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You might have noticed that it grew a bit silent on here over the last couple of months. The reason is simply that my day job grew very demanding and even though I had reduced said job to four days a  week for the sake of OctoPrint back in September, the amount of community management, support, bug fixing, ticket moderation etc ate up the resulting dedicated OctoPrint day almost completely which made working on new features difficult if not impossible, which I obviously didn't like very much and which also started to become unsustainable.

I am very happy to announce today that this will change in the very near future! Starting at the beginning of August I'll spend 100% of my working hours working on OctoPrint. These are really great news and I am very excited to be able to turn my hobby and passion into my job! +bq, a Spanish technology company that has recently started working on Open Source do-it-yourself projects including (but not limited to) 3D printing, has offered me the possibility to continue the development of OctoPrint with them, providing the project a full team of developers, UI and UX designers, QA department and technical support, with me in the lead. This being exciting enough as it is, most important of all I can also assure you that OctoPrint will remain open and will keep the same spirit as on the very first day.

I am really looking forward to what we'll be able to achieve!
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So Open-source does pay after-all! For this brilliant piece of software kit, both you and Octoprint deserve the good things that are un-doubtedly on the horizon. Congratulations!
Congrats! I'm very happy for you! Big hug, Uli
Awesome. Since you will have a team, my first request is either a mobile friendly UI or an Andriod App.
Congrats and I hope the change turns out the way you expect it to.
You deserve it :)
One step closer to world domination.
You would not believe it, but I am going to to exactly the same thing with Morgan


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It's posts like this that make me wish I could give more than just +1 ... Congratulations!
This is great news Gina! You can also count with my company's support in the future. You create a great software! 
I have not use OctoPrint yet, but I really thanks what you have done.
Congratulations and thanks for such an amazing product.

Is the Octoprint logo going to be trademarked?  I used it on a Raspberry Pi case that I shared on thingiverse.  Perhaps I should've asked before I shared it. . .
Wonderful! Octoprint it awesome and I can't even imagine what it will be like with a full dedicated staff. Looking forward to it!
+Jelle Boomstra When I told Siert that someone hired Gina, his reply was pretty much "damn, we should have done that"
Amazing news! can't wait to see your full power unleashed
AWESOME! - I've just started using Octoprint and love it. Can't wait to see what is new to come!
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