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Much more along the lines of what I was intending...

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I liked the white mask on this so much I've bought one from Russia 😀
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As the Golden Age of Hope and Change winds down, lets us reflect on one final Change; further drawing back the veil of the Fourth Amendment, as enough damage to it hasn't been done already [under his watch]
New rules relax longstanding limits on what the National Security Agency may do with the information gathered by its most powerful surveillance operations.
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Lovely, innit? The EFF posted a similar article.

I tried to read the text of the executive order, but ugh.
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When U five minutes late getting home.

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It's DINNER time!  How dare you be late.
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#googlehome type people -

I'm thinking about making a "family" account for the Home with the idea that everyone in the family can voice-control our stuff from their phones.

Pluses and minuses? Will this fark with my personal Google Assistant?
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That's what I'm hoping. It looks like the accounts are separate, but I have my main gmail, plus two grandfathered Google for Business accounts, and the Goog tries to get confused sometimes.
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Apparently, this is what you get when you say "Hey Google, play something to annoy my family"

I love my +Google Home
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+Reggie Hudson here's Sliver² straight out of the camera, and I thought this might be a bit easier to explain the setup...

First, the lighting setup - I used a single strobe with a barn door closed to make the smallest vertical slit possible 'cause I didn't want any of the background. No diffusers or gels because I wanted the hard light. Modifiers also tend to disperse the light more, and I was already having some ghosting around her (you should be able to see it faintly)

Camera was right next to the strobe. That's part of the barn door in the corner, but easily shopped out, so it's not that important. More important was keeping the light head-on to avoid any shadowing on her. Shadows are a different light than the coat she was wearing...

Camera and light settings are a bit funky, but I had a real problem here. The backdrop is gray. Gray is great for a lot of things, but not this sort of thing. Thus the ghosting I mentioned earlier. My black backdrop would have made things easier, but it's covered in cat hair, and besides one doesn't change out a 10'x20' piece of fabric at a whim :P

Camera settings, this is obviously pretty underexposed. I had to deal with that backdrop, and the more light, the more I'd have to deal with it. Also, B&W is more forgiving in this circumstance, so I had a lot more wiggle room.

So, strobe was set way low. Maybe 60W/sec. Camera, ISO400 (as fast as I really like to go), f4-something (my zoom lens is pretty crappy), and 1sec exposure. The extra time absorbs more light without putting so much on the background.

There's more post-processing in this one than I normally do, but nothing super fancy.

(In reference to this post/photo
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It's so insecure, in fact, that his website's DNS can't even be found.

Before it went tits up, SSL Labs gave his "_cybersecurity_" company's website an "F" grade.

To explain how hard that actually is to do, I'm a bit of a hack who knows a thing or two, and the home-brew server in my hall closet gets an "A" grade.
Donald Trump has appointed Rudy Giuliani as his cybersecurity advisor, prompting security experts to cast a critical eye over his consulting firm's website.
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Huh. I know I force updated to 7, but I could have sworn Ubuntu came with 6 :P
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I'm a bit of a gas mask nutter :)I'm not sure why I don't have as many on my website. I'll have to fix that when 2.0 comes out (hopefully soon). But yeah, we'll see :D
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I loves me some data pr0n, so I dumped city/state/country of our holiday card list onto a map. I should have expected the clustering, but I was a bit surprised at how much.
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+Olav Folland lol 
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Maybe Charles Manson will be the first celeb to die and start 2017 off on the right foot.
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There's a thought...
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Good sandwiches on excellent bread. Which is not terribly surprising as bread is what they *do*. The only real down side is that the lunch line can be pretty long. Given the amount of time I have for lunch, I usually order to go from their app, which lets me walk in, grab my sandwich and coffee, and hit the road.
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If you're at all into covered bridges, this one is certainly worth a quick trip off I-5. It's a classic country bridge, and the road is quiet enough that you can wander around, and even stand in the middle of the road to take photos.
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This store is a classic example of why I rarely go to brick-and-mortar electronics stores any more. I was looking at smartwatches, and someone came by to ask if I needed help. I said I needed a few minutes, not realizing that "a few minutes" meant over ten, without a salesperson in sight, and me leaving to buy the same thing off Amazon instead. The only reason I give them three stars is because I had to go back a second time, on account of a gift card, and I managed to corner a salesperson before they could run away. They, at least, were helpful, but it took them finding another salesperson to see if what I was looking for was actually in stock.
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Summit Tunnel is still Union Pacific property, so you definitely shouldn't go around the poor attempt at barricade, and you really shouldn't immerse yourself in the tunnel, carved out by hand, and coated with the soot of a thousand steam engines. You really shouldn't pass over the top of China Wall, and into the miles of snow sheds beyond either, regardless of the unique views of Donner Lake that the maintenance portals afford. If you're a cyclist, those miles of history to ride through shouldn't tempt you either.
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This is a great place if you're too lazy to drive into Amanda Park and buy gas at a fraction of the price. And as a couple of German folks I ran into on our visit found out, forget trying to get an RV in here.
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This is definitely one of the better rest stops I've been to, what with it's sweeping views of the Bay Area that you're about to enter. It's a good spot to take a break and hit the lavatory (and perhaps a candy bar from the vending machines) before you head down the hill into the inevitable traffic.
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Arden Dental Care is the sort of place where when you walk in, the staff knows you and greets you by name. The staff is that friendly, and also patient, and non-judgmental (which is particularly nice if you already have dental problems). Dr. Boyce himself is a good dentist, and it's immediately apparent that he honestly cares about each and every one of his patients. I would recommend Arden to anyone that's looking for a good dentist.
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