The Last Gasp

This is the last image my venerable Canon 40D caught before it died.  

It's a funny thing how something so simple can be so beautiful, isn't it?  Just grass seeds.

These seeds are more than just seeds though.  These are your seeds.  

You see, my camera died.  With two avid photographers in the house, the one big thing that +kat Folland and I did together was gone.  Photography got us through cancer.  It got us through going broke.  Good times, bad times, it was always there for us - that key common interest that we could - and do - spend a lot of our time doing, talking about, sharing, etc.   And then one day, after this shot in the back yard....nothing.  It's pretty difficult to go shooting together with one camera after all.  Sure I could (and did) borrow hers, but it's not like I could take it with me 24/7 like I'm wont to do.  Pretty much a photographer's worst fear...

So, out of desperation, I posted here, hoping to sell a couple of prints and scrape together the repair costs - and I didn't know what that was going to be.  The estimate was anywhere from $200-$700 - and in any case pretty far out of budget for a while.

Out of that, G+ (and a few people on FB) was awesome.  _Way_ more awesome than I could have hoped.  Between print sales and outright donations, I was able to get a used camera before one of my best G+ friends comes to California next weekend.  I was able to get my 40D repaired to give to +kat Folland.  And, more....

This is where those seeds come in.  I got more than I needed.  The only thing I can do is pay it forward.

So, here's where we are today.  +Steven Ullenius donated a Canon 40D that needed a shutter repair before I even knew the fate of mine.  I've been able to get that fixed as well.  This leaves me with a 40D body and a 20D body that we don't need.

Time to sow some seeds.

I know an excellent photographer, +Lisa Borel who shoots film - and she's really good at it - but due to circumstances can't make the digital jump.  I'd hate to see her give up film entirely because her darkroom skills are awesome.  But, I want her to share here more.

My good friend +Mike Spinak knows a young budding photographer in the Czech Republic that has some family issues, and has lost her P&S - her only outlet to the world.

So, this is what's happening.  +Lisa Borel is getting a 40D and +Mike Spinak's friend is getting a 20D.  At this point, though, I really only have camera bodies.  I can spare a battery or two, possibly one CF card, and one battery charger.  +J. Rae Chipera and +Kelly-Shane Fuller were kind enough to dig through their closets and find a couple of lenses that need to be repaired, but it's a start.

I could use a couple of Canon EF or EF-S lenses.  I think +Lisa Borel could do some wonderful things with one of those 50mm/1.8s.  +Mike Spinak's friend loves wildlife photography, and could use something longer.  +Kelly-Shane Fuller's donation is a Sigma 28-300 which would do great for the latter.  Once I get it repaired.

So if you have a lens you don't use anymore that you can give to a good to a good cause, I'll take it.  I can probably even scrape together shipping.

Any proceeds from print sales between now and the end of the month from (I may extend that a week or two) are going to this project.

You can read about +Mike Spinak's original post to help his friend here: and he's specifically wanting give out this awesome sea lion print to anyone that will help him help her.

So, we're paying it forward, but could use some help to make it something spectacular.  We're sowing seeds, but could use some help planting them.
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