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First test run of a mini preheater/hot plate to solder SMT parts under a microscope. Inspred by Texas Instruments' DRZ package.
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I do a lot of microscope/hot plate soldering at work, mostly soldering down TI/NSC qfn packages.  I would suggest putting insulative/wooden sides on the hotplate so you don't burn the sides of your hands on it when working under a scope.  It's harder to avoid the hot surface.
+John Bump There will be a shroud around the sides and bottom of the plate - the plan was to make it after the performance is verified.
Good idea.  I can't tell you how many times I've burnt myself doing this.  But it is an awesome way to place complex parts.  I've done 0.5mm pitch BGA's and some spectacular pads-down power fets this way.  I love the technique.  There's a metcal tip with a 0.3mm tip diameter that if you make your pads a bit longer than the recommended footprint you can reflow individual pads on a qfn/llp.
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