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Science Fair Time!
Science Fair Time!

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The shared libraries that have been built and planted in the OPA Elementary courtyard were facilitated and painted by the 5th grade team. They contain books that your students can choose. Once they have finished a book, they return it or can choose to keep it. If students have any books that they would like to donate to the little free library, they may, just make sure that parents give permission to donate books. Students should ask their TAs before they go to the little free libraries during recess time.

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4th grade’s free free dress for the hygiene kit contest is Thursday,
January 17th

OPAPO’s Volunteer of the Month is Brie Imlay! (From Mrs Maag): Brie is
wonderful! She is my room mom. She helped plan the fall party and
gingerbread house events. She attends field trips for both mine and Mrs
Jackman’s classes. She volunteers once a week when she can and helps with
reading and math skills.

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Re-Enrollment for current students is NOW OPEN. Families can visit The Ogden Preparatory Academy Registration Website to re-enroll for the upcoming year. Re-Enrollment occurs every year and must be completed within the re-enrollment window to retain a seat with the school. Existing students’ families will receive information each year regarding the window for re-enrollment. This years window for re-enrollment is from January 1st to February 20th, 2019!

Countdown to Summer
Jr. High Dance
7th to 9th Grades

May 25th from 11:15 am-12:45 pm
Location: Cafeteria and Outside Grass
School Lunch Pizza and Ice Cream will be served.
Wear white or clothes that you don't mind getting color chalk on!

Please record your volunteer hours! Recording our volunteer hours is super important for OPA. We really appreciate all the hours you've spent helping out at our awesome school this year. Make sure you get your volunteer hours recorded before the end of the year! Thank you!!

Next week is Administrator Appreciation Week! Our AWESOME administrators are Ms. Campbell, Mr. Kennington, Ms. Young, Ms. Mathers, Ms. Deem, Mr. Smith, and Ms. Puckett. Feel free to dote on them all week! And here's how else we will show our administrators our appreciation...

Monday - Look for the posters and balloons around school!
Tuesday - Fist bump day! Give our administrators a bump whenever you see them!
Wednesday - Administrators get a yummy lunch and gift from OPAPO!
Thursday - Superhero day! Wear a superhero shirt to show the administrators what heroes they've been for us this year!
Friday - Everyone wear TURQUOISE! This is Ms. Campbell's favorite color, let's show her how much we appreciate her by wearing it on the last day of school!

Lunch lady appreciation week May 14-18th
Administration and IT appreciation May 21-25

Lost and Found: please stop by and claim any of your lost items the last week of school. All remaining items will be donated after Friday, May 25th

This is Teacher Appreciation Week.
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