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obd2tool car diagnostic tools
obd2tool car diagnostic tools


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Now there is newest version 2014.03 of MB SD Connect compact 4 for Mercedes Benz.
This mb star C4 support multi-language such as English, French, Spanish etc.
MB Star C 4 Supported Vehicle List:
Support Mercedes Benz Cars After Year 2000
Passenger Car Support List:
A(176), A(169), A(168), B(246), B(245), CLC(117), C(204) C(203), C(202), 190(201), E(212), E(211), E(210), 124(124), S(222), S(221), S(220), S(140), S(126),
E(207), CLK(209), CLK(208), CLS(218), CLS(219), CL(216), CL(215), CL(140) SLK(172), SLK(171), SLK(170), SL(231), SL(230), SL(129), SL(107), SLS(197),
M(166), M(164), M(163), G(463), G(461), E(212), E(211), E(210), 124(124), S(222), S(221),S(220), S(140), CLK(209), CLK(208), CLS(218), CLS(219), CL(216),
CL(215), CL(140), SLK(172), SL(231), SL(230), SL(129), SL(107),SLS(197), M(166), M(164), M(163), G(460), GL(164), GLK(204), R(251)
Van Support List:
MB 100(631), T1, SprinterIII, SprinterII, SprinterI, Sprinter900, Citan, Vito(639), Vito(638), V(638), Viano(639), T2, Vario, Vaneo(414)
Truck Support List:
Actros963/4, Actros2,3, AtegoIII, AtegoII, AxorII, Eonic, Zetros, Actros, Atego Light, Atego Heavey, HPN M96, Atron, HPN M2000, SKL, FSK, Further model series
Unimog Support List:
Bus Support List:
You can check the links for know more about this sd connect diagnostic tool
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There is a new professional diagnostic tool in the market. It called OEMScan GreenDS GDS+ 3.  It have the basic functions and individual specialized systems, like Reading DTCS, Clearing DTCS, Oil Reset, SAS Reset, TPMS, DPF, etc.
There are seven advantage of OEMScan GreenDS GDS+3
1. One year Free Update Online (300usd/year after one year, much cheaper than Autel&Launch).
2. 51+1 Vehicle coverage: 51 Cars+ Extra 1 benz Truck (OEMScan GreenDS supports all 24V trucks, but Now only with software For Benz trucks, However our techinicans
are developing other trucks software...).
3. OEMscan GreenDS with Printers print out the info you want.
4. Large Touch Screen (Real Color Screen).
5. Including Benz Connectors and BMW connectors 
6.Works excellent for America Cars and Japan cars
7. Our GreenDS's function is more powerful and 100% High Quality warranty, but price is much cheaper than other Universal Scanner.
You can check the links for knowing more this products information :
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MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis Tool newest version 2014.03 FOR Mercedes Benz

Now there are latest version of MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis Tool 2014.03.MB Star c4 support reading out & erasing trouble code,reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator, coding and programming. MB SD Connect Compact 4 support wireless diagnose, support K line,CAN BUS and UDS protocol, fit all computers,with multi-language.
new generation Mercedes Benz diagnostic equipment Star Diagnosis compact4 is the latest one on market for all current and new coming MB vehicles.
Mb star C4 diagnostic tool work with dell630 computer.Its software Software requirement.
1, Basis: Windows XP Professional.
2, DAS Diagnosis Assistance System: Supports vehicle diagnostics by means of decision trees.
3, WIS net Workshop Information System: Provides wiring diagrams, installation instructions, detailed technical information and repair information.
4, Star Utilities: Auxiliary and maintenance program used for self-diagnosis of various components, word processing, and other functions.
5, Optionally available: ASRA net (Information concerning operation and standard texts, flat rates and work units).
More this products information you can visit this website:
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After buying launch x 431 pro , We need begin use launch x431 pro for diagnostic cars.
First . Connect DBScar
Locate vehicle’s DLC socket. The DLC (Data Link Connector or Diagnostic Link Connector) is the standardized 16-cavity connector where diagnostic code readers interface with the vehicle's on-board computer. The DLC is usually located 12 inches from the center of the instrument panel (dash), under or around the driver’s side for most vehicles. If Data Link Connector is not located under dashboard, a label should be there telling location. For some Asian and European vehicles, the DLC is located behind the ashtray and the ashtray must be removed to access the connector. If the DLC cannot be found, refer to the vehicle’s service manual for the location.
Plug the DBScar diagnostic connector into the vehicle’s DLC socket (It is suggested to use the OBD 2 extension cable to connect DBScar connector and DLC socket.). For non-16PIN DLC socket, please select the corresponding non-16 pin connector adaptor, then plug the non-16pin end of the adaptor into the DLC socket, and then connect the standard 16pin end DBScar connector.
The second . setting bluetooth for launch x431 pro diagnostic tool
Enter X-431 PRO Bluetooth setting screen (“Settings” --> “Wi-Fi” --> “Bluetooth”), slide the Bluetooth switch to ON and X-431 PRO will start searching available Bluetooth device, click the desired connector to piar and match.
The third Start diagnosing
Take Demo as an example to demonstrate how to diagnose a vehicle. Start the software to enter vehicle selection screen. Click “Demo” to enter demo menu screen. Click “DEMO” to enter system selection screen. Click “Engine”, the system starts initializing and then jump to the function menu.
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Tuirel S777 is a new diagnostic tool products in market. It including launch x431 serial products function.  It support online update and multi-language. Such as English/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Serbian/ Farsi/ Polish/German/ Italian/Swidish/ Arabic/ French/ Greece/ Deutch/ Korean/Czech/ Russian/ Turkish/ Japanese.

Tuirel S 777 auto scanner tool Features:
1. Read and clear codes on ALL electronic systems.
2. Multifunctional capability includes reading DataStream (Data waviness), Adaptation, Key Programming, Actuation, ECU programming, Injector programming, Turns off MILs of engine, airbag, ABS, A/T and most other systems, Resets Oil Service Light, Service mileage and service intervals, Replaces and recalibrates brake pads safely etc.
3. Supports all OBD II protocols, Can (Controller Area Network) and all test modes including Read Codes, Erase Codes, Freeze Frame, I/M Readiness, O2 Mon.Test, On-Board Mon.Test, Component Test and Vehicle Information.
4. Vehicles before 1996 can be diagnosed.
5. Faster and stable diagnostic speed with unique new platform.
6. High frequency of update up to professional auto diagnostic tools
7. High definition touch display provides high sensitivity with screen locking/unlocking function.
8. Capture, save and print screenshots for convenient troubleshooting.
9. Support mass storage SD card.
10. Compact and attractive housing with protective rubber case makes it more durable and impact-free.
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During the New Year Promotion,you can get 4% Off for some the products on from January 26 to February 10,2014 . And you can also buy some special products. Besides,some free gift will be offered. If you want to know more information,you can visit our webstie
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Launch CRP129 are hot sale
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welcome to website Some car diagnostic tools are sold at low price.
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