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Occupy The Polls

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... fucking good interview ... [yes, not just a good interview, but a FUCKING GOOD interview]
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The researchers, who were attempting to understand whether airborne measurements of #methane aligned with estimates taken at ground level — the method commonly used by the #EPA and state regulators — flew a plane over the region of the Marcellus Shale for two days in June 2012.

“The researchers determined that the wells leaking the most methane were in the drilling phase, a period that has not been known for high emissions,” reported the Los Angeles Times. “Experts had thought that methane was more likely to be released during subsequent phases of production, including hydraulic fracturing, well completion or transport through pipelines.”

A plane flying over the Marcellus Shale for two days measured methane being released into the atmosphere at 100 to 1,000 times the rate that the EPA estimated.
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On tax day, when millions of American taxpayers and small businesses pay their fair share to support critical public services and the economy, they will also get stuck with a multi-billion dollar tax bill to cover the massive subsidies and tax breaks that benefit the country’s largest employer and richest family.

#Walmart v. #Taxes
Walmart and the Walton family receive tax breaks and taxpayer subsidies estimated at more than $7.8 billion a year – that is enough money to hire 105,000 new public school teachers.
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Purdue and Cornell Researchers Reveal Up to 1,000 Times More Methane Emissions Than Estimated

Purdue and Cornell researchers flew over well pads like this one in Southwestern Pennsylvania to discover higher-than-expected methane levels during the production of natural gas. +Purdue University +Cornell University
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This #EarthDay, we’ll be occupying the public space outside of Chase Bank to bring attention to #Enbridge, and companies that invest in Enbridge, to make people aware of who’s invested in the irreversible devastation of #Kalamazoo’s land and water. Four years later, the Kalamazoo river is still not clean and not even safe enough to swim in. Why haven’t we driven #JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Enbridge out of Kalamazoo by now? They are not welcome here.

#AskJPM ... +MICATS - Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands 
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Sick of Gov't spending 1/3rd of taxes on military? #TheNewIRS lets you allocate your own tax $

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Massive tragedy of the commons in 3... 2... 1....
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.. facing some damn serious time for merely
defending herself, for having a reaction which
any woman would have had. Unfortunately
this police officer's past record of complaints and brutality cannot be brought up at this trial.
Cecily McMillan denies assaulting the officer during an operation to clear the Zuccotti Park of hundreds of people who gathered to mark six months of the Occupy movement
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More bull by the police
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Occupy The Polls

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Policy Beta is our next big IT project.  We want to create a digital platform for citizens to network, generate ideas, debate issues, and vote on the policies that we will adopt.  It's going to be our way of deciding the Party's direction and with that, the pressure we put on government.  Policy Beta will do what we did manually in Policy Alpha back in 2011/12 and much more. It will be a custom fit, open source platform for crowdsourcing public policy.

#PirateParty ... #PPint
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New !bang implemented for @wikileaks at DDG search engine, try out !WL to search instantly.!wl+snowden
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What about Startpage?
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Fighting for Internet Freedom ... among other things

#GreenPirateAlliance -- [alternative energy, environmental protection; open internet, open government; legalized marijuana]

OTP supports both PPI and WPP... our goal is to encourage #Occupy to embrace the Pirate Party

Below is the WPP manifesto (as presented by Adbusters):

We, the people of Planet Earth, hereby launch the World Pirate Party, a global horizontal people’s party for all those who are ready to stand up for and fight for our blue-green-black platform:

Blue – the color of intellect and imagination – stands for mental environmentalism and our party’s commitment to the vision of internet democracy championed by the Pirate Parties of Europe.

Green – the hue of Earth and immortality – stands for the four-decade-strong resistance movement against environmental degradation which we must win for a sane, sustainable future.

Black – the tenor of struggle and justice – stands for our party’s promise to abolish corporate personhood and institute a new global world order in which corporations bow to the will of the people.

                                                      ...  ... ...

Disclaimer: OTP (Occupy The Polls) is not an "officially" endorsed #occupy page. We have been involved with Occupy since day 1 (Sept 17, 2011), but the movement has always had a somewhat ambiguous stance on the utility of voting. Understandably. We feel, however, that in addition to occupying, citizens need to become radically politicized. 

A lot of people still ask what Occupy is about. You can always check out Occupy Wall Street's official website, TwitterTwitter 2, or Facebook

OTP: Twitter, Tumblr ...  Scribd, SoundCloud ...
OTPGlobal (tweets) [RebelMouse

Also of Interest to Us: #pirateparty #PPInt

-- more to come --

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