Champagne life style on lemonade budget

Yes, why not! Everyone loves a bit of a bargain … I will show to you how you can get professional cleaning and save some money.
1. Wright down a list of what needs to be done. Have 3 separate columns for urgent cleaning jobs, another one for work that needs to be done but you either can’t do yourself or that you don’t have time to do and finally, a column for little bits which not so urgent but need to be done. Go via this list to see how much time it would take and you can pick and choose what you need to pay for, what you can leave for later or what you can do yourself.
2. Agree beforehand with cleaner/business what tasks the cleaner should do. Be very specific to avoid confusions. Maybe, even draw a schedule based on your list above. Plus, if you make a list, the cleaner can prioritise work and just get on with it without having to ask you what you want next.
3. Make sure you supply the products that your cleaner will need to do a professional job. Sit down and discuss with the cleaner. She can suggest quality products which are not too expensive or she will most definitely know where to buy them. Also, buying in bulk often works out cheaper. Sometimes cleaners do bring their own products; this is something that you can discuss beforehand, but you will most likely will have to pay for it anyway and personally I don’t like the thought of someone mopping my house with a mop, which was previously goodness knows where!
4. If you decide to buy everything yourself, choose wisely. There is no need to buy different floor cleaner for every room if you can have a multi-purpose floor cleaner. Make sure there are sponges, microfiber cloths, a mop, a broom, a working vacuum cleaner. Always make sure that there’s enough of each product.
5. To save money in the long run you can ask the cleaner to do a deep clean in your house and subsequently to come for an hour or two every second week, or for 3-4 hours once a month. It’s much easier to maintain a clean house than to start from scratch cleaning a dirty house every few months.–After a deep clean there’s no need to clean everything from top to bottom every month, instead this can be done maybe every 6-9 months.
6. To save time forthe cleaner in the kitchen, either wash and put dishes away (so she can get on with more pressing matters) or if you don’t have time, just make sure that they are soaked well (it will definitely cut down time). A clattered sink will prevent the cleaner from properly cleaning it and also the work surface. It’s also worth remembering that some cleaners generally don’t do dishes.
7. Put clatter away! If you are on a tight budget then there’s no need to pay a cleaner for this. You can use her time more wisely and productive. This way, she can focus on actually cleaning your home. If you want to pay her to fold your laundry, that's up to you but you may not be making the most of her skills. Similarly if you put your clothes away (or generally just pick up everything from the floor) the cleaner can get more cleaning done in the allotted time.
8. Another option to consider if you are overwhelmed with clatter and don’t know where to start, is to get a professional organiser (Roxy’s Domestic Bliss provide this services too).Its quicker if someone else oversees everything and it’s easier to clean and to keep clean.
9. Make a cleaning caddy. No matter where you or the cleaner is in your house, all the products will be at your fingertips. This way you make cleaning more efficient and less time consuming. No more spending time trying to find something or going up and down the stairs every time you need something!
10. There’s always some tasks which a cleaner will not do (cleaning the outside of windows for example). You always have to check beforehand these services ,but if you need this to be done you can always ask your cleaner/business to do it but be prepared to pay extra, or you can ask the cleaner to recommend someone (which may lead to discount because of the recommendation).
11. Cleaning with a discount. If you ‘share’ your cleaner, you might get a discounted price. For example, you and your neighbour happy to have the same cleaner on the same day. In this case, Roxy’s Domestic Bliss most likely would agree to give some discount for both of you.
12. There’s another way to get a discount on cleaning. If you recommend our cleaning services, we will always give you a discount (either money off your invoice or we will provide cleaning services for free for a specified amount of time).. Just ask us or ask your friend to mention who recommended us to them!
13. Want to save some more money on cleaning services? Instead of booking a regular appointment, call us to be notified of discounted slots that become available at very short notice (last-minute slots).Alternatively, see if you can become a “training home” for new cleaners.
14. Sometimes, you just don’t have enough funds or you’ve had some unexpected outgoings and can’t afford a cleaner for everything you need. Just ask the cleaner to come for an hour or so and prioritise - provide a list of the most urgent jobs. Usually it’s a bathroom and/or kitchen – with both or at least one of them clean, the rest is an easier job. easier.
15. Last, but not least, be nice to your cleaner. If you are nice to her, she will happily go the extra mile for you or stay an extra 15-20 min free of charge to help you. A simple ‘thank you’ and a showing of appreciation for her work will definitely pay off.

Finally, some advice on what type of cleaner not to hire.
Beware of the cleaners/business who give you a price over the phone without seeing your property and discussing your needs. The chances are, you will end up paying a lot more than the price given on the phone or you won’t get what you asked for.

Quality is not cheap, and cheap is not always quality. If prices for cleaning are below the going rate, it might be a bargain, but it’s highly likely that something is not quite right – it could be that the cleaner(s) has no experience, no insurance or simply that the price will go up as soon as you hire them or once the work has been completed.

more about what type of cleaners

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