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Ca l'air clean comme UI pour un RaspberryPI. 
I'm pleased to announce the release of...
BerryIO 1.9.0 (now with camera support!)
BerryIO is a web browser based control system for the Raspberry Pi which provides you with information about your Pi's CPU load/temp, memory and SD card usage, hardware version, etc as well as letting you control GPIO, LCD displays, SPI based analogue interfaces and new for 1.9.0 you can now take pictures with the Raspberry Pi camera (including adjusting settings)!

Its just first steps for the camera at the moment, so although you can take photos and play with all the settings you can't take video just yet and there's no live viewfinder, but they are both coming soon!

Full details including the source code and simple installer are available on GitHub here, I hope you enjoy it :)

For those of you with existing versions please use the built in upgrade system to get 1.9.0.

Any problems pleas let me know...

PS: If there's any mobile app developers out there that wish to contribute I'm looking for someone to work with to develop an app which communicates with the BerryIO HTTP API so the Pi can be controlled with a persons phone. (You can do it now with the web browser but an app would be nicer)


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Voila j'ai recommencer a folder un peu a la maison !! 

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Success Comes to Those Who....


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Lol !!! Ca c'est bon :)
Water-cooled #RaspberryPi computer completed

Bit-tech modder Phame aka James Couzens has caused quite a stir in our forum with what we believe to be the world's first water-cooled Raspberry Pi. 

#Linux   #Debian

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Ohhh oui !!! Ca marcherais pour moi c'est sur. Pas mal plus toff a snoozer :)

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Check out this video on YouTube:

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                           Dragon Stadium Taiwan

The solar-powered ‘dragon’ stadium in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, is the world’s first stadium which gets all its power needs from the sun.There are 8,844 solar panels on the roof .Some 1.14 million kWh of electricity a year will be generated – preventing, in the process, 660 tons of carbon dioxide from being discharged into the atmosphere.
YouTube : Dragon Stadium Taiwan
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