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Olav Folland

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Reminder - I'm still looking for homes for a couple of computers.  I believe I've found homes for two, but there's one more waiting and yet another that needs a free/cheap LCD monitor to go with it.

So if you know someone that could really use a gently-used but fully functional PC please PM me.  There are no strings attached whatsoever - no money, sharing, circling, even public acknowledgement required - though I'd never say no to a few bucks to fund future builds.  

Edit: there is one catch.  Due to shipping costs and export laws I can only do this within the continental US

Also, if you've got an older (minimum SVGA) LCD monitor and/or reparable less-than-five-year-old desktops or laptops, please PM me as well.
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i'm all set, i'll pass the ball to +Samuel Orr 
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Olav Folland

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Nice wall, and having +Isabelle Cardinal behind you is never a bad thing.  Looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the future
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Olav Folland

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I posted this the other day, but the couple of people that I talked to I made other arrangements with.

I'm looking for a good home for a not-so-fancy but functional Win7 computer.  It's a desktop and will come as ready to use as I can make it.  Monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc all included.  I might even be able to drum up a wireless network card but I can't guarantee it without testing.

Preferably this needs to go to a home where someone can really use it - no computer, dinosaur computer and can't afford and upgrade, etc.  If you or you know someone that could benefit from that, please PM me here or at Please don't post other than questions here as I won't let anyone embarrass themselves.

I'd like to get this out of the house this weekend, as Kat isn't so thrilled with the mass of hulks that seem to be amassing in our house.

On a side note, if you have a cheap/free SVGA or better monitor, ping me as well.  I've got another tower (possibly two) that I'd also like to get rid of soon.

BTW, I'm serious.  No strings attached.  No circling required, no sharing required, the recipient doesn't even need to be on G+.  I've already given away three computers this year and intend to do at least one a month until my reparable supply runs out.
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Olav Folland

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Dear +Costco, as I make what is probably the last batch of Soup Season, it struck me that I haven't seen the staples of BBQ season in your local store yet.  I mean, meat, yes, but I can't even begin to tell you how many requests I'm going to get for macaroni salad I'll get over the next few months (and that includes people that don't like macaroni salad).  

So, I'd really. really appreciate it if you brought back the gallon-size Hellmans.  Adding 5-lb bags of elbow macaroni would be nice too, but I don't want to push things.

I'll even share the recipe with you if it helps...
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Olav Folland

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Every time I cook.
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+Eric Nicolas the wife has decreed that there will be no Vietnamese cooking in her house.  (Her house?  Wait.  *My* name is on the papers from before we met. )

+Mary Clark ours strategically place themselves around the house when they want mischief.  It's not just the kitchen...

+Meirav M. the little one want to sit on my shoulder, despite the last time I did I made her wear a pirate hat ;)  The gray wants gravy.  I tell her repeatedly that there's no gravy, but then she just gets confused, because gravy.
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Olav Folland

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Soup.  It's what's for dinner, before the soup season ends.  We're likely going to be eating this all week, but it's sooooo worth it.
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Olav Folland

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Another piece combining original watercolor art with photography.  For more of my projector series, or prints, take the fast-track to the gallery here:
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This is amazing!
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Olav Folland

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Resharing, because I could use a good home for this computer.  It'll be ready to go out of the box, just plug in cables, so if you know someone - family, friends, whatever that could really use a desktop PC I'd like to help.  PM me here or at

There are no strings, save that I'm trusting you to be honest.
Update on my computer thingy -

In retrospect it was dumb of me to think that giving away two partial tower PCs was a good idea.  So, I'm going to combine them into one functional PC and save the other one until I can get all the parts together.  Also, some things have happened that have made me able to make other arrangements for the original candidates.

So, I'm still looking for someone that really needs a new computer.  This isn't the fanciest of boxes, and won't play many modern games (especially FPS's) but more than enough for general purposes.  It'll be pre-loaded with Windows 7, LibreOffice for documents (it will read and write most MS Office files) Chrome, Firefox etc.  Basically a good, solid, basic computer for someone that has a dinosaur or no computer at all.  Or, possibly a family that's fighting over one computer - I know it's nearly impossible for kids these days to do their homework without a computer, especially at the high-school level.

If you know someone, please PM me here or at Because of the nature of what I'm doing, I'd prefer people not publicly embarrass themselves so to that end I will delete any comments I deem such and contact the commenter separately.

There is only one caveat - I can only extend this to the continental US.  Shipping costs and possible export restrictions prevent me from going beyond that unfortunately.

On a side note, if someone has an older LCD or two that they'd like to donate/sell on the cheap I'd really appreciate it.  Or, if you want to buy a cheap headless tower I'd consider that too, so I can fund other computers.
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Not a problem, just I need to get a cheap monitor and I have another computer to go :)

Ubuntu is easy, but it's just enough different to be scary especially without someone to show them around. Otoh it's also free.
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Olav Folland

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Weird note on global history.

How come the Germans never invaded Switzerland in WWII?  I mean, they had them surrounded on the East, North and West (once they took over France) and had Mussolini on the South... but they never went there.  Was it the yodeling?
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More or less, yeah :)
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Olav Folland

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Nothing fancy, but I hope it will photograph well.
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I dunno, sometimes it's more fun to do it wrong ;)
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Shige has to be one of the best sushi places in the Sac Metro area. Unlike the loud, sports-bar atmosphere of Mikuni's, the atmosphere is subdued, and much more an atmosphere dedicated to people that are serious about fish. The staff, from the waitpersons that run the tables to whichever chef is working, are always courteous and helpful - we've even had several nights where we've sat at the bar, and the chef has made up rolls on the fly to suit our whims. The fish itself, is exemplary. Always perfectly fresh and delicate. If you need your sashimi fix, you won't go wrong. I also highly recommend the monkfish liver appetizer - we've been known to make the trek over there sometimes just for that. All in all, I consider it a must try.
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Fresh fish and a friendly staff. Oh, and phenomenal rolls. I swear I'm addicted to the barbecued albacore though. One caveat - Thursday nights are $1 sake nights. The service can be slow because it can be crazy busy.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Very good
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