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A Perl script to generate your own wiki.
A Perl script to generate your own wiki.

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Switched to HTTPS! Yay!

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Release 2.3.4 is out. I figured better tag now before I start a new round of fixes.

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+Alex Jakimenko has been pushing for better code. Many more modules should be using use strict now. Yay!

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Security Warning
Unfortunately, there appears to be a way to execute arbitrary Perl code on the server if you're an administrator.
The easiest solution is to disable the administrator password, if you have one. By default, there is none.

Merged two branches that fiddle with headers and footers. After many, many years, it would seem that having the search form at the bottom is simply not what users expect. Everybody expects a search box at the top of the page, and so we finally did it. This might break existing style sheets, unfortunately.

I'm thinking of removing hostnames from Oddmuse wiki. When it comes to fighting spam, I always rely on IP numbers. Thus, showing and storing hostnames seems like an unnecessary privacy leak. What do you think?

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We're moving to a new host. If can't edit the wiki then that's because you're on the old server.

Oddmuse Wiki is down:😿
Virtual machine provider is down: 😿
Hosting provider is also down: 😿
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