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African IT Entrepreneur

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I've been playing Daily Coins in "Coins & Coupons" . Come and join me and win up to US $12 in coupons on the app.
(from AliExpress Android)

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I defended against a #zergrush on Google Search.

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Hello, does anyone still have Oneplus 2 global invite left? please share with me. Thanks

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FreeCell Solitaire is pretty cool. Check it out on Google Play Games. See if you can beat my score!

Believe me, the Events feature on Google+ NAILED Facebook Events.. It's a Technical Knock-out :)

Another + reason to get closer to Google+ :) 

The new Local page added to Google+, I like it, is it suppose to be a location base panel where you can check-in too? Would be nice if it is.

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I pledge to go paperless with HelloFax & Google Drive. Join me for a chance to win a MacBookAir & 1 TB of storage.
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