What +Mike Downes said!
Yes I know it's a hopeless cause, but when +The Guardian report like this, something in my view is really wrong with skipping the Google Plus Hangouts on Air Worldwide Release News and posting this .. Here's the comment I left .. and as for the graphic, how dare they ..

If I had some advice for +Charles Arthur, it would be this. Be fair and balanced in your reporting and tell both sides. On 7 May 2012, Google released Hangouts On Air worldwide. This allows anyone to broadcast LIVE on YouTube as well as in the g+ stream.. the video will embed at twitter and on any website. Having up to ten people at once is an outstanding feature ..

This week has seen at g+.. Hangousts involving LIVE Thyroid Surgery, a US Ambassador Hanging out and a B2 Pilot from a Stealth Bomber .. But, wait.. no one including The Guardian has reported this. Why? It seem strange that The Guardian themselves have a page at g+ [with 159k followers] .. Environment Guardian has held a couple of Hangouts too ..

So, Charles and the team.. why report the RJ Metrics post when it samples only13k users, when there is uprising going on at g+ .. Hangouts are being invented for Blind/Deaf War Vets to communicate and Virtual Photo Walks are active for those who are immobile.

In my view, and I write as a reader of The Guardian and a citizen of the UK, you are at Google Plus and have not posted since 16 July 2011 .. do you really know what's going on there? I think not ..
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