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Real People Real Stories

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Churches should launch ministries to end slavery.#FighingforHope

Never take lightly a cry for help. Be a bridge to get that voice heard. #FightingforHope

Don't hide your struggle. Know that there will always be someone willing to hear and help you out.

Every church should launch ministries to end slavery. This is ultimately a sin problem, in need of the Cure.

Happy Birthday Brother @MCollinsGA #leukemiasurvivor

I learned making this film, pimps turns human beings into resources to be exploited.#FightingforHope

Where there is true love, there is forgiveness.#FightingforHope

Sex trafficking is something that should never be ignored. It's too damaging a problem.

I learned making this film is prostitution is not a victimless crime. #FightingforHope

We are almost finished filming! #FightingforHope
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