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Hi everyone; just wanted to remind you all of a few of our upcoming dates. For information about the exact times or details of any of the following events please hit the link at the bottom of the post and click the entry for the event.

On September 20th our next rank test is coming up. This rank test ends our quarter so it will feature even higher rank testings. 

October 11th is our Next in school youth tournament.

October 25th is our next weapons clinic.

A bunch more is coming up including an adult "Pop" class, a Kickathon to support MAAM; and much more. (Look out for our soon to be released next quarterly newsletter)

We have also solidified the test dates for October, November and December - so set those goals now!

Remember - no classes Monday for Labor day!

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Remember rank testing is this Saturday; all regular classes are still in session. The times of the tests are:

9:00 am High rank...Teens testing for green and above and Adults testing for 2nd blue sash and above.

11:30 Dragons (all ranks)
1:00 Adults (testing for white through blue)
2:00 Teens (testing for white through blue)

All students testing will be required to wear a formal jacket. Please refer to our site for requirements and information.

Also we are scheduled for quarterly break next week - but the dojo will only be closed on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (The weekend of the fourth).

Summer is nearly here! Here is a quick reminder for all our Dragon and Teen aged students.

We will be hosting two extra classes a week on  Tuesday and Thursday's at Noon from June 17th to August 15th. (This allows those involved in baseball and other activities to get their classes out of the way during the day).

(We also host adult class at this time simultaneously. Adults held in one section of the dojo and juniors in another.)

During the evening our other class times remain the same.

Just a quick FYI - the dojo will be closed tomorrow (Good Friday). All of our scheduled classes remain in session this weekend.

See you on the mats!

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Hi everyone,

A few quick reminders. We've got low rank kids testing coming up Saturday the 26th at 2pm. Please have your child review the standards and if illegible  sign up at the counter.

Next; we have another weapons clinic. We'll be covering the Nunchaku. Information is posted at the dojo and you can register at the counter.

Lastly; the weather is changing! We love to take classes outside occasionally when the weather is right so all students should begin to bring shoes they could practice in. (No flip flops).

Hi everyone, 

Just a quick reminder that next week is our Spring Break week. This year we will only close two nights - Tuesday and Thursday (3/25 and 3/27). All other classes remain in session.

Remember rank testing is Saturday; review your requirements, and scheduled times. Rank testing does not affect our regularly scheduled classes.

See you on the mats!

The dojo is closed tonight (3/12) due to the winter storm. Stay safe and warm!

See you all soon!

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Reminding everyone that there is a rank test for kids White and Yellow this Saturday at 2pm sharp: You must have a formal Gi top to test and the appropriate number of classes.
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