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" The International Court of Justice, the principal judicial organ of the United Nations. published a press release regarding Ukraine’s suit against Russia, which was submitted to the court beforehand.

" This document is the first one which enumerates all the claims and demands that Ukraine made against Russia in this resonant case. " 
Ukraine accuses Russia of terrorism and racial discrimination

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" In their inquiry to the Italian prime minister, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of the Interior, the deputies wanted to know if the opening of the ' DNR (Donetsk People’s Republic)representative office ' was not contrary to the foreign policy of Italy and the European Union, and what measures would be taken by the new government. "
Italian deputies demand an explanation for the so-called "DNR representative office" in Italy.

Oksana Szulhan

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Article by: Olena Makarenko Anyone who supports Ukraine and desire its unity and cessation of the Russian aggression can participate in this action being organized by the youth organization Batkivschyna Moloda and the NGO Ukrainians. Print out or recreate the poster with the motto of the action: “United Ukraine”. Posters can be downloaded in Ukrainian here or in English here. …

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Can Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister and firm Putin critic Chrystia Freeland offer hope to isolated, war-burdened Ukraine? It's a long shot, Don Murray suggests, given the priorities of protecting Canada's trade interests.

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They aren’t there to engage in the healthy back-and-forth between government and the press. They’re there to provoke the kind of hysterics that usually end up discrediting the media.

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The flood of news stories from a country as large, diverse and strange as the Russian Federation often appears to be is far too large for anyone to keep up with. But there needs to be a way to mark those which can’t be discussed in detail but which are too indicative of broader developments …

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Blue/Yellow proudly announces to the deeply concerned Western Hemisphere that the organization has managed to gather about 120 000 Euro to support Ukraine, at a charity concert, held at Lithuanian National TV on January 13th (the anniversary of the failed Soviet attempt to overthrow the Lithuanian government in 1991). ”
Volunteers from the Lithuanian organization Blue-Yellow gathered over EUR 140,000 in support of Ukraine at a charity concert which was held on the TV channel on 13 January. Jonas Ohman, a Swedish-Lithuanian volunteer and journalist, wrote on his facebook page after the concert: “Blue/Yellow proudly announces to the deeply concerned Western Hemisphere that the organization …

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Якщо читач гадає, ніби в нашій історії вже все відомо, усе прочитано, то це анітрохи не так...

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" Rather than international stars we need local musicians. Rather than global elites we need local heroes, local politicians, local ideas, local solutions.

" Rejecting globalization seems like a backward step, but it may represent a repair phase, the same sentiment that led to Brexit and Trump, and is still not complete.

" Growth is meaningless if the wages of ordinary people stagnate while the rich take their opinions to Davos. "
Voters seem to think it's time to stop counting on the rich, famous and powerful to tell us what to do. But the populist backlash against elites is no substitute for working out solutions from the ground up.

Oksana Szulhan

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" Appalled by the state of affairs, realizing the greatness and the nearness of the danger . . . and thinking, as men are apt to think in great crises, that when all had been done they still have something left to do, and when all had been said they have not said enough, again called on the captains one by one . . . he reminded them of their country, the freest of the free, and of the unfettered discretion allowed to all in it to live as they pleased. [Thucydides, The Peloponnesian War, 7.69.2] "
Beautiful, sober piece that you should make time to read.

_We have lost, we are lost. Not an election, but a civilization. Where does that leave us? I think the metaphor is one of (political) resistance. They resisted in occupied France, they resisted in Franco’s Spain. Even in the twilight years of the 1930s, times considerably darker than today, regular men and women stood up against much graver dangers and longer odds than those we now face. They did not resist, necessarily, because they thought they would win, they resisted because they simply could not imagine collaborating, even passively. And for us, even now there are oases of hope in our sea of despair — Trump did indeed lose the popular vote by a wide margin, and there are powerful states and municipalities that might protect many of the most vulnerable from the coming federal onslaught. But we will face a great moment of crisis, after the next major terrorist attack in the U.S. (something no American President could prevent), which will present something like a perfect storm: a thin-skinned, impulsive leader with authoritarian instincts, a frightened public, an environment of permissive racism, and a post-fact information environment. In such a moment basic civil liberties will be at risk: due process will be assailed as “protecting terrorists”; free speech will be challenged as “giving aid and comfort to the enemy.” And that will be the moment when each of us must stand up and be counted, and never forget Tolstoy’s admonition: “There are no conditions to which a man may not become accustomed, particularly if he sees that they are accepted by those about him.” Our portion is to make sure that never comes to pass._
Jonathan Kirshner for BLARB: America, America
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The changing nature of the country centered on Moscow is well reflected in the words its leaders have been able to spread to other major languages: Khrushchev used the Soviet Union’s success in space to boost “sputnik,” Gorbachev the USSR’s need to change with “perestroika” and now Putin its KGB essence with “kompromat.” The last …

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You're young only once . . . but you can be immature forever :=)
Post cats at your risk - you shall be uncircled.
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