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One of the best HOA will be tommorow 19:00 !!! Cant wait to see this !! You will Rock +Azlin Bloor!!
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French (in English below)

+Michel Reibel de +Cuisine et Cigares et +WEBKISS* for Branding, Alsacien et un peu Australien et +Azlin Bloor (résidente UK) sont des “Food bloggers” suivis dans le monde entier. Ils vont vous présenter un nouveau modèle économique qui transforme profondément le paysage du Marketing Digital ainsi que la collaboration entre les blogueurs et les marques.

Regardez cet événement, où que vous soyez dans le monde et vous verrez, comme pour les émissions de cuisine en direct, comment des “Food bloggers stars internationaux des réseaux sociaux” parmi les plus regardés sur Internet ont conquis leur audience. Vous rencontrerez :

La Food Team :
+AZ Entertainment Producteur d’événements culinaires
+Chef Dennis Littley Blogueur culinaire et influenceur Google+ 
+Larry Fournillier Influenceur culinaire Google+ qui sera exceptionnellement dans le Colorado ce jour là avec des clients et des sponsors.

La Marketing Team :
+martin shervington Expert du Marketing Digital et fondateur de +Plus Your Business!   
+David Amerland Consultant SEO international et auteur de Google Semantic Search ainsi que Google+ Hangouts for Business.

Ils ont de l’influence et de la crédibilité et ensemble, ils totalisent près de 3 millions d’abonnés sur Google+ qui compte environ 360 millions d’utilisateurs actifs et dont la plateforme permet de faire ce que nulle autre ne peut proposer, car Google+ c’est d’abord Google. 

C’est dans tout l’internet que se diffuse cette page événement Google+ que vous pouvez suivre également en direct sur :

- le site ARIA :
- le site de WebKiss :
- le blog Cuisine et Cigares :
- le blog Linsfood :
- sur YouTube (lien pour le direct ET le replay) :



+Michel Reibel from +Cuisine et Cigares and  +WEBKISS* for Branding, Alsatian and a little bit Australian and +Azlin Bloor  (UK resident) are "Food Bloggers" followed worldwide. They will introduce a new business model that will profoundly transforme the landscape of Digital Marketing and collaboration between bloggers and brands.

Watch this event, wherever you are in the world and you will see, as live cooking shows, how "Food bloggers & international stars of social networking" among the most watched on the Internet have gained their audience. You'll meet:

The Food Team
+AZ Entertainment Google+ Events Host and Producer
+Chef Dennis Littley  Food Blogger and Google+ influencer
+Larry Fournillier Google+ Food influencer on location that day in the Colorado on a HIRL with brands & sponsors.

The Marketing Team
+martin shervington Digital Marketing expert and founder of +Plus Your Business! 
+David Amerland  SEO Consultant - Author of Google Semantic Search and also Google+ Hangouts for Business.

They have influence and credibility, together they total nearly 3 million subscribers on Google+ which has about 360 million active users, the platform can do what no other can not offer because Google+ is Google first.

So it's all over the internet that we spread this Google+ page event you can follow live also on:

- ARIA website:
- WebKiss website:
- Cuisine and Cigares blog:
- Linsfood blog:
- YouTube (same link for live and replay): 
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Photographs from Flautas with Greek Feta, Prosciutto and Red Pepper Post permalink []
Flautas with Greek Feta, Prosciutto and Red Peppers
7 Photos - View album
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Flautas with Greek Feta, Prosciutto and Red Peppers!! Served with Honey and Sesame !! permalink []

#appetizer #fetacheese
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Photographs from Cheesecake Smoothie post!!! Permalink []
Cheesecake Smoothie
8 Photos - View album
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Cheesecake Smoothie with Greek Feta + recipe !

A smoothie (alternatively spelled Smoothi, smoothee or smoothy, the name comes from the smooth property of the emulsion) is a blended and sometimes sweetened beverage made from fresh fruit (fruit smoothie) and in special cases can contain chocolate or peanut butter. In addition to fruit, many smoothies include crushed ice, frozen fruit, honey or contain syrup and ice ingredients. They have a milkshake-like consistency that is thicker than slush drinks. They can also contain milk, yogurt or ice cream. Smoothies are often marketed to health-conscious people, and some restaurants offer add-ins such as soy milk, whey powder, green tea, herbal supplements, or nutritional supplement mixes.

The electric blender gave birth to the smoothie in the United States. The word "smoothie" was first coined by Mabel Stegner on June 23, 1940 in an article titled "Let the blender do it for you!" published in the New York Herald Tribune (p. 14-15). Concerning ingredients she wrote: "For instance, place a few ounces of milk, fruit juice, tomato juice or any desired liquid in the food container [of the blender]. Add a banana, or strawberries, or pitted cherries, or diced vegetables, Place the container on the base, switch on the electricity and in less than a minute out comes a banana milk 'smoothie,' a fruit nectar, or a raw vegetable cocktail.

The earliest known use of the word "smoothee" also appeared in 1940 and also in connection with the newly commercialized electric blender. That year the Waring Corporation, founded by the popular and very talented bandleader Fred Waring[citation needed], published its first little booklet of recipes titled "Recipes to Make Your Waring-Go-Round," which contained 12 early recipes for "milk smoothees." Waring had hired Mabel Stegner, B.S., a Home Economics Consultant from the University of Wisconsin, to develop the recipes.

Smoothies were first made in the homes of those who owned an electric blender; they became widely available in the United States in the late 1960s when ice cream vendors and health food stores began selling them. By the 1990s and 2000s, smoothies became available at mainstream cafés and coffee shops and in pre-bottled versions at supermarkets all over the world.


2 Scoop Ice Cream
2 Digestive Cookies
2 Fresh Strawberries
1 tspn Strawberry jam
1 Lime Juice
1 3/4 oz Milk
2 Cubes Greek Feta
4 Ice cubes


Mix all the ingredients into the blender and serve!

permalink []

#cheesecake #smoothie #fetacheese  
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Photographs from Spinach Salad with pleurotus mushrooms, talagani cheese and warm bacon dressing post ! permalink []
Spinach Salad with pleurotus mushrooms, talagani cheese and warm bacon dressing
9 Photos - View album
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Spinach Salad with pleurotus mushrooms, talagani cheese and warm bacon dressing

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Coming Up Beef Fillet with Saute Vegetables
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My new Trucker Hat You Must Bring Soul to the Recipe

Unique, Custom Hats by +zet es productions !! 

His Website:
His Facebook Page:

#truckerhat   #customhats   #unique   #handmade  
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