10 reasons to hire a cleaner.

1. It is not as expensive as you think. If you compare – buying all the required cleaning materials, spending time cleaning (with no spare time for your family or yourself) vs paying for a cleaner once a week or fortnight, the latter is always cheaper and more productive. Alternatively, you can look at it this way, the weekly cost of a cleaner is less than a night out, however, your house will be cleaned professionally and you will have spare time at the weekend! It is affordable, even for those on a tight budget.
2. You have just had a baby. Looking after a baby (or children) is not easy, you don't want cleaning to be on your ‘to do' list, as you are super busy and super tired. Small babies do not sleep that much and children need your attention frequently so you need to get some rest while the baby is napping. Doing housework instead of resting is not easy. A cleaner can come once a week giving you some free time to either rest or spend with your child. Using a cleaner at least once or twice a month will allow mum to do more and have extra sleep, which means less stress. Happy mummy – happy family!
3. You or someone in your family is ill. Day-to-day tasks plus illness can cause a vast amount of stress. In addition, having health issues means that your house has to be extra clean and germ-free. In this case, a professional cleaner is a must!
4. Having a cleaner will allow you to use your time efficiently. We are living in super fast times with big demands. Everyone these days is very busy, trying to juggle work, career, family, children, friends, exercising, leisure, self-education etc - there is simply no time to fit everything in, let alone keeping on top of housework! When you get a free minute, the last thing on your mind is cleaning the bathroom or doing a deep clean in the kitchen. Having a cleaner once a week or once a fortnight will enable you to have time for more important things like spending time with your friends and family or finally taking that guitar class you always wanted but could never fit in! You can use the time for pleasure, not for scrubbing or dusting! Most importantly – spending time on the weekend with family or doing what you want, rather than cleaning is priceless! Everyone is happy in this case – family because you spend time with them; you because you are enjoying yourself and not stressing, which is very important.
5. You don't like cleaning or simply can't do it. Cleanliness is very important. Everyone likes a clean house or office but if you are one of those people that don't like cleaning or simply can't do it then hiring a professional cleaner is the best solution for you.
6. You are having visitors round. Whatever the occasion – dinner party, family visits, movie night, kids play date or just a social gathering – having to clean before and after can really put you off and take the enjoyment and pleasure out of your mood. Save your time and get a cleaner – that's one task off your list and more time to have fun.
7. Professional cleaners need less time to clean than you do – the cleaner has been doing this for a long time and knows all the tricks of the trade; for example, what chemicals are good or not so good for a specific task. While you will be working out how to remove lime scale in those hard to reach areas, the cleaner will have already done it and moved on to something else.
8. Leave a professional job to professionals. You don't clean your carpets or you repair your car – you would rather pay someone who knows what they are doing. The same applies to cleaning or ironing; it is much easier, less stressful and much quicker to pay a professional cleaner than to do it yourself.
9. You have elderly family members. It is difficult for some young people to keep on top of day-to-day tasks. For older people, it can be almost impossible to keep up with cleaning to a reasonable standard. That's when a cleaner would be a valuable help.
10. You deserve an extra treat. Have you been working hard? Just had difficult and stressful time? Need to relax? Manicures and massages are great, an extra session in gym beneficial but it's not good if after great spa day you come back home and have to start cleaning and scrubbing. Treat yourself occasionally; it's relaxing to come back home and find your house is sparkling clean.

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