What type of cleaning services and which one to choose?

Individual/self-employed (sole trader).
Basically, without too much technical information - this is an individual, who working for themselves (self-employed). Usually, they are working by themselves for themselves (sole-trader). Normally, paying own taxes and insurance.
There’re few pros and cons to consider.
Pros. Individual/self-employed cleaner’s prices can be cheaper than the average price in your area, which could potentially save you some money in a short run. You could have a flexible arrangement between you and cleaner – it could be easier to rearrange or cancel. You are not tided to any contracts.
Cons. You can become too close to your cleaner, which could lead to all sorts of problems – for example, if quality will drop, it might be a bit difficult to point out. If a cleaner is off sick or on holiday – there’s no replacement. There’s no quality control. If some damage or breakage happened – there’s no guaranty that your cleaner would have appropriate insurance cover and could cost you quite a lot. Same with accident cover. Also, if it is just cash in hand job, technically you became your cleaner’s employer and you will be responsible for taxes and insurance.

Cleaning franchise.
In simple words, franchise is an agreement between two parties which allows one party to market product or services using the trademark and operating methods of the other party.
Positive. All franchise managers had few months training so does all staff. With a cleaning franchise you will get brands that are perceived as trusted and reliable as they have stood the test of time. A franchise will provide replace cleaners for holidays or sickness. Although that is not always the case and can be down to the franchisee and how meticulously the standards are checked
Downside. They usually focus on volume rather than quality. They often have fast turnover of staffs, which could be a bit unsettled – who want to see every fortnight new person, who cleaning their place? Even if you hire same company as your friend 2 streets down – chances are that you will get totally different management, which means different customer service and different quality. There’s no consistency throughout all company and cleaning staff, which could affect quality. Cost tends to be considerably higher than others and less flexibility.
Cleaning agency.
A cleaning agency is an organisation providing cleaning services on behalf of another organisation, person or group. Basically, a cleaning agency finds and (often) vets workers. It then “sells” the workers to people that need a cleaner. This is quite similar to a franchise.
Positive: Normally you will have a minimum contract. You do not have to worry about employing (or replacing) a cleaner. Additionally, you can tailor make their cleaning rota for your home. There’s always someone available, even at very short notice.
Negative: Cleaners usually have no training; there’s no quality control of cleans and most importantly, the customer is not provided with any support and there is no structure or plan. With there being little, or no benefit for the cleaner the staff turnover is high. Agencies are not always locally based so quite often you need to vet the cleaner and check their insurance. Additionally, the homeowner has to pay to the cleaner, the agency’s fee and supply all cleaning materials. It can feel like agencies do not give a value added service to either the homeowners or the cleaners involved. The only party that seems to benefit is the agent!
Cleaning business.
A cleaning business is normally owned/run by an individual operating in their own local area employing a number of cleaners. The business can be run as a sole trader or a limited company as the business grows.
The pricing tends to be similar to sole traders with (depending on if the business is subject to VAT, provides the cleaning materials etc.). There are usually several ways for clients to pay when using such as online, by card, direct debit etc.
A cleaning business may have a contract or, at the very least, Terms of Service which may impose charges on a client for cancellations and lock outs. This is because the cleaning business will have an obligation to pay its staff.
Positive. With a cleaning business you have the added security of an uninterrupted cleaning service and you will get higher insurance cover. Bonding on staff as well as spot checks and training to ensure standards are met and kept. And there will be a manager you can talk to who can either have a word with your cleaner or even replace your cleaner if necessary.
Negative. There is sometimes a high turnover of staff within the cleaning industry so you may not always get the same cleaner.
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