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also raises questions not "whether", but "when" and "how" it will become abused by spammers, marketing/ad networks etc - to offer more 'customized' crap
i.e. something (an ad banner) shows up on screen, this device measures whether your brain reacts to it/pays attention and in what way and then uses some 'adaptive' algorithms to 'optimize' the next ad etc...

“Imagine a computer that increases the size of buttons and text when you’re tired, or a video game that slows down when you’re stressed. Your Xbox might detect that you’re in the mood for fighting games, and change its splash screen accordingly. Likewise, Firefox could detect that you’re feeling amorous, and automatically load up Private Browsing mode. Menu buttons could move around and change in size — or disappear entirely. Eventually, computer interfaces might completely remold themselves to your mental state.”

Asking "why not" is beside the point. "When" and "How" are the operative questions.
A group of American researchershave developed Brainput -- pronounced brain-put, not bra-input -- a system that can detect when your brain is busy, and offload some of your workload to a computer.
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