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We want to make sure you can represent your real-life relationships on Google+ -- whether you want to connect with someone or not :-) So starting today, we're rolling out a new option to Ignore people, in addition to the existing (and stronger) option to Block them.

Ignore means you'll see less of what a person is sharing (i.e., you're just not interested). Block additionally limits the ways a person can interact with what you're sharing (i.e., you don't want anything to do with them). And in either case, we don't notify the person that you've ignored or blocked them. (Help center articles are
available at http://goo.gl/HQ7AS and http://goo.gl/KNW7L )

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Video Transcript

One of my favorite parts about Google+ is how Circles let me connect with my friends, family and other people I want to hear from, in a way that reflects my real-world relationships.

Of course, in real-life there are also people you don't know, don't like or don't want to hear from. And we want to give you the ability to define these relationships in Google+ as well. That's why today we're introducing a new "Ignore" option, alongside the stronger "Block" option. I’ll talk about Ignore, and my co-worker +Sean Purcell will talk about Block.

Ignoring someone is basically saying you’re just not interested -- maybe you don’t know them, or maybe you don’t want to see what they’re sharing. When you do Ignore someone, a few things happen on Google+, including:
- you won't see any of their posts in the Incoming stream
- you won't get notifications about their activities
- you won’t see them on your Circles page

The Ignore option is available from multiple places on Google+. And importantly: we don’t notify people that you’ve ignored them. Let me show you how it works:
- first, you can ignore someone from Notifications in the Google+ bar, or the Notifications stream. Just click Ignore next to their name, and you'll see a confirmation message.
- you can also ignore someone from Incoming, and again you’ll see a confirmation message.
- finally, you can Ignore one or more people at once from your Circles page. Just highlight them, and click ignore.

If you change your mind you can always find the list of people you’ve ignored under More Actions on the Circles page. You can un-ignore directly from here, or by adding people back to a circle.

Blocking someone is much stronger than Ignoring them -- it’s basically saying you don’t want anything to do with them on Google+. After you choose this option, a number of important things happen on Google+, including:
- they’re removed from your circles and your extended circles
- you won’t see any of their new posts in the Stream
- they won’t see anything you share with your circles
- and they can’t comment on your posts

Block is available on a person’s profile, and everywhere Ignore appears. And once again: we don’t notify people that you’ve blocked them. Let me show you.
- here I am on +Vic Gundotra’s profile. I can block Vic, confirm, and he’s blocked. And if I change my mind, I can unblock Vic directly from his profile
- another place to block someone is from the notifications widget. Click on your notification, click ignore, and you’ll have a second option to Block them if that’s more appropriate
- finally, I can always unblock people from my Circles page. I just click More Actions, View blocked, and unblock them

Between Ignore and Block, we want to help you bring the nuance and richness of your real-life relationships to Google+ -- whether you want to connect with a person or not.

Over the next weeks and months we’ll be working to improve both Ignore and Block, but please let us know what you think of today’s features in the comments!
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