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"Puerta del Sol, #Madrid, tonight, as hundreds of thousands (if not millions) took to the streets all over Spain in yet another MASSIVE show of strength against the #austerity dicatorship of the Rajoy government, financial markets and the EU." -- --

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What is the alternative to #austerity  when you are already being heavily taxed and still running at a massive deficit?  At some point the government needs to adjust it's social offerings to a sustainable level.

While I am a fan of socialism in theory, the reality is that there are too many selfish people for socialism to work.  In order for socialism to work, all people need to agree to work to their full capacity, in practice in the world today socialism creates a class of people who become dependent on the hard work of others.  It would become very hard to stay motivated to work hard when the guy next to me is doing half as much and getting the same benefits.  Until I see society change to where everyone work to their maximum potential I will hold fast to Capitalism as it provides the motivation for everyone to do their best and for that they will be rewarded, according to their skill and effort.
The top 10% of wage earners, according to the Congressional Budget Office, are already paying 70% of the income tax collected by the federal government.  I would say they are doing a pretty good job.  #NoMoreWars will help. I am all for shrinking government but I am not conviced it should start with #EndTheFed.  I think there are many other social programs, bureaucratic and waste like #EarMarks and #ForeignAid that that should be tackled first.  I think that State and Local groups can take better care of the needy that the federal government can.  It is just too big and too many dollars end up in the pockets of politicians and bureaucrats and not in the hands of those that need it most.
Again with, so obviously slanted.  We do have a massive deficit, but shouldn't we focus on making the government more effecient?  Under the almost 4 years that Obama has been in office the national debt has almost doubled DOUBLED.  I have a hard time raising taxes until I feel that government is responsibly going to spend it.
You aren't rewarded proportionately with skill and effort anymore. The world changed while you were dreaming of another one. You think bank execs deserve ridiculous incomes for performing criminal acts and subverting regulators?

You look to the majority to defend the system, but to a minority to attack socialism. Go study scandanavia and Australia before you comment again. The policies aren't the problem.

Go and talk directly to more welfare recipients before you make claims that they're all scamming the system. Thank you for repeating someone else's unfounded prejudice, now research some facts on the topic.

You say you agree with ending the wars, without recognising how much that has to do with national debt. You say the rich are taxed just fine, your statistics exclude the Warren Buffets of the world. Please try again and look at the 1% more closely. Your observations are too general to account for the amazing wealth gap. That's what you're missing.

Oh and look into 'regulatory capture' before you say the government is to blame for bailouts. The only thing the government is to blame for is being the same greedy, egotistical and arrogant class as the banksters... And I apply that to both retarded parties.
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