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Came across something I think a bunch of people might be interested in.

Lineage Therapeutics makes a generic epi-pen..

(edit - means you should pay generic co-pay rather than brand-name)
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Catching up on gallery uploads.
This photo hosted by SmugMug; your photos look better here.
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Woohoo! I have food again.
(the website is back up)
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Goddamit now I have to learn Apache2. Shouldn't be too bad, but I can't just restore my old conf file.

Delays, delays.
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i'll poke around, thanks +Harald Wagener. Right now (first) I'm getting Samba back up so I feel like I'm accomplishing anything :P
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Hmmmm... I think I've been going about this the wrong way.

There's just no way to mount my RAID array in Virtualbox (directly). RAID arrays do not typically have partitions, so /md0 comes into VirtualBox as /sdb. No partition, no mounty. I thought about an LVM group, but I'd have to create a partition somewhere else, and then add the array to it, and then add that to Virtualbox. Otherwise, I'd lose data. (the whole thing sounds risky, to tell the truth)

So maybe I can load /sdb and /sdc into the VM, and then make a RAID from there. at that point, normal filesystem rules would apply, and I can mount the RAID where I need it.

Gotta think about this one a little.

#serverchronicles #vmhell
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+Olav Folland you can do raid in vm. Making sure all the file systems are compatible. Did. You see the part on why not use raid for backup. Use snapshot method, just a opinion. Make sure you make ext2 and 4 are labeled . I use fdisk it just works.
If you are using linux you know security in layers. Snort requires glade and python and lots of wiki time. 
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My apologies for linking to a PDF, but here's all the data from the CNN post- Labor Day poll.

I am, for the sake of discussion, going to ignore that almost all the questions are Thrump v. Hillary. That's an expected bias, as they represent the two major parties.

Instead, I'm going to ask you to scroll down further. Down where they start breaking out the demographics. You know - race, income, religion, political affiliation, age...

Except age. As you scroll through the demographics, you'll note a repeating pattern - the "18-34" block is over and over again "N/A". Sorry, your opinion doesn't count (or at least they didn't want to ask).

I just ask you to keep this in mind when you watch the news. Whomever you're thinking about voting for, the media is playing the party game. It doesn't really matter too much to them so far as which one of the two "candidates" wins, either one of them will make sure the media stays in power.
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I love PDF's. Politically divisive frivolity.
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I know I asked this morning, but before I do Stupid Things...

Is there any real advantage of populating a vdi vs mounting a partition? For example, I might want to create a "fileserver" VM and mount /dev/md0 for data, and another "webserver" VM, and mount /dev/md1 for it's data.
The former saves about 2TB of re-seeding from backups, but I don't wanna if it's a dumb idea.
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er, -fu not foo :P
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If you've ever engineered or mechaniced, you'll appreciate this one.
Music by Joel Robson. Thanks to tvtropes and everyone else who helped me to collect these. If there's a good clip I missed,…
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Nice one ;D
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+kat Folland's author website is back up again too. If you haven't visited her website, she makes gooder books.
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Some people have a way with words, others, uh, not have way!
~Steve Martin
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Samba up and running (with the old netbios name even)
Minidlna up and running
Now for the "fun" part
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Something buried in the rewrite rules, but that's for tomorrow.
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I've made an executive decision: for the sake of sanity (and time) I've decided to fuck VMs and go a more traditional route. I have a lab PC, and I'll play with virtualization on that so I'm ready when the next build comes.
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I can do this crap :P I'm done for today, but I should be doing config files tomorrow evening. I'm re-thinking how I'm going to use the second RAID though - 500GB is really kind of riidiculous to dedicate to a web cluster. I might change the mounts around and use it for user space too. Just to off-load more from the main share drive. And a few other fiddly bits. So I'm cautiously optimistic one of the servers Saturday, and the other Sunday. Probably the file server first, since the kids will be here and I can get their accounts set up.
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Thanks +Wendy Baker.
Sadly so +Linda Teppler. Sadly more each day, it seems :/
+Robt. J. Moore II that too. :(
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Classic burger joint. The kind where you can imagine that 60 years ago had girls on roller skates running around schlepping the food- which is nothing fancy, but really well done The double bacon cheeseburger was awesome, though I do regret not getting a shake. Next time, I suppose, because there will be a next time
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This place is a freaking RVer's dream. If you need to stock up on stuff along the road, this is probably the place to do it. Oh, and they sell gas too. The only real downsides are that it's a bit of a pain to get to from the freeway, and if you're just wanting to go to the restroom, that's quite a hike across the store.
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The Guy runs this place and it shows. Fast, friendly service, and the staff really seems to enjoy what they do It's s smaller place, so probably not good for groups of 4-6. It doesn't feel cramped, however. I got the pulled pork sandwich, and it was award-winning (or add least should be). Get the option with the cheese and stuff on it for extra nom.
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I'm really not sure how to rate Dino's. It's more or less a quintessential country diner that you'd find off the beaten path. In other words, you don't have many choices. But, you could also do a lot worse than Dino's given the dearth of options. Atmosphere-wise, it's also pretty much classic road-side tavern. City-folk would call it "quaint", and I call it "country". We went two nights while we were in the area - the first night, we rolled in pretty late (maybe a half hour before closing), and the staff wasn't resentful at all. The pizza was good, and the beer was cold. On a side note, they do have a couple of local beers on tap, which is nice. They let us take our time eating, and didn't make it feel like they were cleaning around us while we took advantage of their WiFi while we ate. Second night, I had a Salisbury steak, which was acceptable. The gravy was a bit heavier than I'd normally like, but hey. These are diner cooks, not chefs, which is also why I didn't try one of their fancier dishes. So all-in-all, I think they were pretty decent food and service-wise, but I felt that the prices were a bit steep for what we got. $50-ish for dinner for two (no wine). But at the same time, it's the middle of nowhere, and the other options are few (and in some cases a lot more expensive). I'd stick with the pizza next time, and enjoy the Wi-Fi. If you're new to the Quinault Lake area, cell service can be sketchy, at best, so it seems everyone offers, and lives off, the Wi-Fi the local businesses offer.
• • •
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There are probably hundreds of Mexican joints around the greater Sacramento area, and this is a good one. My first impressions: staff is friendly, efficient, and FAST. I have the advantage of an early lunch break, so I watched the 11:58 rush (maybe 15 people at once) get ordered and served within about ten minutes. Color me impressed. I was feeling uninspired, so went for an Al Pastor "super burrito" - a staple for people for whom Mexican food is scary. The pork was very nicely seasoned and cooked, and they get bonus points for actually assembling a burrito that doesn't have all the beans at one end, and the meat at the other. Apparently this is a difficult thing. Home-made chips & salsa were free, and the salsas were good, though I was a bit disappointed to not have pico de gallo as an option. I'll definitely be back to try some of their more traditional fare, so I think that's endorsement enough
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If you're not familiar with Dutch Bros, they're a drive-thru (only) coffee joint for people on the move. Great coffees, hands-down better than Starbucks.
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First up, I'm giving this three stars as a drive-by traveler. I got the impression that this particular Denny's caters to the bunch of hotels that are gathered around it, and would likely rate higher if I were staying in one of them. My first sign should have been that I found it on Google Maps, but couldn't see it from the freeway. In fact, almost couldn't see it until we were right up upon it. It's a couple blocks in, buried among the hotels I mentioned. The food was particularly Denny's. Not great, not bad, just average and uninspired (even for a Denny's). The service was slow - not Oh My Gawd slow, but a much more leisurely pace compared to one that gets a lot of freeway traffic. The waitress was nice (without being too chatty) and kept our glasses full while we waited. Basically, it's really an OK Denny's just not one I'd recommend to someone trying to get through the area to the more interesting parts of Oregon.
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