Bleach is a 'must have' product for your household. It has the capability to enhance everything from your laundry work to your front lawn. The following list gives you a brief overview of how bleach is a good source to use in your daily life.


1. Disinfectant: Mix 5 liters of cold water with ¼ of a cup of bleach to clean surfaces (kitchen, bathroom etc). Clean the surfaces with soapy water, wipe them dry, then wipe with bleach solutions and let it dry. Toys and utensils etc can be disinfected with a diluted solution (apply 1 spoon of bleach to 3-4 litres of lukewarm water).

2. Bleach not only cleans but it also disinfects and removes nasty smells after some time. When this product is used, it kills bacteria, mold, and fungus that maybe found around the house that you can't even see.

3. Whitening: Chlorine bleach whitens and brightens your laundry and is useful in removing stubborn stains in fabrics. It can be used to brighten up wooden furniture, floors, fences etc.

4. Bleach can also be used to clean mildew (while preventing it from reappearing). It can also clean mildew stains and soap scum.

5. You will not need to use any other cleaning products for a job and you won’t have to start scrubbing the place as the bleach is very powerful. Bleach can a save you a lot of time as you can spray it and let it sit on the affected areas.

Although bleach is a 'must have' household product, it can also have its disadvantages. Here is a list of disadvantages.

1. This product is very corrosive, meaning that it could corrode the skin and leave it very irritated.

2. If this product is in contact or mixed with other cleaning products, it'll react with it and release dangerous gases like ammonia and chlorine.

3. While bleach can whiten clothing it has the disadvantage of fading colours on clothes that are made from cotton.

4. This product is very toxic. Hence, when consumed or smelt, the chemicals can cause respiratory problems like Asthma. That's why it's important that you use a mask and also rubber gloves when using bleach. Also make sure that the room you're working in is properly ventilated.

5. Not only can it affect a human's life but the chemicals can harm the environment and kill the organisms that live in the environment like fishes. This happens because the chemicals given off when reacting with the water, will replace the H2O molecule with the Cl molecule.

6. Although there are many types of bleaches, the most dangerous one is chlorine bleach because it's very toxic.

7. Approximately 28% of poisonings from household products are due to bleach. Not only can this product harm humans, but it can also harm pets because of their lower air intake. Also this product can harm anyone who spends a lot of time in the home because they are in daily contact with it.
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