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Be sure to buy this book. +Varina Patel and +Jay Patel are awesome teachers and photographers.
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It's a marketing tool I believe. Geographically defining distribution routes and things of that nature. I think, don't quote me. lol
Yes looks like a sleeper. lol Valuable knowledge probably in the right fields, if one were dabbling in the marketing field.
Thanks so much for sharing, +Olaf Bathke! We really appreciate it!

+Wolf Hound - A histogram is a graph. In this case, we're talking about the histogram on the back of the camera or in Photoshop - the one digital photographers use to gather information about their images. This is definitely a technical book - but we do our best to refrain from boring you completely to death. Lots of pictures. Not too many big words. ;) We have a variety of eBooks on subjects relating to photography - this one is more technical than some of the others, and it's intended for photographers at any level who are interested in improving their photography from a technical standpoint.
oh ok I see now, I had just glanced at the title when I commented earlier. I get it now. Way better sounding E-Book by the way. lol
Jae Joz
ive had some fun with histograms on fast stone
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