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“This way Graffiti has become my way of life.”
“This way Graffiti has become my way of life.”

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"Dream the impossible do the incredible!!"

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Pintura mural no Centro de treino do Sport Lisboa e Benfica Caixa Campus - Seixal 2016

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Breaking Bad was one of my favorite series of all the time, so I decide to paint a graffiti tribute to Walter white and Jesse Pinkman

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Anamorphic painting in Açores at some abandoned hotel - 2016 Odeith

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Animated Photo

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Pintura mural dedicada a José Saramago.
Agradecimento a junta de freguesia Agualva Cacém.

'Podemos muito mais do que imaginamos'

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Amazing Anamorphic 3D graffiti into 3D still photos "breathless"
Top 10 Odeith Anamorphic graffiti painted by odeith in some abandoned places and some events.

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Anamorphic artwork by Odeith...Illusion piece painted on 3 walls..The idea of this piece was that the girl and rat were defending my original style.

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Lucas off-Man

Micaela Miranda


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The painting of this mural tribute to Louis Armstrong by Odeith began on October 5th, 2015 on the wall of the Lighthouse Ministries, located in Lexington, KY.
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