be just that they post in a language I don't know or that all their posts are about a subject I'm not interested in.
I do not think +Olga Wichrowska 's idea is good given how Google plus has evolved. Google plus is a unique combination that draws together features of twitter and facebook. It keeps the door open for person centric interaction, yet offers a unique way to interact with a person's content sharing. Most of the time when people say they'd like to ignore "Person A", they actually mean "they are going to ignore the posts from person A as these posts are not to their liking", but that does not necessarily mean ignoring person A lock stock and barrel. Google plus already has a nice spam prevention measure (although spams potentially still happen) in that, a spammer has to gain a lot of space in the credibility ladder and get into a number of person's circles to successfully spam people. As Google plus will open up, this might work, but this option, pressing the "ignore" button removes the incoming posts altogether is not a good strategy, but some other quarantine method may be thought through. At the end of the day, it's not so much about a "person" per se, but about the content someone is sharing. To illustrate this point, what happens when a person who was earlier ignored because nothing of his potential interesting news sharing capacity was known starts putting together interesting updates? With no search back of status updates yet baked in, this will be a loss for its users. If there were a vote, I'd say "nay" to this feature. I'll probably never use it even if it is activated.
I never really look at my full stream, I'm always looking at individual circles. I take all the people that I don't want to deal with and put them in a "noise" circle, so I guess that's how I'm handling "ignore". I haven't needed to block anyone yet.

Oh for f's sake. What would help me represent my real life relationships is being allowed to use the name my friends and colleagues know me by, and for my friends and colleagues to be able to use the names I know them by. At present there's hardly anybody to ignore, because my extensive, real-world social networks have been decimated by name-related suspensions or are in hiding in case you suspend them.
I can't wait to use this feature, I have one user cluttering up my incoming with posts almost every minute :(
I like how Sean blocked and unblocked Vic Gundotra, that put a smile on my face :D
What's with the "Fixed Google+ Bar"? I haven't gotten that update yet.
The help documentation says "they may still see content you post publicly." What are the use cases for when they can, and when they can't?

The help is a bit vague on the feedback that the blocked user receives. What does it say, "You are not permitted to comment on this public post?" That's a great big "you've been blocked!" to you.

What I would like to see is 1) blocked users can't see any of my posts, including public ones, after they've been blocked; 2) they can comment on older posts from before I blocked them, but they're the only ones that see their own comments. That way I don't have to see any comments from blocked users, and the blocked users remain blissfully unaware of their censure.

Some people that discover that they've been blocked can get rather upset about it and start looking for loopholes. For example, they might start spamming my friends' posts with comments because they know I'll see those. I've had to design my way around exactly this kind of thing. You wouldn't think people would go to the trouble, but obviously people do all sorts of surprisingly unpleasant things online.
I have people that I don't want to completely ignore or block but I don't want their post to display in my stream. I would use that for people that post a lot. It would be nice to set either a person or even an entire circle not to post in full stream.
Following up from +Meirav Berale, being able to follow a slice of a person (like following a person's hashtag) would be immensely helpful. So instead of circling +JoeSchmoe, I could circle +JoeSchmoe#science into my "Following: Science" circle and +JoeSchmoe#news into my "Following: News" circle, but everything else he posts (aside from +mentions of me) get ignored.

Such a feature would allow me to ignore everything he posts (except for +mentions) by circling +JoeSchmoe#null or something like that.
+K Robert You can put "other names" on your profile and expose them to specific circles bro.
+Eric Kaufman That's two or three steps out of the way just to see other names, and it won't cause people to stop while looking through the names of a comment list and say "Oh, I know this person!"

Seriously, that argument is bullshit because the other names field is not conspicuous enough to make any difference.
+Eric Kaufman This is not about your stream it is about the Incoming Notifications that show up at the top of your feed when someone you haven't circled posts.
What are you a secret spyman with all kinds of aliases? I'm stoked this place actually has us using our real names. The Internet and it's associated trolls could use a nice healthy dose of personal relationships.
+Eric Kaufman Remember when Blizzard started enforcing identities in hopes of getting rid of the trolls and nothing happened? Same thing here, being exposed like that will only prevent some of the trolls from being assholes. On top of that, you are using a very skewed definition for "real name".
+Eric Kaufman Argument ad hominem (or ad feminem, as it happens). Who's the troll?
+Antonio Romero I stand corrected then, thank you.
I still feel, however, that making people use their real names will not stop a significant amount of the trolls, and I am curious as to why the backlash here on Google+ is not having the same effect it had on Blizzard.

I would also like to add that syntax is not an alias, I don't even consider it a pseudonym as it represents me, and is publicly linked to me as a person. I have more friends who call me syntax than Warren, what about that makes it any less real?
Question: If I block someone, they won't know they are blocked, right?
But, if they can't comment on one of my posts, but they can see other people commenting, they'll know they're blocked.
There needs to be a third option... leave a person out of the main stream... but still see them when you view just the circle they are in... If you agree with this post +1 it
Someone asking for plusses if you agree with a supported cause? Yay! Slacktivism!
sadly, block doesn't block someone if their post is reshared by someone who is not blocked.
Nice feature. Anyway, my president (freaking fascist) has blocked me so I think she will never use the ignore button.
Ignore is not available on Incoming page for past posts. Would be nice to have for that case, too. Thanks.
Ignore should also be available on person's profile in addition to Block.
Agree with that.
It could be added a new feature to select which circles you want to see on the main stream, or which you don't want. Either way is a good idea.
+syntax-Warren Hancock if you follow the crowd I follw then you would understand why I and a few other people would want that feature. the +1 I believe would be a good indicator/signal that this is a wanted/needed feature. if you don't agree don't +1 it. but I try to following +Robert Scoble and see just how much he dominates your stream. I am interested in what he posts but I really only want to see his posts when I look at my tech circle.
+srikanth chandrasekaran - It certainly doesn't have to be complicated. They could get rid of this "Ignore" feature and just implement Mute. After all, I think "Mute" would be used by more average people than "Ignore" which seems to be tailored more toward people with thousands and thousands of followers.

Alternatively, you can implement "Mute" as a "Muted circle". Or instead you can implement hash tags in Google+ so that you can subscribe to "slices" of people's posts by circling just those hash tags you care about. Then circling their "null hash tag" would be equivalent to "muting" them. So I might circle "+srikanth chandrasekaran#science" to get everything you post about science but nothing else unless you +mention me. If I shared to that circle, it would just go to you (hash tags ignored in outgoing contexts).
You got me all wrong, I completely agree with that, it just gets on my nerves when people ask for +'s thinking it will make a serious difference. If 100 people + your comment, your comment will have 100 +'s.
+syntax-Warren Hancock - Someday, I imagine collapsed comments will be selectively "folded" based on +'s. So when you see a post for the first time, you'll see most +'d comments rather than just latest comments. So in that case, +'s make proactive sense for future browsers of the thread. Seems searchy.
I'd like to have the ability to ignore people who haven't added me to their circles. Some people who don't have me in their circles are sharing content directly with me like forwarded posts of private messages and that makes me uneasy. Some have been really sleazy, even. When I try to ignore them so I don't get notified of that content (from circles), the only option I see is block, which, at its current state, does nothing for me.

To me blocking should be stricter, just like +Martin Lake suggested. Hide them completely. If they comment on a common contact's shared post, I don't want to see it. I'm suffering some trolling from former friends and acquaintances and I'd like to feel more comfortable and safer in this already awesome space.

Thank you!
+Jose Enrique Escardó - I don't know why they don't put this in the main post as opposed to buried in comments, but it's being unrolled right now (or soon). So don't expect to see it yet.
Normaly I don't ask for the + but I figure that doing it on a post that asked for comments is a great way to send the needed/ wanted signal especially if the dev or person of influence can see that 100 people want that, then I believe it will make an impact. I would love to hear +Olga Wichrowska's input as far as the best way to let a feature request like that be made visible and be clear that many people want it.
+srikanth chandrasekaran - Which part? If you are happy explaining "Ignore" to them, then you should be happy enough with the suggestion of implementing Mute over Ignore. After all, Mute will be used by far more people than Ignore. Additionally, Google+ (in posts) and Google Mail have both embraced "mute" semantics. So why not continue the ball rolling? Why introduce a new "Ignore" that's totally foreign when you can just use mute?

Having the ability to circle hash tags is no more complicated than hash tags themselves. The "emergence" of muting behavior is just an elegant byproduct.

And after all, none of this is that much more complicated than the notion of "folders" (or "directories") on a computer. It makes no sense that a "folder" can hold "subfolders" which themselves can hold subfolders, and yet somehow your family figures it out.
Ben Ly
If you ignored someone you will not see incoming streams or notifications from them, yet they can still see your stream and comment your posts. Is this how it is? Or does it also stop the ignored person from commenting on your posts? This is where I am confused. 
+srikanth chandrasekaran thats not quite what I want, under that logic, you have to visit their profile page to see their posts then. I still want to see their post but only in their respective circles stream.
the ignore feature is nifty. Alas it is not available to me
This is a brilliant feature! I was actually muting posts from someone I follow but I don't want to block when I came across your posts thanks to +Will Norris via +Ryan Crowe. Not available yet apparently but can't wait to use it.
Here is a neat little feature request :) just due to so much of commenting by me in this post.

How about the ability to direct people to a particular comment to a post, which has already answered a question a person has asked, rather than explaining that thing all over again

I am talking here about “mentioning” specific comments rather than people.something like “reply” but not quite.

But I am also imagining that to implement this though, each and every comment should have a unique link or something like that. I don’t know. But it works in youtube though

+Olga Wichrowska
+srikanth chandrasekaran Yes that is almost exactly what I am looking for. It looks like they will be doing it for the whole circle instead of just a person! I think its a great leap in the right direction!
Progress, this is progress.

I'd also like something between ignore and block, in circles. There are people who'd I'd like to keep an eye on, but who tend to flood the stream. For them, I'd like to see only the headers of their postings. That way, the blather is attenuated, but they're not off the radar.

But, this is progress.
+Craig Louis What many other people have also done, is create several 'reading' Circles. For example, I have "Reading 1" "Reading 2" "Reading 3" circles. I have different people in each circle. When I want to read posts, I read the 'Reading 1' (i.e. Most interesting) stream for awhile. Then read 'Reading 2' stream for awhile... etc... I bounce people from circle to circle to balance how many posts appear in each stream as a whole. People who post a lot, get into circles with less members, etc... I have 5 levels. As I read them, I might say "Aha! In Reading 4, this person is more interesting now, so I'll bump them to 'Reading 1' for next time. etc.....
He blocked VIc!!! not nice ;)

Seriously though, very clearly explained and a great update!
+Olivier Moreau +Craig Louis and others that has posted similar ideas, exactly what G+ needs, the possibility to filter the stream. +Ted Pavlic 's idea about hashing would be awesome, or if I could make an outgoing stream that others could connect to, this would allow for google+ devs to have a professional outgoing stream which we could connect to and not get cute cat posts.
+Christian Jay Marshall (and +Christian Flowers ) Even though we've changed the Blocked circle into a Blocked list, there's still a good way to bulk-block people by multi-selecting them first, and then using More Actions > Block. Does this work for you?

We did make this a little harder I'll admit, but we thought it was a good tradeoff in order to remove the Blocked circle from the main view. We found that a lot of our users didn't want to be reminded every day about the people that they'd blocked.
+Martin Lake (+Olga Wichrowska) Great feedback about blocking comments on other people's posts -- thanks.

RE: removing the Blocked circle, your wish is our command. We launched this change about two weeks ago. In the Circles page, look under More Actions > View blocked.
+Linda Lawrey [But, blocking still leaves us in THEIR cIrcle though. So it is not yet strong enough.]

I'm not sure why that would matter. Anyone who circles me can only see things that I put out in the public unless I take action to specifically allow them. But they don't need to circle me nor even have a G+ account to do that much.
+Olga Wichrowska Hi! It seems the new ignore feature is still rolling out. It´s not available for me yet, although I´ve subscribed to the preview platform.
I checked the use of an Ignore Circle but that doesn't work for me. One co-worker is sharing personal information that I am not interested in. But I want to be able to get messages to him that I share with all co-workers. If I put him in an Ignore Circle I would have to think about +mention him each time I want to share something with my co-workers. It would give problems when the person sitting opposite to him reading my post and he can't.

So Ignore looks great.
I thought I would not see posts from people just by NOT CIRCLING them... What's the difference with ignoring? Just that you don't see incoming posts either? Incoming is always a mess of spam, makes no sense to ignore them all
This certainly seems to be an improvement, but I'm not sure you got it quite right yet. With this new Ignore function, people would basically disappear from plain sight. Personally, I'd much rather be able to hide people from my Stream, but still have them visible in my circles. That way, I can see what my talkative acquaintances are doing when I want to, but still keep them from cluttering my Stream. I think something like 'Hide this person from Stream (but still show his/her updates in my Circles)' has been one of the most requested features since launch.
+Olga Wichrowska , instead of having 'ignore' and 'block' each with a different function, i think u must have a 'limit <name>' button for each profile, which when clicked, leads to options by which one could actually customize the way the person would interact. current functions of 'ignore' and 'block' could be in the 'options'.

limitations one wants to impose on someone depends on the one who wants to block and the one who is to be blocked. therefore giving full control to the user to customize interaction with others would work better than 'ignore' or 'block'
+Lain Davidson, thanks for the suggestion, but my concern is really for the top level, all inclusive Stream. I have grouped many people in mutually exclusive folders, and if I want to limit myself to viewing streams limited to those folders, one at a time, I can do that. But the overall main Stream, that's where quantity blathering can dominate the rap, and it would be nice to have something between the currently implemented binary choice

Imposing a hierarchy as you've done is an interesting solution, just not one for the problem I'm seeing. I want the software to do the bulk of the work.
of a long list of improvements we would like to see, this has got to be one of the lowest ranked requests i can imagine. instead of letting us choose which circles to display /include on the homepage [to have for example friends excluded who usually post content in a language we do not speak but we have added to other circles] or give us a general option not to be notified when others mention us who are not in our circles or or or you choose to do this. sigh
+Olga Wichrowska I have a similar need to +Ted Pavlic 's " For example, I want to send a Hangout request to a variety of my co-workers at once, but I don't care to see their posts in my main stream" In my case I have a group of people who have encircled me and I'm very happy for them to receive my shares, but what they themselves are sharing is of little interest to me. I currently have twice as many people following me as I follow and have little interest in following any more.

This imbalance between following and followers has a negative in that if I share to only my own circles I'm excluding about half my followers. This means that I feel pressure (self created) to make all shares public. If I had the ability to have people in my circles who were not in my stream I would have much more freedom to share to circles when it really isn't that great an idea to publicly share (e.g. when re-sharing someone else's share).

BTW: Off topic for this enhancement, but may I make a request for a couple of changes to re-sharing?
1. When a share is re-shared, would it be possible to give a link to the original share rather than just the original sharer's profile, except where the original post isn't available to the reader.
2. If person A shares publicly and person B re-shares this as "limited", then when person C attempts to re-share they are not allowed to share publicly, I believe this is wrong. C's re-share will still be credited as "A originally shared this post", and I believe the sharing restrictions placed on C should be A's restrictions not B's.
+Olga Wichrowska +Sean Purcell
Seen it mentioned already but I would like the following:
a) Ignore someone from main stream only.
b) Ignore someone from select circles only.
c) Option to set an expire time on an Ignore.

Some will answer b) by suggesting I don't put them in the circle, but I may not want to "hear" them in that circle, but I want them to "hear" me when I communicate with that circle.

+Olga Wichrowska
I like what +Olivier Moreau said.
I have a circle to move people, but I do not see their posts in the main stream only when I click on the circle 'following'.
Team Google+ could include a setting to see which circles the main stream.
So the main stream would be more clean and optimized
+Olga Wichrowska Is the ignored person still in my circles? I mean: Can I ignore a friend, who posts just too much? Or is this just an option for people, which I did not circle yet?
+Olga Wichrowska
Nice'ish.. Think with me on this one please:

I've started using Google+ Games and added some people (whom i dont know and dont care about except for in the game) into a circle called Zombie Lane. If i ignore them, they're removed from that circle and we cant interact in the game anymore. So ignoring doesn't help me out at all.
So one more vote from me to silence a circle instead of just removing people from circles.
I was so happy at first, but this isn't the ignoring I want at all...
I want to be able to ignore people in my main stream. There are people I play City of Wonder with that I just don't really care for. I'm sure they're cool people, but we have nothing in common and my main stream is extremely polluted with things I don't care about.
LOL they "didn't dare" to use +Larry Page profile as an example for the block!!
+Olga Wichrowska Keep up the good work,very smart of Google to let G+ "pioneers" to give their ideas to try to improve G+!
Nice! (and hello!) If one doesn't already know the difference, seeing a choice of "undo" or "block" on the confirmation pane might lead one to block by way of confirming, which may not be what was intended. Perhaps "Also block"?

It would be nice to be able to set which circle one views by default when clicking +You, rather than "your circles". Ignore is too strong for the use case of just not wanting to read your posts most of the time, which is my most common ignoring use.

Thanks for your work! 
Oh, and I'd let blocked people mention me as often as they wanted, only I'd make their mention ineffectual (no sharing with me, no notification). That way they wouldn't catch on to the fact they've been blocked so easily and I'd also feel safer that way.
Where's the option to prevent me from having to see comments on other people's posts from people I don't care about? If I block someone, I STILL have to see them. I can't ignore them unless I put them in a circle. There are just a few people I want to pretend don't exist 100%. I don't want to see them, I don't want to know they're there. I really don't care if they have to see me. It seems like the only way right now for me to stop seeing someone else's comments is if I call them up and beg them to block me. That just sounds stupid.
wouldn't it be better if I could just '-1' posts. If I consistently '-1' the same person just stop ranking them in my stream. Then if they +me, you rank that higher so I see any directed messages from them to me.

I definitely don't understand why you would remove them from the circles view. Clearly if they're in my stream I've added them to my circles. They should be visible, but just not spamming my stream.
Patrick, This is a passive aggressive approach that is frequently used in real life. It's the equivalent of inviting someone to a party at the last minute, or calling them when you know they're not home. You need them to think that you're in your social circle...but really...they're not.
Well calling it "brilliant" is a bit overstreched. I guess that exceptions were one of the most often reported/feedbacked feature... and now that they're half implemented (no posting exceptions yet) we're happy, but let's not start... ah, I won't quote Mr. Wolf for the underaged's sake. ;-)
Ben Ly
+Olga.... Sorry I cannot + name from
mobile. I asked a question above. I want to understand the difference between ignore and block but I couldn't by reading your instruction. Also, who would use ignore on whom and why? Does ignore allow someone to follow you but you ignore them?
Suggested feedback from another gplus user NOT apply: " ignore a post, to not see 12 reshares of the same cat animation, or basically tell G+ that once I have seen something, not to show it to me again. I want the ignore and circling functions to be more about content than about people." = SHOULD NOT BE AN OPTION: For example: Googler posts to many pics of personal life but once in a while posts an interesting tidbit of the inner workings at Google or an announcement on new features of a product. I still want to be able to see interesting reshares if I have demoted him/her to ignore. If annoying reshares are getting to numerous the user is responsible for their personal maintenance of circles, the people resharing interesting things are in the NOT ignored status. Or, maybe the option to just ignore certain types of content/postings from a fellow user.
A block-circle or ignore-circle (circle that ensures people won't see your posts) would be more useful. Also, I second the desire to eliminate re-shares once a specific topic was ignored.
Thank you, this is very handy and very welcomed
Why don't the G+ updates I read about ever show up at my end of the pipe? I have no ignore option on my circles page, and my black header is still not floating.
+Robert Scoble they don't - thanks for the suggestion! Making their comments disappear seems a little harsh for Ignore (at least to me) - since Blocking already does that.
+Robert Scoble +Olga Wichrowska I love the fact that they won't show up any more in the notifications but for the conversation purpose, their comment should still be in the thread. (my two cents)
+Binh Ly sure -- Ignore is an action you might use on someone you haven't added to circles, but who is posting boring or annoying stuff that's cluttering your Incoming stream (maybe they just keep posting animated gifs of cats...). But you don't want to block them, because they might still have valuable things to say whey comment on your posts.

+Dave Besbris made a post yesterday that might help clear things up too
+Stras Acimovic to your first point -- things you share publicly will always be visible. The 'My Circles' option for sharing leaves the ignored and blocked (and not-in-circles) people out :)
I am using Safari and I tried on Firefox as well (on MAC) I do not have ignore button. Does ignore option for everyone or just for selected users?
I want to be able to ignore a circle so that I have to view the circle to see the posts and not see it in the main stream

e.g. I would like to put great photgraphers (+Trey Ratcliff ) into a circle and mark it ingnored so when I have time I can view then rather than having them fill up the main stream
+Paul Bearne for that I would love to be able to have a stream showing only the circles I selected. Yes there is an extension for that but wouldn't it be better if you could do that straight from G+?
I would like a way of muting users, not just individual posts; or a special circle (named "Muted" or something) into which I can place noisy users. I would still want to keep them in other circles, and use the circles feature as a way of tagging them, but I'd like their presence in the "Muted" circle to exclude their posts from the general stream. Essentially a way of saying "I'm interested in you, but you talk too much". I suppose what I'm looking for is better filtering of circled users.
Going along with +Bruce I Clement, maybe one elegant solution to all of this would be to have "Incoming" and "Outgoing" circles. That way you could circle someone in "Outgoing" so that they receive communication from you, but you won't receive anything from them unless they're in "Incoming" or they +mention you.
Hi Olga! Question: If I ignore someone, they will still see my posts... if they comment on my post they will never know I can't see their comment. Is that true?
+Jimmy Šhepard not quite - Ignored people can still comment on your posts - that's one of the main ways Ignore is different from Block!
+Robert Scoble Great to see you posting here as you were the origin of this problem and most of my suggestions above were with you in mind. (just kidding Robert (sorta), we all love you and can't wait to see/hear you on TWiT (just not so much on my main G+ stream)).
This is partway there, but I would still like a way to merely hide certain users or circles from the main stream. So this lets me ignore high-volume posters that I don't necessarily care about. But what about high-volume posters that I would like to read, but feel they clutter up the main stream? I want to be able to reduce the clutter on the main page stream, but still go to a circle and see the posts from there. It seems natural that at least the Following circle (I assumed was meant to emulate a Twitter-like experience) could be suppressed from the main stream.
There are people or their content I want NO association with. As long as I am in a BLOCKED person's circle I am publicly connected to them. Major fail. Especially when they can still access my share feature in a malicious manner. +Olga Wichrowska , This really does need to be better thought out. Block is still an illusion when it does not block them from being connected to you and your posts. Resharing is a connection and being stuck in their circle is a connection. Both PUBLIC connections.
I find sometimes I want to ignore real friends without de-circling them because on some days they just post way too much. Maybe what I'm asking for is a 'reduce noise' feature - either per individual or per circle.
Would be nice also if we could pick a few or several circles to view at once, instead of just one or all of the stream at a time.....
+Olga Wichrowska Thank you for the different levels of interaction. I would like a stronger block as well - I would like the option to not even see (or be seen) on other people's public posts (and mutual friends) as well as a "public except blocked people" option for posting.
I think +Ted Pavlic has a point that's worth exploring. According to the slide deck that was apparently one of the design inputs for G+, circles were intended as a way of filtering output but many (most?) people are using them to filter input. There doesn't seem to be a convenient way to use one set of circles for both purposes. Having separate input and output circles could work well.

Perhaps the easiest way of implementing this would be two fairly small changes to the circle:
1. For each circle have a flag "Include in stream". A person appears in your main stream if they appear in at least one circle with this flag set.
2. For each circle have a flag "Include in output", then an extra sharing option "Output" which makes the share visible to everyone in at least one circle with this flag.

An alternate option 2 would be to allow circles to be grouped (Perhaps a parent - child relationship would suffice) then allow sharing to a group which would automatically share to all child groups.
+Bruce I Clement - parent/child circles (circles/subcircles/supercircles) is nice for lots of other reasons too. I would love to have circles that are set operations of other circles. That would greatly help me filter both my input and output and keep my circle management down (at the moment, my "Following" includes everyone in my "Following: *" circles plus more).
Ignore and block are all well and good, but I've been wanting a way to remove myself from someone else's circles. I was hoping blocking would go that extra step, but it doesn't. Failing that, I echo Elizabeth Hahn's comment above: blocking should be stronger, giving the option to not see or be seen on other's posts. I'm not sure, however, that a "public except for blocked people" option on posting would be effective; if it's public, a blocked person can still view it from another account (or maybe by logging out).
That's a very good feature but i think it's still a bit insufficient. I think, to be able to limit someone or some circles just from appearing in the main stream is a must. Because if you circled a lot of people in a lot of different circles, the main stream becomes totally useless. And it's also hard to look at each stream by clicking the circle names one by one...

Thank you.
You would not have to color code any thing if you had the use of the Name you gave it.
Wink :-) , LOL,The techno pidgin used here has not developed enough to have proper syntax, form or context. It's limited origins and group originators use it to talk amongst them selves and have developed a communication system which works for them. Until a pidgin form of an establish language has actual syntax, form and context which is rule based It cannot be considered a real language. Once this develops the new language is all together separate from the language of origin.
Jargon and kid -speak, like mother-ese are not separate languages but are nonetheless difficult to understand by those unaccustomed to it's usage. It is proper while dining at a better restaurant or hosting an event to avoid using any of a number of types of slang. By setting the standard for all your guest you will be able to facilitate communications in order to avoid misunderstandings. :-) , :-D, Wink, Silly English.....
I have been told if I use a lot of happy faces and such that people will understand that my intent is light and happy. By reading the comments it is hard for to tell how best to communicate. Perhaps I should have said something more like"HAHAHAHHAH that is a good one. HAHAHAHA if you were speaking any form of English I would have understood you. I just want you to know my intent is in the right place.
Access to All
Am a bit confused here............ i can simply UNCIRCLE people from my circles to IGNORE them, right? Don't understand the difference maker over here.
also, if i have BLOCKED someone, then he/she wont be able to comment on my posts........ thus, when he sees that he is not able to comment on my post, he will eventually understand that he has been BLOCKED.
So the feature that he WONT get notified when i block him, would it really help to NOT get him/her upset because i blocked him?
Blocking should also prevent sharing your articles, read your profiles and remove yourself out of other circles. Or Google invent the state "stop" which would include all these harsh measures which also get shown to the person stopped.
What most commenters are asking for is "Mute this Circle". Mute circles should not appear in the main stream, but still be individually accessible. If a friend is noisy, put them in one circle and silence it. For example I'd like to mute my "Following" circle, so that other posts could surface in the main stream. I could still access the circle directly, when I am ready to.

If someone is in multiple circles, they should not be silenced unless all those circles are muted.
With regard to making the block stronger, simply filter out a user's blocked people from the list of people that have that user in their circles (on the user's profile page).
I think "Ignore" is great, a step in the right direction folks. It isn't nearly granular enough though. I would like the ability to ignore per stream/circle so I can better craft my incoming streams. And also to ignore but not to hide them from my circles. They should stay in the circle but have a little 'hush' icon on them. Then I won't have to re categorize everyone when I am re-interested in them.

I also want stream filters with regular google syntax (global and per stream). i.e. "+hadron" (ill only get posts in that stream if they have the word hadron.) or "+hadron -lhc" (cause i only want posts involving non lhc colliders.

And now, sorry so late in the game, I'm thinking since you call what posts flow in, a stream, you should call circles 'pools'. As that is what we're doing, Pooling people and then streaming to and watching their streams. Ignore can be 'rinse' and block can be 'whitewash'. lol.
LL Pete
This may have already been commented on, but, I would like to be able to ignore a person so that their relentless posts don't show up in my stream, until I get around to having time to read them, then I want to see what they have been saying and be able to respond. Kind of like e-mail, I don't have to open their email until I am ready, but they are all still there. Then I can ignore them for a while again.
How can I block someone whose profile / name is not in any of my circles? There are some individuals / email addresses I'd like to block from the get-go. They are in my gmail contacts/addressbook but not yet google+ users. I don't find an easy way to do that??
Thanks for the useful feature! Two tweaks would make it even more useful, imho:

1. Ignore people from the "nearby" tab in the mobile app. right now the tab is full of people posting irrelevant things. Right now I block them, but "ignore" would be the better semantics.

2. Now that I've already "blocked" a lot of people where "ignoring" would be more appropriate, it would help the transition if I could "ignore" them from the list of people I blocked (like add an "ignore" button next to the "add to circles" button when un-blocking someone).
+Jan Niggemann it should be available for all languages and all users - I just looked at my Incoming page in de-DE and saw the "Ignorieren" option!
I see the "Ignore" feature as a decent workaround for a fundamental design flaw in Google+. The design flaw being, distribution groups are combined with following groups. I am convinced that they should not be. You may have a reason to circulate your posts among people in whose posts you have no interest whatsoever, and you may want to follow people without nagging them by your own posts. Only incidentally the relationship is mutual.

"Ignore" certainly makes G+ more usable by bringing it closer to the the model when distribution and following are separated, but it would be better if they where separated from the start, not as a afterthought.

(I wrote about it before
It sounds like a nice feature but for some reason, I don't have it. While I have the option in Settings to "View Ignored" I DO NOT have the option to "Ignore" in my Notifications, Circles, or Stream. I thought it might take a bit to "roll out" but I'm an English user and its been four days since Olga's introduction of the feature was posted and its consistent for my account across Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, on both Mac and and iOS.

Did I miss something?
What many of us want is a "mute" option, rather than a "ignore" one. I need to mute some of my contacts because they are absolutely annoying commenting every single hour, but KEEP them in my circles, since they are my friends.
I would like to second the request for a mute. Some people I want to know about, not just when they check in at work. Maybe some adaptive filtering for some people? Just to reduce the noice in the stream, not to ignore people completely (you know, sometimes when they're crying wolf, there actually is one)
Greg M
Its been 2 weeks since Google announced this and I still do not have the Ignore option available.
+Greg M please see the link I posted right above your comment. it should help clear things up. (the feature was rolled out to everyone shortly after the announcement).
Greg M
Sorry but I have no ignore option showing up either in FFox nor in Chrome when I go to the notification pulldown and click on any the messages I see no ignore option for any of the people who left posts.
+Greg M it sounds like you're trying to click on all the notifications. You should only see it for notifications about people adding you to circles. Other types of notifications, like "+1'd your post", "commented on your post", etc. will not have this. Check out the screencaps in the video.
Greg M
So Ignore is only usable if the person in question has added me to their circles?

So if someone makes what I conside a crude or offensive comment to a post started by someone who I follow, ignore is useless and I have to click on the offensive's person's name to bring up his profile and then use Block option?
+Greg M - please take a few minutes to watch the video (or read the transcript). There are also links to 2 help center articles - one on Ignore, and one on Block. All of these things will help answer your questions (and let me use my time at work to actually write code!). Ignore doesn't stop people from commenting on your posts - so if someone is making rude comments, and you want that to stop, you should still block them.
+Olga Wichrowska, does the block feature still allow the blocked person to see your profile and public posts? As a woman who has faced harassment online, I would be much more comfortable with a feature that makes it impossible for them to see my google+ account at all (yes, of course a determined stalker could always create a new, unblocked account, but it's still an improvement)
hi +Hannah Grimm a blocked person can still see the things you share publicly (I hope is clear about that). Your concerns aren't unique (though as always, please file feedback if you haven't already so we can make sure we collect your thoughts too) and is one of the many things we have to consider.
+Milorad Ivović thanks for your feedback - just want to respond to a few of the points you made that have easy answers.

First, people who are not in your circles still appear in the Incoming view, and you get notifications if they mention you in a post. This won't be true for anyone you've ignored. Whether you think this is good or not, there is a difference.

There are also differences between people you've blocked and people you've ignored - the biggest being that blocked people can't comment on your posts, can't tag you in photos, etc. Basically, you prevent them from interacting with you. Again, there is a difference (whether or not you feel it's a good social difference).

Finally, "we don't inform people that you've ignored them" is accurate - there is no way for someone to find out whether you've removed them from circles (if they were ever in any to begin with) or actually ignored them. Sorry if that wasn't clear!
The way I wanted Ignore to work is this: I wanted to continue to share certain limited posts with an acquaintance, but not see their posts by default in my stream. It looks like Ignore and "have in circles" are mutually exclusive, so I'm not really sure what Ignore does for me. (Full disclosure: I read the original post but not the entire comment thread to this point, so there may be more explanation above. I am assuming it is potentially useful to get another (naive) initial reaction :)
I don't see the 'ignore' option on my circles pages with I select a person. I wonder why? My safari browser is swedish and I get G+ in swedish (how would I change that?). What is strange is that under more options there is the list of "Show all ignored"...
On the google+ app, the person I blocked still appears on under "people", is there a way to hide this? I don't want to see the name of the person I blocked in my list of friends.
Neil R
So if I understand this "ignore" someone currently also removes them from your circles? That is the only option that comes up when I try to ignore someone. If that is the case, I agree a "mute" feature is needed. There are a couple of people I have in circles who post a lot, several times an hour with nothing I care about, and I have to mute all the posts individually since they clutter up my feed. I still like to interact with them, but only on our common interests.
if some one blocks me, I would at least like to know so I can clean them out of my circles.
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