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We might change the name OggCamp to something that better reflects open software/hardware/culture. What name would you like to see?

Edit: Do not comment if you are liking the name as it is. We are looking for serious alternatives, not a discussion if we should change the name or not.
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Yeah, I wouldn't change the name either, I like it!
The Audcast Jamboree!
+Alistair McKinlay the main issue with "Oggcamp" is when you tell someone you're going to Oddcamp... no, o_gg_camp, with a G.

I've had to do that with people at my local lug, so it's not as if familiarity with the term has any bearing on it. I don't even tell people at work what event I'm going to, it's kinda embarrassing having to explain how to pronounce it :P

Edit: I've got no ideas for a new name though, so I guess it's better to have a name that no one can say right than no name at all.
I feel the name is established now. As for the odd camp thing it gets people talking about it so more people will remember the name, my wife wouldn't have remembered what it's called if it wasn't similar to something funny.
How about All New OggCamp!! Then when everyone misses the original name, change it to OggCamp Classic. Joking aside, would OSCamp work?
I describe it as a weekend of geekery to my wife. AKA geekconf. My wife calls it the ubuntu thing where everyone wears black tshirts.
The name OggCamp seems to be established so I think it should be kept. Other wise if the name was changed then people would wonder where its gone and what is this new thing.
Why not just call it Dave? or failing that...

Culture of Open Software / Hardware Camp (or COSHCamp for short).
Agree with the rest .... Viva OggCamp!!
Please..... do not comment on this if you don't want to change it. We will decide if we do that or not based on the names suggested. Also, we are looking for serious suggestions. Thanks!
leave it as it is or is it getting re-branded under the sixgun :|

You have just spent the last few years building it up and now your looking at changing the identity...something about this is sounding quite familiar
+Michael (heeed) Rimicans This is a decision the OggCamp team as a whole is taking. It has nothing to do with Sixgun Productions. As you might recall, Dan and myself are only about 1/3 of the organisers.
Also: Feel free to open another thread for discussion. This thread is for SUGGESTIONS, not discussion. As noted above.
OpenCamp, surely? Or is that already taken?
sell the naming rights to the highest bidder!
+Alan Bell and then watch Apple buy the rights to it and name it something like "Apple rip-off fanboys" or some other shite.
+Paul Williams When I read all this bitching after a simple request for ideas, I do sometimes wonder why we do this to ourselves. We could have just changed the name. I thought at least asking the community for input was a good idea, but apparently not. Why aren't people just happy that there is an OggCamp at all this year? People just seem to take it for granted without realising all the work that goes into something like this.
Get of your high horse Fab. You have asked the community for input and have received. Its not bitching just opinions people have. We do know how much work it requires to organise an event this large but the community seems to like the name OggCamp
I personally have no problem with the name. It sorta reminds me of Nanny Ogg (from Pratchett's witches books). She always has a laugh, gets drunk a lot and is happy to share stories with any who'll listen. Sounds very much like the oggcamp feel if you ask me.
+Michael (heeed) Rimicans We asked for naming suggestions specifically. We didn't ask for input if we should change the name or for funny quibs. This is also not me asking but the whole OggCamp team. This question has come up several times now and I vetoed it last year, but I think if we were to change the name, we should do this now. If this was my decision and I wanted to change it, I would just do so. I personally don't think it's the community's call to make, to be honest.
Its not the communities call to make...sounds like a decision about a desktop. People are not commenting at you only, they are just giving you opinions. Reading your last comment seems to reveal that the decision has been made and your going through the motions by asking for the communities input. It is a shame as the name oggCamp is unique and not something bland like The UK National Linux that would be a British name but also tragic.
+Michael (heeed) Rimicans I don't think you can fairly compare a desktop OS used by millions of people every day to a conference with 400 attendees that happens once a year.

No decision has been made. We don't even know if we will rename at all. We just asked for suggestions. Please stop assuming things and start reading what I actually said.
Fab, stop being sensitive. Like it or not you seem to have become the Publicity Officer and need to behave like one.

" I personally don't think it's the community's call to make, to be honest. "

I'm not comparing millions of users to 400 attendees..I'm comparing the similarity to what happened when a certain well known distro decided to switch desktops.

Also I'm not assuming things as you claim.

" We asked for naming suggestions specifically. We didn't ask for input if we should change the name or for funny quibs. "

This can be read that there has been a decision to rename and that your after naming suggestions.

Either way it seems strange to consider renaming the event.

First Year: OggCamp was a extra to LugRadio.

Second Year: People started to find out. Attendance rising

Third Year: More people turn up. OggCamp name further spread

Fourth Year: Lots of people are now aware of OggCamp and have mentioned it further to other people. Mention it in the community and majority of people know what its about...mention it outside the community and the name evokes interest and people do ask what its all about.

Change name now and you will be restarting again. People will be thinking wtf? Wheres OggCamp gone? Whats the The UK National Linux Fest when its at home?

Also changing the name 5 Months before the event, thats presuming it is August again this year, would be silly...Keep the name, go out on a bang this year and relaunch next year under a new name.

Correct, the event is organisers trainset and they can do with it what they wish but stop flying off the handle because people are voicing their opinions on the subject.
I'm not being sensitive. I'm telling you how it is. You pretty much misunderstood the situation and I have neither the time nor the interest to discuss this. This thread is for name suggestions only. I've said this several times now. Stop clogging it up and destroying the tool for community involvement I'm trying to give you. Bitch somewhere else.
I thought the initial choice of using Ogg in OggCamp was a play on Ogg being a free and open container for other items, meaning the the event contained anything with an opensource twist to it or what was of interest to geeks.
Teckostan, just to mess w/ the NSA :-)
FrOST/Camp (Free Open Source Technology/Camp)
Um? How about OSSL Open Source Software Live. Or TOSRS The Open Source Road Show. Maybe not, that looks too much like a rude word although SRS Software Road Show sounds strong? (SRS12) Maybe forget Live or Road Show you can call it FROG for all it matters so long as the sub heading tells you what it's all about. #mytwopenneth
As a quite well known foursome from liverpool once sang...let it be
Fun Seeing Cool Kollected Projects Unconference Barcamp AKA fsck /pub
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