Worship is when we can recognize all that God is and more; having a vivid understanding that He is good, just and righteous, eternal, all-knowing, all-powerful, omnipresent, unchanging and ever faithful. As a matter of fact, His value as the Sovereign King, Creator and Sustainer of all we can imagine, is all together indescribable and magnificent. We have communion (fellowship) with Him by the grace that is in us through Jesus Christ’s finished work on the cross. This communication changes us, reforms us and shapes us to become like Him.
I believe that worship must be expressed with sincerity from our hearts as children of God {Mark 12: 28-30}. The act of worship (fellowship) should also not be restricted to any four walls of a building nor any melodic tune but very importantly, it must be empowered by the Holy Spirit {John4:24}; allowing for true fellowship with God. This means that I can worship God anywhere I find myself; at home, in traffic, while shopping for groceries, at the hospital, anywhere!
In the place of worship, I trade my weakness for His strength. It is in that atmosphere that I learn to surrender my all to God, knowing that I am literally nothing without His saving grace. Very often when I worship, I come to an understanding that God is too faithful to fail and so I rest easy in the knowledge that my testimony is just around the corner.
This might sound cliché but our worship lifestyle during “midnight experiences” creates an atmosphere for divine revelation and intervention. Trusting and worshipping in the most difficult situations will naturally attract supernatural breakthrough from Heaven’s throne because God inhabits the praises of His people.
Inevitably, I have confidence that everything will work in my favour because I am a WORSHIPPER!!!

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