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The Insanity Of U.S. Military Spending In One Chart

This chart actually underestimates US military spending. Starting in the Vietnam War, the Military-Industrial Complex in the US began hiding their true spending levels in various budgets outside the Dept. of Defense (DoD). The real expenditures are nearly DOUBLE the official DoD figures as explained and tabulated very clearly here:

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This I agree with you on. US spends way to much on our military
We've become a one-trick pony, the schoolyards bully. Oil-rich countries snap their fingers, we show up to fight their fights. And we need that oil to get to the fight, so...
Seems like we found a place to cut expenses.
This is exactly what Ron Paul has been screaming about for 30 yrs and everyone called him an idiot... Now WE can all see the proof before our eyes and see who has been lied too and who has been telling the truth.
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