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PSA: On getting support

If you have a problem/questions/brainstorming impulse/initial idea for a new feature regarding OctoPrint, please use the Mailinglist or the G+ Community for that. Do not email me privately or send me private messages via other media (this also includes Google Hangouts, Twitter, comments on YouTube videos etc). 

Also always keep in mind that 
* there exists an FAQ that also includes OctoPi specific questions
* the G+ Community, the Mailinglist and Github have a search function (you won't believe how much time gets eaten by having to hunt down duplicate tickets, so please save me the trouble)
* there are Contribution Guidelines
* there is a guide on How to submit a bug report: - if you don't follow that guide your ticket WILL BE CLOSED. I don't have scrying abilities, so if you don't provide enough information for me to understand and reproduce your problem, I can't help you.

So to reiterate:
* Use the community and mailinglist first and foremost - this way other people who use the search will be able to find the answer if they have the same problem
* If you create a Github ticket or pull request, stick to the corresponding guidelines

G+ Community: Mailinglist:

(inspired by +Thomas Sanladerer)
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+OctoPrint You should also mention the IRC channel for folks that want support : in the Smoothie project that's the main way to get help. It's not to everybody's taste ( which is why we also have a Forum and a Mailing list ), but lots of people like IRC, and it's a good way to get instant support.
That's not searchable either though and mostly development centered as it is right now (which I'd like to keep this way, I'd rather add another support channel with a logging bot if demand for that exists)
+OctoPrint Yeah non-searchable is a big problem of IRC. We tend to use IRC to detect commonly asked-questions and add them to the documentation. It's a lot of work though, agreed.
I try to add anything that gets asked often to the FAQ. I have to admit though that I don't have the impression that people actually read that... ;)
+OctoPrint That's one advantage of IRC : when somebody comes ask a question that's answered in the documentation, there's always a few community members to ridicule them for it :) Then they actually go read the documentation most of the time :)
+Arthur Wolf Yeah, but usually it's not the same user over and over again who refuses to read the FAQ, but the most work gets caused by the many new users who you have to direct friendly to the FAQ once
Yes, ridiculing newbies for ignorance is generally a bad thing.
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