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Olav “ᚢᛚᚹ” Folland
Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory since 1972.
Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory since 1972.

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Leftovers? You mean BESTovers!

(Stuffed peppers. At least if you make 'em the way I do, you can freeze them before they go into the oven and it's just like you cooked tonight)

Redneck gin drinker (me):

I say, old chap. Please hold my cocktail whilst I do something amusing.

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Fun for the day...

We are "on the list" and "call us if anything changes".

So, our utility pole is leaning a bit. In retrospect, it's probably been slowly doing this for a while, but the wires were noticeably lower this morning. For reference, the bottom wire is our fiber drop, and I can reach up and grab it with my hand. The wires above that are 230V.

Sooooo... we've been watching it all day, and trying to take unscientific measurements (gauging against our bodies, reference points in the trees) and the wires are probably a bit lower, but not outside the margin of error. Not sure which is worse :P

Thankfully, if it does actually come down before the crews can make it this far down the list, it'll probably fall along the property line and not actually hit anyone's house. We would have high voltage lines in the yard, however (that gray pipe is where the HV lines come out of the underground utilities and hit the poles that run between the back yards here).

So, how's your evening going?

Voldemort was a lich. Discuss.

I'll grade papers in the morning.

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Progress report: There's actually progress lol. Between work and other crap it's been busy, and I just haven't had the energy to make words. And then there was the problem of repeatedly forgetting how to spell "burden" :P

I think this is the front side of the post card, so I just have to do the boring bit - designing the back. There are lots of rules there, and it's just not that exciting.

I've been thinking though, and I have a real concern that this could be mis-used (IMO) by ideologues on either side, and I'm not sure how to temper that. Maybe a centrist/personal freedom quote by some Famous Person on the back.

Woohoo. I actually adulted today and refi'd Kat's car. I'm embarrassed to say what my payment was :P

Next up, call the internet company to re-up my plan. Why pay $130 when I could pay $60? Unfortunately, they're closed for now, and I need to talk to them to make sure they don't drop all my add-on stuff :P 

Ugh. Nothing says Friday Night like having to go back into work at 9:30PM because there's a minor problem with the fab files, and your Chinese manufacturers are working on it as an expedite. Hopefully that's it for the evening.

Want a serious artform?

Try to write legibly. Yeesh.

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+The New York Times I'm a paid subscriber, and really, really glad that the hoopla surrounding the self-fellating music awards trumped 150,000 people in California being asked to flee their homes tonight.


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I think so. I'ma sleep on it though.

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