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For your future reference, We are posting a link to the website we used to use (now we simply use the weather app on our phones) for our cart determinations and mini golf determinations.  It shows the time of sunset for every day.  

No carts are allowed out for 1 hour and 15 minutes before sunset and no mini golfers are allowed out for 45 minutes before sunset.  We reserve the right to deny large groups that show up right at cut-off time as well since large groups tend to be very slow.  Sunset times can be found here if you don't have a cell phone with an updated weather app (we like the Weather Channel's app because sunset is on the main screen):

Because every exception that has been made to the above guidelines has resulted in carts being out after dark, there are no exceptions made.  We apologize for this but we've had to do it in response to people who have refused to come in.  Bad apples tend to ruin things for decent people.

To the person who contacted us with a fake email, fake name, and fake phone number, complaining about not being allowed to do certain things at the facility:

As you can see, Saturday, sunset was at 8:00 PM.  Thursday, sunset was at 7:51 PM.  In both of the cases you're upset about, the employee was simply following the guidelines we have for your safety.

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Now at Old Town!


$5 per player over 10
$4 per player 10 and under

You can bring your own soccer ball or use one of ours ($5 deposit per ball, returned when you bring your ball back to us).

Learn more about FootGolf from the PGA here:

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Snickers Shakes Satisfy!

Don't want a Snickers Shake? I bet we have something for you!

Our Hole-in-Ones are making a huge hit! Creamy ice cream blended with a variety of toppings will put a smile on your face!

Shake, Hole-in-One, or Sundae ~ $5.00

❤ Snickers
❤ Twix
❤ S'mores
❤ Café Latte

Shake, Hole-in-One, or Sundae ~ $4.00

❤ Oreo
❤ Butterfinger
❤ Reese's
❤ M&M
❤ Sprinkles
❤ Hot Fudge
❤ Strawberry
❤ Butterscotch
❤ Caramel
❤ Pineapple

Shake $3.25

❤ Chocolate
❤ Vanilla

❤ Banana Split in a Cup $5.75

❤ Home Run $4.00
Creamy Ice Cream blended with any flavor pop

❤ Float $3.00
Classic Float with any flavor pop

Cones or Cups

❤ Waffle Cone $3.00
❤ Large Cone or Cup $3.00
❤ Medium Cone or Cup $2.25
❤ Small Cone or Cup $1.25

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Birthday Parties are booking quick! Book yours now!

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Love the pics I got the other day . . . this one's a favorite!

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You've got a brand new website!  I was out taking pics yesterday and they'll be added after I can get through them (I took waaaay too many).  Until then, here's the site:

Happy Thanksgiving to the greatest group of golfers, batters, and mini golfers in the world!  Have a fantastic day & cheer on our LIONS!

Two years in a row that we might win the Turkey Day game?  HOLY COW!

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