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Ohne Not. (Silas)

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Passend zu diesem Tag der da Heute war, eine kleine Nachtschicht eingelegt und gemalt. :)

Das ist für alle Singles da Draußen. :D
Einen Schönen Sonntag!

#IngressValentine #ingress  
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Google Map & OpenStreetMap

We had to change the system to OpenStreetMap so that we could continue to offer IngressMosaik for free. The old functions, which are still missing, will come back. Since I have a lot to do with the planning of the Mission Day in Cologne, I am currently not able to implement all functions.

Currently not all maps are affected. The other maps will be changed in the course of the days.

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Today was the day. I have entered 10,001 mosaics on IngressMosaik. Pooh, what a job. The other 25,173 mosaics were entered by many players. Thanks for the great support.
#ingress #IngressMosaik

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Firma Xy schmeißt eine Anwendung auf den Markt. Viele User laden sich die Anwendung herunter und benutzen sie. Tag ein, Tag aus. Nach einer weile fällt den Nutzern auf, das man an einigen stellen etwas hätte anders machen können. Hier und da fehlt zum beispiel eine kleine Funktion um den Umgang oder die Handhabung zu vereinfachen. Pfiffige User, die der Programmiersprache mächtig sind, schreiben kurzerhand Plugins die die Lücke in der Anwendung ausfüllt und stellen sie kostenlos zur Verfügung. Firma Xy merkt das gewisse Plugins gut ankommen oder sehr nützlich sind und nehmen diese beim nächsten Update als festen Bestandteil in ihre Anwendung auf.

Ich habe mich vor einer weile hingesetzt und auf bitten eines Mitterspielers den Telegram @GlobalScoreBot Programmiert. Dieser liefert die aktuellen, so wie die vergangenen Statistiken als Grafik der einzelnen Zellen (MU´s/Cell/Cp). Der Bot erfreut sich bis heute großer Beliebtheit. Das war der Grund warum ich versucht habe ihn am laufen zu halten. In letzter Zeit ist es zunehmend schwieriger geworden den @GlobalScoreBot am laufen zu halten. Daher stelle ich seine Dienste mit sofortiger Wirkung ein. Sollte Niantic jedoch zu dem Entschluss kommen, das der @GlobalScoreBot eine nützliche Erweiterung zu ihrer Anwendung ist, dann stelle ich Ihnen gerne den Quellcode kostenlos zur Verfügung.

Ich bedanke mich an alle die den @GlobalScoreBot unterstützt und genutzt haben. Es war eine tolle zeit.

Translated with

Company Xy throws an application on the market. Many users download the application and use it. Day in, day out. After a while the users notice that you could have done something different in some places. Here and there, for example, a small function to simplify the handling or handling is missing. Smart users who are proficient in the programming language write plugins that fill the gap in the application and make it available free of charge. Company Xy notices that certain plugins are well received or very useful and will include them as an integral part of their application during the next update.

I sat down a while ago and programmed the telegram @GlobalScoreBot at the request of a mid-player. This provides the current, as well as the past statistics as a graphic of the individual cells (MUs/Cell/Cp). The bot still enjoys great popularity today. That's why I tried to keep him running. Recently it has become increasingly difficult to keep @GlobalScoreBot running. Therefore, I am terminating his services with immediate effect. However, should Niantic decide that @GlobalScoreBot is a useful extension to your application, I will gladly provide you with the source code free of charge.

I would like to thank everyone who supported and used the @GlobalScoreBot. It was a great time.

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Two things I've changed.

1. missions can be set offline / online by creators
2. in the user profile you can see how many missions of the player are currently online or offline


Zwei Sachen die ich geändert habe.

1. Missionen können von den Erstellern Offline / Online gesetzt werden
2. In dem User Profil könnt ihr sehen wie viele Missionen des Spielers Aktuell Online oder Offline sind
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English first | Deutsch unten

I spent the last three days making the plugin even better and more user friendly. You can find out what new features are available in the documentation. This also contains a detailed explanation of the plugin. The links to the documentation and the plugin can be found below.

Ich habe die letzten drei Tage damit verbracht das Plugin noch besser und benutzerfreundlicher zu gestalten. Was es für neue Funktionen gibt, könnt ihr aus der Dokumentation erfahren. Diese beinhaltet auch eine ausführliche Erklärung zu dem Plugin.

Download Plugin:

Deutsche Anleitung:

Englsish manual:

Thank you for all your support!

As by this post ( we informed you all, that we were facing issues with the internal interfaces. But the situation is even worst!
You might have read about all these fancy databases and the crawling of the Ingress Intel. Well IM also uses data from the intel, albeit only mission data.
As we are not interested in any data to compromise players or gain any Ingress related advantage in game mechanics, we still need to change the way we gained the mission data. Therefore, we do no longer offer:
1. Automated crawling of the Ingress Intel so that all/your missions show up before you are going to add them to a mosaic.
2. A function or service to search or add missions individually
But how will you get the mission data into IM? You can still use the Intel? You use IITC? Then there will be a solution by using an additional plugin.
But let’s stay clear on one point: If IITC is kicked or banned then the provided ability for adding missions is also dead. We would love to use an API by Nia for mission data, but currently there is no such.

How to install the IITC plugin for “IngressMosaik”
Please install IITC “Missions” first, because the “IngressMosaik” plugin extends its functionality to send marked missions to IM.
Please follow these steps for installation:
1. Install plugin “Missions” which you can find here (Desktop -> Info -> Missions)
2. Reload the page or restart the browser.
3. Install IITC plugin for “IngressMosaik” which you can find here
If this does not solve the issues with the plugin, check to following:
• If the “Missions” plugin is already installed, is it deactivated? If yes, please activate.
• You mixed up the order of plugins, so that “Missions” will be loaded after “IngressMosaik” as loaded? This does not work either, please ensure that “IngressMosaik” is loaded after “Missions”.
As we all appreciate to discuss and comment, let us stay focused here on the more general topic. If you installed the plugin and are facing some issues, there is a new section in this COMM to address installation or usage issues …

edit: 02.11.2017
The plugin has been updated recently, link to post
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