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Why we're just about to retire the corporate intranet: it's not secure.

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a brilliant talk on bacteria, antibiotics and antibiotic resistance.

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Why do PHP functions have such inconsistent naming conventions? There's a reason. I'm as surprised as anyone.

Подсмотрено в твиттере: "Весь мир развивается по Хаксли и только Россия - по Оруэллу".

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This is what I used to work on. Nice to see it revealed.
Today for the first time we've revealed how Google scaled its frontend infrastructure and how you can now take advantage of our technology by using Google Cloud Platform.

Putting Google's Network to work for You

I want to give a huge thank you to +Trisha Weir , who not only created all the drawings in the presentation but also TPM'ed many of the projects covered here.


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A guide to understanding us engineers.

[edit: I forgot to add an important one:
Working as intended = Reality is wrong, and has to be fixed to match the output of the code]

For geeks only
Q: How to make a perfect random string?
A: Put a student in front of VI and ask to quit.
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