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OilVoice is the web's favourite oil and gas website
OilVoice is the web's favourite oil and gas website


News, jobs and the best columnists in the industry.

OilVoice is one of those sites which requires an endless amount of coding work. 

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Have you read the latest edition of our fine, free magazine?

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New product launched -
It uses a jQuery plugin from this site;
Pretty basic at this stage, more just me tinkering around with a new way to present news and information. With tablets becoming so popular it's worth experimenting with different layouts. Will OilEarth set the world on fire? Probably not judging by early stats, but we'll see. Take a look and let me know what you think.

A record day on the stats again - and it was a Friday. Usually Fridays are quieter for web traffic as there are less press releases being put out. So top marks to the best oil content editor in the business - James Allen!

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Our events and training pages were getting very busy. The page was getting too long. Solution? Condense the size of each event. We're also slowly rolling out the ability to promote an event to the top of the page to stop it getting lost. Still a lot of work to do but getting there.
List your event or training course free!

We just uploaded a new G+ button on the site. I'm still not convinced by G+, but willing to give it a go. For that matter, the OilVoice Facebook group doesn't really revolutionise things either.
Is it the oil and gas sector not being prone to these new fangled social networks? Most likely...

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New homepage for OilVoice launched;
Help keep it busy by uploading your jobs, events and press releases to the site.

New year for us all. What are your goals for 2012?
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