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Walmart Cuts Part-Time Benefits For 30,000 and Rolls Out Health Insurance Help Centers in 2,700 Stores.

Well looks like the ACA is having an impact on Walmart. They cutting back benefits for part-time workers in an effort to cut healthcare costs before the looming 2015 mandate to insure full-time workers. The end result for the employees (at least in states that expanded Medicaid) won't be too bad, as employees can now get free or low cost health insurance through Medicaid or marketplace subsidies thanks to the ACA (paid for by taxpayers).

On another healthcare note Walmart is also opening health insurance help centers in 2,700 stores to help people sign up for Medicare and health insurance marketplaces.

At least the 5% of the part-time workforce that are loosing their coverage will have a short walk over to the help center to replace their coverage.

This should go over well at the upcoming meeting with shareholders and investors, but it may not sit as well with others. How do we balance the morality and humanity of having a safety-net, with the idea that large employers like Walmart use safety-net subsidies to push their responsibilities onto we the people? 

How do you feel about all of this?
Walmart workers will likely get a better deal in the exchanges, moving away from an outdated employer-based system.