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This is no surprise. Republicans literally want to make people poor, hungry, and desperate. This is called "incentivizing" them to their corporate overlords. Economic desperation is quite the "motivator" to do anything to survive, especially for families with hungry children. 
"When the House voted in September to cut $40 billion from the federal food-stamp program over 10 years, all but 15 Republicans supported the measure while not a single Democrat did so.

But according to a TIME analysis of county-by-county food-stamp-enrollment data compiled by the nonprofit Feeding America, it appears that House Republicans represent more districts with high levels of participation in the program than House Democrats."


It’s Official: White Folks in Red States are the Biggest Food Stamp ‘Moochers’ in the Country
"Statistics reveal that the city holding the most beneficiaries of the SNAP program (a favorite target of the GOP) is 99.22% white and 95% Republican. Owsley County, Kentucky earns the lowest median household income in the country, but they are the most prolific government-takers in U.S. existence."
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"Food stamps" is a race baiting issue and if keeping their "constituents" miserable makes them blame Obama, then that's bonus for them. 
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This is one of my most core circles. Enjoy.

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Add me to this circle! Please. 
Добавь меня в этот круг! Пожалуйста.
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My cousins in The Twin Cities.

Good fun catching up with them again.
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+stacey fredd yeah, it's always fun hanging out with that group. They're very easy going and love to laugh
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Anyone that has played Dungeons and Dragons or certain other RPGs will appreciate the lore here. I love good geek humor
Just some clarity for those of you who are questioning whether Jesus was real or not.
One thing that is clear is that Jesus was Not A Zombie!
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Like posting and naming a picture of every pose that my dog makes? That kind of life?
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Ole Olson

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Priorities and balance. I don't work for myself, I work for my family. And as they are more important than work, I take the time out to spend with them.
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Ole Olson

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Because you should be fucking happy bitches!
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Destroying our planet for greedy profits is the Koch way

• Oppose the EPA’s regulation of greenhouse gases from mobile sources.

• Give Congress the authority to block enforcement of federal protections on clean air and water and safeguards for mine workers.

• Create hurdles for state agencies attempting to regulate carbon gases.

• Oppose protections on carbon dioxide emissions.

• Prevent the EPA from overruling state permits for coal mining.

• Give legal protection to corporations against victims of lead poisoning.

• Privatize public water and sewage services and prohibit local governments from requiring contractors to meet labor standards.

• Oppose waste-reduction and mandatory recycling laws.

• Authorize state governments to open federal public land for oil, gas and coal exploration.

• Require that state environmental protections be approved by a corporate-backed panel.

• Criminalize environmental and animal-welfare activism (AETA).

#Environment   #Climate   #Activism  
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Ole Olson

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Also remember that if voting didn't matter, why are conservative Republicans and their corporate overlords trying so hard to make it harder for you to do it
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+William Henry Well said!  A People's movement is definitely the answer. Faced with another year of no pay raise though the company I work for is showing a good profit, think the union may be able to make a comeback.  Not sure if that is the answer, but something will need to change, otherwise the labor force might as well just be slaves.
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Ole Olson

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So true
So true.
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like it is its own person...
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Ole Olson

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Happy Easter !, Joyeuses Pâques!, عيد فصح سعيد & عید پاک مبارک, İyi Paskalyalar, Frohe Ostern, Христос воскрес, Buona Pasqua, Vrolijk Pasen, feliz Pascua, 复活节快乐, हैप्पी ईस्टर, イースター、おめでとう and more ...  dear followers! enjoy!


#feast, #caraa, #statues, #easter, #island
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O,!! My gods. สุดยอด !!
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Great niche shop to get all sorts of things from Scandinavian countries. My dad *loved* the Lutefisk t-shirt I gave him for x-mas.
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Whenever I'm cruising around this part of the county, I always try to stop into the Outpost for cold one. Loved the chicken and appetizers too.
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I spent the better part of 15 years living on the road traveling from project to project, and would always go explore the nightlife where ever I went. The Swizzle Inn is one of the best neighborhood bars in the country, and I make a point to go here anytime I'm visiting Phoenix. You can sit down next to anyone and have a great conversation. It really feels like home. The bar is hidden away on the back corner of a tiny shopping strip behind Starbucks. Parking can be a huge problem, but it's worth it. The owners are regulars in the bar and bring in free munchies in the afternoon/early evening regularly. The Swizzle is tropical themed, but dimly lit, and has a pool table, dart board, and C-shaped bar. Very decked out for holidays like christmas, halloween, and St. Patrick's Day. Open to people of all persuasions.
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While I've never had food here, this place is a really fun bar on Thurs-Sat. nights. There is a very mixed crowd from all walks of life, from pool/dart players, dancers (wonderful DJ by the way), dark siders, alternative crowd, sports fans, racing enthusiasts, bikers, the LGBT community, freedom lovers, etc. This is the best closing bar in The Lakes Area.
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This is an excellent headquarters for Minnesota's version of the Democratic Party (Democratic-Farmer-labor). Someone took time out from their busy day to give me the full tour of the building, and all of the spaces they had available are state of the art. So nice to see a well organized center-left party in Minnesota. This is the nerve center for the campaign to move the state forward.
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