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I made a comment earlier, and almost immediately realized what it really means to me.

To my friends, colleagues, and otherwise who post, comment, and otherwise interact with me, I really thank you. You make life so much easier for a guy that can't get out of the house much.

To you that I haven't, or have barely interacted with, thank you so much for inviting me into you home. Even though yo6nmay have nothing to say (though I wish you would), allowing me to be a part of your experience here is pretty humbling :/
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Keep doing what you do! :)
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Olav Folland

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Neat, but this makes watching paint dry sound exciting.
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Olav Folland

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Since we still have the fryer out, the boss (Kat) has decreed that a half-batch of meatballs are what's for dinner tonight.
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Olav Folland

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Every time you see a Subaru on the road.

Making Love In A Subaru (1977 Demo Version)
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Just lean the seat back and enjoy the ride.

Wait, that didn't sound right.


Sing along?
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Olav Folland

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Herein lies a lasagna recipe that will obfuscate even your most refined friends.
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Olav Folland

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I've updated my katsu recipe with a very simple, but effective, home-made sauce.  

I used pork in the recipe (tonkatsu), but chicken and especially beef work very well too.
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Olav Folland

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Tomorrow is National Bunny Day!

The Hopster is being a butt-head as usual and has decided to lurk in his cage today, so I thought I'd share a favorite or two from years gone by.

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I have one too...they are silly sometimes ;). Hobster photographs great!
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Olav Folland

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I have two computers I'd like to find homes for.  Both are contemporary enough to handle a modern operating system.  One has (legal) Windows 7 but no monitor.  The other has a monitor but no OS.  In either case, someone would have to spend around $100 to get it fully operational.  I might have a wireless network card or two, but I haven't tested them.  Also, for the computer with no OS I can load Ubuntu and make sure it's functional before I pack it up which would make it effectively free..

Ideally, these would go to homes where they're really needed.   I know a lot of people know someone who doesn't have a computer, or is limping along with a dinosaur.  That would be my first preference.  Second preference, I'm a sucker for kids being able to have their own homework machine, so everyone doesn't have to share one PC but the family can't budget for that.  These are workhorses, not gaming computers, so they could run Steam and Minecraft, but not the modern FPSes

Please PM me here on G+ or at if you know someone (including yourself).  The last thing I want is for someone to embarrass themselves, so if you comment publicly I'll delete the message and contact you privately.

Also, there are no strings - you (or they) don't have to have me circled, or any of that stuff.  In fact, I'd rather keep this as much on the low-down as possible.  I'm doing this because I have a pile of reparable kit, and I'd like to see as much of it as I can go to new homes, not as some sort of self-aggrandizing gesture.

Actually, there's one string.  I can only ship within the continental US.  After that shipping costs get stupid expensive, and I don't want to run afoul of any export laws (which are all long and complicated)

Also, I'm serious.  This is my personal project for the year.  I've already found homes for three computers, and I'm hoping to average one a month as my budget allows.

-edit:  I'm also willing to entertain offers of your old kit so long as it's functional (or reparable) to try and find a home for too.  Dells and Lenovos I have the most experience with, and know where to find parts.
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+Tai Mi I'd start with  I won't even pretend to understand Vietnamese, but between a little Google Translate and some specs in English, maybe something like this?  

Unfortunately from my quick search it seems like an equivalent computer there actually costs more than it does here in many cases.  If you want to PM me with a budget I'll be happy to look for you though.
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Olav Folland

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Dryad Greets the Sun

For more projector pieces and other works (and prints) check out
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gezi turkey... :-)
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Olav Folland

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It's the last day!

Well, sometime tomorrow the coupon code april525 for 25% off on my prints is going to end, but do you really want to wait?  Head over to or take the shortcut straight to my works at and find your favorites!

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You know what they say about Army Depots - unexploded ordinance, chemicals with funny names that will melt your brain, stuff that glows in the dark... Well, the Sacramento Army Depot was closed in 1995, and was designated a Superfund site in 1987. What does that mean? Well for SAAD, it means that the dirt is clean and most of the nasty chemicals have been removed from the groundwater - save a few places but as of the US EPA evaluation in 2012 it seems the groundwater mitigation will be done soon too. So, 4 stars out of 5 for reducing (if not virtually eliminating) the chance of a Zombie Apocalypse starting there.
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Shige has to be one of the best sushi places in the Sac Metro area. Unlike the loud, sports-bar atmosphere of Mikuni's, the atmosphere is subdued, and much more an atmosphere dedicated to people that are serious about fish. The staff, from the waitpersons that run the tables to whichever chef is working, are always courteous and helpful - we've even had several nights where we've sat at the bar, and the chef has made up rolls on the fly to suit our whims. The fish itself, is exemplary. Always perfectly fresh and delicate. If you need your sashimi fix, you won't go wrong. I also highly recommend the monkfish liver appetizer - we've been known to make the trek over there sometimes just for that. All in all, I consider it a must try.
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Fresh fish and a friendly staff. Oh, and phenomenal rolls. I swear I'm addicted to the barbecued albacore though. One caveat - Thursday nights are $1 sake nights. The service can be slow because it can be crazy busy.
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