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Come for the beach, stay for the rocks lol
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+John Getchel there's a hole-in-the wall place in Trinidad where I want to eat. And, trying to hit Grant's Pass before it gets too late. Maybe another trip :/
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I can't begin to tell you how much I love Bodie, and how much I miss every time I go. This is awesome.

Don't go to Bodie, though. It's way too much work.
The Morgue at Bodie

Another photograph from Bodie, this one from the morgue. Window light from the right helped to bring out the amazing textures in this room. You can see more images from Bodie here:

#bodie   #bodiestatehistoricpark   #ghosttown   #morgue  
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Oh good lord no. Then I'd have to work 30-hour days :/

I'll keep my ears open, but I can't promise anything then.
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*This guy should be our next President* He's running as a write-in for this November.

You can read his positions here - but the crux is that as a child, his dad was part of a secret government project that was experimenting with teleportation and time travel based on Tesla's "lost" papers, which actually ended up at Los Alamos.

As a result, he became part of the experiment due to five solid reasons (which you'll have to watch the video to try and figure out) and now wants to force the government to make teleportation available to all of us.

Not time travel tho, and I understand - it would wreak havoc on society. Even though he has time traveled, and there's a photo of him at Lincoln's Gettysburg address to prove it (he's the 70's hipster in the middle of the photo, if you can't tell)
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They don't count write in or provisional ballots unless it's close. Sad but true, our system need complete overhauling. 
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I live in one of the largest train meccas on the west coast of the US, and I couldn't even imagine this shot.

Today is #steamysunday curated by +Paul Pavlinovich​ and +Shelly Gunderson​ submit your images of steam in any form you find or make it.

These are volunteer wood choppers at Belgrave on Puffing Billy Railway. The engines are all lot up with wood and allowed to warm before the more energetic coal is added. This is both to preserve the firebox and boiler from sudden temperature charge but also to ensure the fire box is hot enough to cleanly burn the coal. 
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Thanks :) 
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I'm glad to know that scientists are monitoring the Universe's Lithium levels. I've long held that the Universe is Bipolar/Depressive and it can really help. But, there's a narrow band between a therapeutic dose and toxicity. Also, side effects. Looking at the expansion rates of the Universe, hyperthyroidism can't be ruled out.

H/T to +mary jo dodd for the link
Physicists are confused about the distribution of lithium isotopes in our universe.
And that's a big problem for modern cosmology. #NOVAnext
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Clam chowder where clams are made. Yum. 
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It didn't last that long ;)

I'm trying to do some with the phone and some with the camera so I'll have a mix hopefully
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Ah, Willits. I am in you. Denny's is not.

I'd forgotten what it's like to roll into a town where everything but the fast food chains are closed before ten.
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People come here to do the skunk train, but there's not a lot of other reasons to be here.

We're here because it's strategically good - we saved about three hours vs leaving this morning, meaning we have a lot more time to mess around between here and Grant's Pass OR.
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I wonder how many people get the joke :P

/not really a joke
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If that's what your name means, it's a good'n, sir.

As far as I can tell, my name means I'm up to my neck in water.
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When you realize you really don't watch football much.

"Hey! I recognize that ref!"
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I think that guy in the stripey uniform is a "ref". He don't look like the other ones, and hams to the camera anyhow.
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Hey , NASA. I'm glad you're finally taking some of your research out from behind the paywalls. But all these patents here? I paid for them. Every American that actually pays taxes paid for them. They should also be free to Americans
[Skip to Content]. NASA Technology Transfer Program is offering you a new opportunity to put NASA technologies to work. search. Search. aeronautics. information technology and software. optics. communications. instrumentation. power generation and storage. electrical and electronics.
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We're at a point right now, perhaps even more since the Wall fell, - where how we both deal with both internal and external affairs is going to shape both US and world history.

Do we elect a hawk, a lunatic, or a pragmatist?

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+Matthew B. as a result of my own post I spend a while watching Buddy Hackett videos last night lol
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The burgers were quite frankly, okay. Passable $7 burgers, just the gimmick is that you get two smaller ones. Nothing I'd go out of my way for.
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The lady running the store on the day I went was a little loud, but she really knew her shoes, and was quickly able to help me find something that works well for my particular needs.
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Definitely the best Costco in the area so far as stuff goes, and the staff is extremely helpful, especially in the optical department
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I love Peet's Coffee. Really. I buy bags of beans at Costco. However, this particular store is right on J Street and THERE IS NO PARKING, so I can only stop here if I'm lucky. It's a pity too - it's an exceptionally nice store.
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Crazy good sushi. I usually go to the one on Fulton, but this one is close to work. I admit I'm addicted to their bento boxes now.
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago
Fantastic neighborhood pub, whether grabbing an after work beer with the locals, joining the younger crowd that makes up weekend nights, it just want to shoot some pool. The owner and his staff are fantastic, and are a good part of why people keep coming back Note: this is *not* Players Sorts Bar and Grill (which is a few blocks away). Same owner, but different atmosphere.
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This is the Mecca for all those craving a really, really good Philly Cheesesteak. Their "regular size" classic Cheesesteak is perfect. Get a side if fresh thick-cut fries while you're at it. You won't be disappointed. If you're going at lunch, get there early, though. I got there at ten to noon, and it was just fine. Ten past noon, there was a line to the door
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