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Atheist Communities on Google+

There's a large volume of atheism communities here on G+. It shouldn't be a surprise considering how many scientists there are on here. Shop around and find the one that fits you best.

Atheism - 16700
Atheism - 3900
Atheist - 733
Atheists - 494
Atheists+ - 229
Atheism Humor - 305
Atheism Humour & Memes
Atheism - 71
Humanism - 369
Secular Humanism - 48
Visual Atheist - 370

Atheist/Agnostic - 411
Agnostics - 56
Agnosticism - 77
Teen Atheism - 64
Secular Parenting
The Thinking Atheist - 750
Transhumanists - 102
Godless (private)
godslayers - 81
Separation of Church and State - 36
Atheists, Humanists and non-Theists - 30
Atheism - 159
Atheism United - 50

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Praise to Caesar...Chavez least you might through him have some solace at the end of your lives...
I've never been able to get into the whole atheist group thing. I can only see so many memes before I get bored, I face no particular oppression and if I'm looking to fight the oppression faced by  others I tend to find more outlets in broader civil liberties communities.
Why do we need an Atheist community?  Is it just loads of people reassuring themselves, or mocking others, or what?  

I suppose it makes sense if people are being persecuted because they're atheist.  Fortunately I can't relate to that.
The loudest noise about whether there is a god or not come from people who have not settled the matter for themselves .. 
I am atheist because I explored religion, and found it (them) seriously wanting. Internal conflicts, bloodshed throughout history, plus I actually read the entire Bible. Many atheists have. Cherry-picking your religious beliefs is the basis of much evil done in the world. I prefer reality, I prefer to do better right here, right now, for people, and not for some imagined reward. I am evidence-based, a realist, a humanist. I am #atheist .
Any communities out there that think Atheists believe too much?  I really think it is simply wrong to consider the object of a bad idea.
+Jim Williams I cannot parse what the heck you mean. Could you please rephrase? Atheists as a group believe in equal treatment for anyone, any religion or none. We none of us (humans) believe any one thing exclusively. Some atheists seem to think men are better than women in ways science disproved long ago. (Like math.)
And your second sentence is even more vague.
+Terri Jones your comments are perhaps the most cogent and balanced I've ever encountered from an avowed Atheist.  I appreciate your humanistic views and your devotion to man as a whole, even if its not in accordance with my personal beliefs, they are a positive affirmation of the goodness within. 
I can see +Terri Jones, that I'm going to have to start at the beginning yet again.....sigh.

To begin with, I reject the right asserted by some Atheists to re-define the word Atheism as the simple lack of belief in a God and to then assign me to their category as if that had some sort of universal meaning.  You are not an Atheist if the idea of God does not exist.  There are no absolute lines to be drawn.  Their notion of Atheism will die along with the idea of God; which is why it is very clear that Atheism is simply a Christian sect.  I am not an Atheist first and foremost simply because I reject the lines the Atheists have drawn upon the fabric.

I am a non-theist by belief, and an anti-theist socially.  That is to say that I feel (as an opinion) that the idea of God is evil, and I am against the idea of God.  Note that I do not consider the "existence" of God to be a meaningful concept, and I am speaking purely about the idea of God.  The idea of God must as a part of its being attack and attempt to destroy all other notions of divinity, frequently by killing the people who hold these other notions of divinity.  The idea of God is Evil and cannot be reformed.

One does not consider the object of a bad idea.  One drops and forgets a bad idea.  I am not an Agnostic, for I do not consider the idea of God something worth knowing about at all, and certainly not an idea which one should consider a truth value for.  (I am rather fond of the Apathetic Agnostic viewpoint....)

Thus, unlike the Atheists who want to prove this thing does not exist, or the Agnostics who think this idea is worth contemplating, I reject the idea as simply a bad idea whether or not it were true.

There is also the question of the 800 pound gorilla in the room.  The Atheists in questing after the ridiculous idea of an omnipotent and omniscient being are ignoring the beings which are the collective actions of the adherents to these One Gods.  Do I not exist because I can lie?  Just so...there is a being which is the God, and it is an evil being consisting of the collective actions of His adherents.  Rather than wasting time arguing against silliness why aren't they trying to bring down the obvious evil we can see simply by looking with clear eyes?
+Jim Williams Dude. You have assumed a great deal about me. Back off a few steps, okay? I actually couldn't care less what you think or feel, I was merely requesting that if you're going to comment, you make it in English, and complete thoughts. I got what seems like a rant. Now I know I shouldn't bother reading anything else you write... Was that your intent? Congratulations? I guess?

I don't belong to any particular group of #atheists  because i haven't yet come across one that fits me well enough. In the meantime, I share what makes sense to me. If others agree, cool. If they don't, oh well. We are each following what seems right at the time. 
+Jim Williams  You're statement that atheism is a xtian sect is over the top absurd. there were atheists long before xtianity.  Atheism does have a popular definition and making up your own doesn't really add much.
I belong to social groups of musicians and artists, technologists and programmers, and many others besides.  I don't see why my lack of belief in a supreme being requires me to join another group, whose only membership criteria is a lack of belief in a deity.  Do you also belong to a "I don't believe in Santa" group or a "The toothfairy is dead to me" group?
+Steve Mayne Where does it say you are "required" to join an atheist group? Nowhere. Do what you want. But don't change what was actually said to suit your argument. Realists always call you on that. :)
+Terri Jones That's the premise of this post "Shop around and find the one that fits you best."
Still not a requirement. Merely an invitation to look. I was confused by your impression that you had to join one. Any pressure you feel to investigate is from you, not from the person who offered the links. That's why I said what I did. It was odd to me that you felt a need to even comment, if this isn't interesting to you. 
+Terri Jones It was/is a discussion, is it not?  I can be interested in the concept of an atheist community purely from the perspective I've taken.  I'm not telling anyone else they're wrong, and if it comes across that way, I apologise.

The reason I engaged here was that I was hoping for someone to give me a good reason why atheist communities are a thing.  If you read my first comment, that's pretty much what I said.  I'm seeking enlightenment.
It is a pretty bold claim that atheism is a Christian sect when the charge of atheism was laid on Socrates in section 26 of Plato's Apologia a few hundred years before Christianity.  Look at the Greek roots. A is without theos is gods. You can redefine things, but history, linguistics, and common usage all disagree with you.
+Terri Jones Good post ..well said ...I try an avoid anything with an  (ISM) on the end of it 
atheist (n.) 
1570s, from French athéiste (16c.), from Greek atheos "without god, denying the gods; abandoned of the gods; godless, ungodly," from a- "without" + theos "a god" (see Thea).

You can't have been an Atheist before about 1570.  Can have been abandoned by them in old dead Greece.
+Jim Williams  Absurd again!
a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.
Your own source lists that as when the word, from entered English, not when the word was new.  Your source also doesn't support your sect of Christianity view.
You seem to believe in some spook-world where ideas reside waiting to be thought +Jack Malchow.  You can't have been an Atheist before the word was created -- unless you believe in imaginary worlds, that is.

I don't believe in such worlds.  Before the word Atheist there were no Atheists.
But the word was in wide use, just not in English. It would be no more true that there were no farriers in England before the same period. That word also entered English, along with a huge number of other words around the same period.
There was a word which might be somewhat similar +David Steinmuller, but it wasn't the same word with the same meaning as the word invented in the 1570s by English clergy; which had a different meaning than most of the current meanings used today.

Is it any wonder I don't want to be labelled with such a slippery term?

(BTW  The meaning of the perjoritive Atheist was closer to what we'd call Deist today.)
You still haven't established that atheism is a Christian sect. In fact the only source you've posted says something very different. If you don't want the term applied to you that's fine, but people aren't redefining the term. It has a few thousand years of use, not as a Christian sect, but as a statement of godlessness.
1) The word Atheism was coined by Christian Clerics to distinguish heretics who taught that God was an impersonal Deity (Deism) rather than a personality (Theism).

2) The major effect of Atheism is to reify and maintain the notion of a Theos.  Atheists need Theists for their very existence as a recognizable thread of thought, and Theism is basically just Christianity by another name.

Note that I am not attempting to support any particular notion of the divine here, and certainly not any notion of the divine based upon the notion of One Perfect Truth.  My precis against Atheism is because it is symbiotic with Theism, and I want the notion of One God to disappear -- not to be supported by people who think the stupid idea is worth consideration.  I reject Atheism and Agnosticism because they believe too much -- they believe that the idea of a God is worth being considered.
There was no duckbill platypus until someone named it, I suppose. You're more absurd by each comment.
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