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Ocado hung out with 8 people. #hangoutsonairChristy Read, Brent Schnarr, Sumayya Jamil, Rosana McPhee, Jennifer Yorke, Ocado, Yana Yarutska and Diana Wilford
Ocado Mealtime Masterclass: Simon Hulstone's Chicken Kiev
Ocado and 8 others participated
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That was fun! Will finish it at dinner time, as my butter mix is not hard yet
Well done to all the fantastic home cooks who hungout!
Unfortunately my computer gave up the ghost at the end. It overheated,
being in the kitchen, I suppose, it being 36C outside!
It was fun. I would have liked a slower pace and/or tasks set ahead of
time. I had done all the prep, but still could not keep up. Their pot of
water boiled long before mine:)
My husband and I really liked the chicken
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