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Can't install extension. What am I doing wrong?

I am getting:

This application is not supported on this computer. Installation has been disabled. The following problems are detected:
This app uses 3D graphics and needs WebGL

The rotating cube test works.

Can someone share a profile which finds latest file in thw folder?

Hi, Guys

Is there an easy way to periodically run a certain task when state condition is met? I am using "repeat" in the time condition, but the problem I have is that it is tied to the clock instead of being tied to the time when profile activates. So, if I set it to repeat every 10 minutes, it activates at odd minutes, say 11, 21 31 and so on. 

Hi, guys

Is there a way to send Autoremote message over my home Wifi bypassing the server? I have a Wemo motion sensor set up and it fires sometimes a couple thousand times a day. 

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Is there any way to send a message from IFTTT directly to evenghost on PC?

Has anyone had experience with setting up Eventghost on two separate home network computers? And getting it to work with autoremote plugin?

Maybe i am doing something wrong here, but option to include message in sms app suddenly disappeared from send sms action. Now all messages I send through tasker  do not appear in sms app.

Ok. I admit, there are people smarter than me. And to those here is my question. I have two phones. Both are connected to internet. One is the older phone running android 2.3 which I use only for navigation. So, how can i set it up so that when I look up driving directions on my main phone, it would intercept the driving directions intent to google maps and send it to the older phone via Autoremote. Not sure it could be done, though. Thanks

How can I make voice command of Autowear to be available always via floating icon? Or can I have a screen with it pop up automatically when I open my watch?  Thanks for your help guys.
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