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About half of the uninsured across the country are small business owners, employees or their dependents.

When it opens in October 2013, the Health Insurance Exchanges will offer a new marketplace just for small employers. The Small Employer Health Options Program, also known as SHOP, will provide a range of high-quality plans and subsidies for eligible employers to reduce premium costs.

Small Business Facts: 

Employers with under 25 full time employees may be eligible for credits and subsidies on the exchange.

Only the .2% of small businesses with over 50 employees, who don't currently provide health insurance to their full-timers are required to purchase insurance for their employees.
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i have an essay on obamas health insurance for low income families and i will like if you can help me on this essay
This is pure socialism. Oboma, eric holder and opra are the seed of racism. Democrats are tearing this good country apart. They don't respect any american, or there voice.
Why does Obama keep breaking his own if it is so great?