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OdorKlenz Products Provide Safe and Complete Odor Elimination Solutions
OdorKlenz Products Provide Safe and Complete Odor Elimination Solutions


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BEST MASK for Survivalists and Preppers

Being prepared for the unexpected is difficult. In today’s world, threats from chemicals and chemical vapors are real.

Our patented FAST-ACT technology has been protecting responders and health and safety officials with immediate response products to neutralize a chemical attack or release for over a decade.

Now we are bringing that neutralization capability to personal protective equipment.

The VapourKlenz Face Mask with FAST-ACT® Technology is now available to quickly use when you are put in an unknown chemical situation.

The mask offers our patented neutralization technology in a comfortable face mask for nuisance particulates and chemical threats.

Since the mask is lightweight and compact in size, you can keep it with you or in easy to access places such as your vehicle, pocket, purse, luggage, or shelter.

FAST-ACT technology has been evaluated against some of the most dangerous chemical warfare agents, including VX, GD, and HD (mustard). The technology can breakdown a variety of chemicals forming safer byproducts.

The VapourKlenz Face Mask with FAST-ACT® Technology works against particulates and minimizes noxious chemical odors. Just a few of the components of smoke that the mask can help with include:

• Corrosive Gases
• Particulate matter
• Hydrocarbons
• Fats & Oils
• Resins & Waxes

Since our mask uses metal oxides, instead of carbon or zeolites, a variety of chemical pathways
interact and breakdown the various toxic and noxious compounds. Sources of odors include, but
are not limited to:

• Fires and Floods
• Construction
• Environmental pollution
• Biologically-derived
• General chemical

For more information on our VapourKlenz Face Mask with FAST-ACT® Technology
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How Do I Clean My Front Load Washer

The laundry is piling up and if you are like me, you have put it off for as long as you possibly could. Laundry is one of my least favorite household chores to do around my home because it can be difficult to get odors and smells out of my clothes. Especially as of lately, my clean clothes are coming out of the washing machine smelling a little sour, making me feel like my pursuit for clean clothes is a waste. After some investigating, I finally found the culprit of my smelly clothes issue and low and behold my front load washer has been the cause of my odor problems.

For many people, front load washers are a somewhat new thing and can take some adjustment to get used to. For nearly six decades of standard top load washers, we have had to learn a new way of washing clothes. The high-tech front load washers were designed to be high efficiency, by utilizing less water in each cycle. This is a huge step for water conservation and a great new feature provided in this new washing machine. However, the issues begin when consumers forget about the level of water used in each cycle. We want to use a lot of detergent and fabric softeners to our laundry loads to really get our fabrics clean and smelling good but this is where the trouble starts to arise. A buildup begins in your washer from leftover detergent and fabric softener which mixes with body oil and fibers from your clothing that also get trapped in your washing machine. This combination is the result of strong odors in your machine and on your clothes.

How Do I Clean A Front Load Washer?

Cleaning our washing machines can sometimes fall at the waist side because many of us assume that our washing machines get cleaned every time we do a load of laundry. Unfortunately, though, over time residue from your laundry detergents and fabric softeners may cling to the inside of the washer behind the rubber door seals creating quite a pungent odor. The residue trapped in the rubber door seals, however, is not cleaned when running a normal laundry cycle.

There are many DIYs on the best method to clean your washing machine. Some of these DIYs may work great, but many of them can be doing more harm to your washing machine than good. It is best to look for a washing machine deodorizer that is specifically designed to work on cleaning your front load washer. You may be wondering though, what’s the harm in trying a cheaper DIY washing machine cleaner recipe? I’m gonna break down the effects of certain chemicals in your washing machine and why you should avoid using these practices to clean your washing machine.

Cleaning Your Washing Machine With Bleach & Vinegar

DIYs love to promote the use of bleach and vinegar in the process of cleaning your washing machine and for many of us, it’s super easy because we usually have all the ingredients needed at home already to get the job done. However, using bleach and vinegar in your washing machine can actually make your washing machine worse, acting harshly on your machine. The chemicals in these products can eat away and rot the rubber hoses and seals in your washing machine. Not to mention that both bleach and vinegar have strong odors that can transfer to your clean clothing creating a lasting smell on your fabrics. So you may want to refrain from grabbing the vinegar and bleach for any cleaning in your washing machine.

Make Sure to Clean the Dispenser Drawers

Your washing machine dispenser drawer may also be a culprit of strong odors in your washing machine. Dispenser drawers can harbor pungent smells that can really make your front loaders stinky. Detergent and fabric softeners may build up inside the drawers eliciting the foul smell. This is another area of your washing machine that may not be getting the proper cleaning it needs. In reality, you should really clean your dispenser drawer once or twice a month at least.

Best Odor Removal Cleaner For Front Load Washers

There are a lot of options to use when you are looking for a front load washer cleaner, from DIYs to harsh chemical-filled store products. Instead of using a harsh chemical product on your washing machine to clean it, use a natural, non-toxic product to do the job. The OdorKlenz Washing Machine Deodorizer has been specifically designed to help remove and neutralize odor-causing residues that build up in your washer over time. Especially in the areas that harbor odors like the rubber seal door and the dispenser drawer of your washer. The OdorKlenz Washing Machine Deodorizer fights odor-causing residues with an earth mineral technology that was made to attack and neutralize odors at the source without the use of masking agents or toxic chemicals.
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OdorKlenz Gym Bag Deodorizer Review

OdorKlenz Sports products are your #1 trusted source for odor elimination.OdorKlenz Sports products can be used in removing sweat & body odors from gym equipment, gym bags, gym lockers, and fitness gloves.The release bag quickly and easily applies a light powder coating to your larger athletic gear like pads, helmets, and garment/gear bags minimizing odors on those items you can’t always wash.Just shake or brush off to remove excess powder next time you head into a competition. The release bag can also be placed in your gear or gym bag to slowly release powder and help prevent odors from spreading and may also be placed inside of your lockers to remove sweat and body odors.
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Toxic Bedrooms: How To Remove Indoor Air Pollutants From Your Home

The Scary Truth That Lies in Your Bedroom

#1. The Bedding
Our bedding, especially our pillows, can quickly accumulate sweat, saliva, skin flakes, and other bodily excretions, as well as bacteria, mold spores, or dust mites. All of these substances can cause allergy-like symptoms including scratchy eyes, headaches, and sore throat. It is important to change bed sheets regularly, ideally once a week. Also, aim to change pillowcase covers once every few days, and wash pillows once a month if possible. If you have a pillow that can’t go in the wash, replace it every 12 months.

#2. The Humidifier
If you’ve been suffering from symptoms like dry skin, sore throat, or congestion, running a humidifier in your bedroom may be a good idea.

How to Eliminate VOC’s With An Air Purifier
The best air cleaner for this purpose is one with a HEPA filter and a cartridge designed for neutralizing and removing chemical odors and VOC’s. Traditional air purifiers focus on particulate removal and do little to no chemical odor removal. The EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System is the best HEPA air cleaner for those with allergies or chemical sensitivities. The Mobile system utilizes HEPA filters combined with its unique VOC cartridges to effectively eliminate chemicals, odors, fragrances, or allergens from the air by not only trapping them but deactivating them. It is perfect for use in the bedroom. With its three settings, you can pick the quiet lower setting for night time, and the medium or high during the day to maximize its effects.

The Specs

4-speed controls
Comes with EnviroKlenz Air Cartridge & HEPA filter
Height: 19: x Width: 15” x Depth: 15”
Net weight: 38 lbs (17.1 kg) – Shipment weight: approx. 45 lbs (20.5 kg)
Cord length: 5 feet (7.6 M)
Power: 115V / 60Hz / 1 amp
CFM Rating: 85, 150, 200 & 250
EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System, 250 CFM Type – 115V
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3 Things to Know About Your Indoor Air Quality & How It Affects Your Health
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Environmental Exposures & Lupus: Is There a Connection?
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