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Have you tried our Free WooCommerce Mobile assistant?

Free app to check your sales over the phone.

It will be the first thing you check in the morning and last thing you see when going to bed! )

WooCommerce connector should be installed along with it:

Comments and questions greatly appreciated!

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Free Mobile solution to track your Magento sales, products, customer registrations and much mrore -

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New version available for download!

WooCommerce Beta Release Notes - April  29 2015

- Product Attribute support has been implemented to Store Manager for WooCommerce
- Possibility to select all the categories with the help CTRL+A keys has been added to the application in this release

- If no category exists in WooCommerce database, “Show all products” filter will be applied automatically
- User email address will undergo validation when one creates new user profile

- STRICT_TRANS_TABLES mode is supported now 
- Username validation has been added. Now user will not be created if one with identical name already exists in database

Please leave your feedback on new features so we could work further on their improvement.

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WooCommerce Customisations needed!

Please share with us your customizations / modules / extensions / themes that you use on your site and that are not compatible with our product yet (you may check it by downloading Store Manager and applying changes to your store). Leave names, descriptions and ratings of the extensions in comments and we'll check and add them the list  for voting.

We are open for widely-used customizations and want to add the support of most loved ones.
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Flat Responsive Theme for Woocommerce
Add Extensions in Comments to discuss

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I have a problem with Google+ local business categories. I have a business page where I want to specify some categories like "e-Commerce service" and "software company". 

Those are correct categories that I select from the list

Once I hit save, I got this

Those are translated versions of same categories. It wouldn't bother me, BUT if I go back to editing, it says that my categories are not correct!

It looks like values are written in Ukrainian language once I hit save (instead of some IDs or English versions), and are not translated if you try to search for eMagicOne in Google from English speaking countries (we've tried to search from USA and got Ukrainian versions of categories!).

I've checked everything already! Page and account language is set as English. We've tried to update it from US, same result. It looks like it takes our location (it is Ukraine, we have verified our localisation) and considers that those values should be saved in Ukrainian language.

That is horrible. I'm fighting with it for few days and it is getting me crazy.

Can anyone help me?

+Carol Dodsley 

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Dear Beta-testers,

We would like to inform you that Store Manager for WooCommerce Alpha version has been released.

Here are improvements and features that have been implemented:

New features:

- The information window has been added to the application. It will inform users about the state of Store Manager for WooCommerce trial version (number of days left), provide purchase and registration info;
- Product Attributes section has been implemented to Store Manager; - Now you can handle attributes and options with this program.


- When new product is created, category, the product is added to is automatically checked and displayed in the lower grid "Categories" section;
- "Minimize" button has been removed from FTP settings window;
- "Minimize" button has been removed from Bridge Self Test form;
- Now images will be instantly displayed when you upload/change them for categories/products. Previously you had to click on "Post" button to accomplish upload.


- Formerly Store Manager got hung after "Get Data from Web" had been accomplished for the first time. There was the problem with detecting of database tables prefixes. The issue has been fixed;
- The products, created in Store Manager for WooCommerce now are being successfully displayed at the storefront;
- Previously "Duplicate entry" error occurred if new product was added and image was uploaded via Featured Images. The problem has been solved;
- Price column has been removed from product grid;
- Filter by selected category(ies) and Filter by selected and nested category(ies) worked incorrectly. The malfunction has been corrected and filters are functioning properly;
- "Edit categories in bulk" option did not function correctly. The issue has been resolved and now categories are being modified flawlessly via Store Manager for WooCommerce;
- It was not possible to manually input date for special price. The problem has been corrected in this release of Store Manager;
Apply/Cancel option did not instantly appear when product-category associations were changed. The issue has been fixed.

Download new version here:

Check our documentation

Visit our website

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If you have issues with characters, try to play around with advanced database settings (see Preferences form).

In case the issue remains provide us with your connection settings via:
(save your settings in Preferences [F12] - Database connection - Save configuration button next to store name field and attach us the file)
Do not forget to make backup before you start your work/sync data.

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To be able to select attributes for variable product, please add them in Attributes tab first.

Important for everyone!
Note that it is alpha, backups are very welcome :)
Stay safe when you play )

Hi to all
Hope my question is related to your community and that you can assist me

I have wordpress website. I use #comment by #Google+ #script to allow my users leave me comments about my products, articles, etc. All was fine, but I faced a problem. My most popular pages got spammed with third-party users promoting their sites, not even related to the article. I cannot remove the post as there's no option for that. I cannot block the post as there's no option to hide it (no technical possibility for this). All I can do is to report spam/abuse/block, but still it will block the comment so I will not see it, though all other users will see this spam.

I'm afraid that my site comments will become a public spam trash as your native comments section doesn't allow to protect myself from this.

I do not want to use any external tools like Discuss or any other. I want to use your native comments.

Any help will be appreciated
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