#Google +的唯一用途是黑Google#

一篇真情实意、感人肺腑的文章。就像苏珊桑塔格把本雅明之死看作自由知识分子的灭绝一样,作者认为Google的堕落在某种意义上意味着早期互联网中理想 主义和Geek文化与资本主义精神相辅共生的时代一去不复返了。作者在最后痛心疾首地说:“Now, Google has fallen, along with the ideal it encompassed. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Or is it a train, a force of reality come to remind us that no matter how much we reach for utopia, we will be sentenced to drown in our own greed?”,贪婪的原罪最终战胜了人性的光辉,未来的我们将何去何从?

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