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In a related story, a Samsung rep told me that Chromebooks are definitely coming to Asia "before the end of the year."
I cant wait to see its performance stats
Uh oh! Did we make What's Hot with this one? If not, somebody re-share and help us out!
I love the Kindle Fire but I will be buying one of thesr
Agreed +Jade Martin 

I have a Kindle Fire too, but that #Tegra3  goodness is oh, so appealing!
I have a transformer prime and I will probably get one of these
I've got a TF101 and i love it (although i'll admit it's getting a little buggy and feels like it's wearing down) but it might get moved on down to the kids and i'll get one of these.
I wish these had the tegra 4 on schedule instead. The 3 just isn't that amazing. Not to say it isn't good, but the 4 would've been that much better. But maybe Android 5 will make it shine! We'll see how it performs. I might pick one of these up.
Yes, but to fit this under a 200-250 dollar budget is very difficult. That's  probably why the rumors of having Tegra 4 and Android OS 5.0 were discouraged.
Tom Yu
I'm likely going to get this. But I do hope it comes with NFC. No Android tablet on the market has NFC, but I think it will be key to the future of mobile gaming.
200 bucks for a tablet is not bad i have a galaxy note but that sounds tempting lol
ok i want the first real Google phone from the Motorola acquisition They purchased them like 2 years ago and no phone release yet??? why not???? 
+Christen Pacheco   Google announced its interest in buying Motorola Mobility on August 15 2011.  Government regulators in several countries needed to approve.  The final approval (from China) came through, and the deal closed on May 22 2012.   So Google has owned Motorola for 18 days.   A little early to ask for hardware that reflects Google's input?
+Christen Pacheco Actually Google purchased Motorola only couple of weeks ago. They have been waiting for approvals from various governments before the purchase could go through.
Im actually a little disapointed with asus service. Everyone says its great but, i cant register my transformer prime on thier site, an they wont answer my emails or phone calls! Or call me back. Its broke an i needed it foxed for almost 2 friggin months now. Had it 2 weeks an screen got broke.
Wish it wasn't Tegra, but that's probably just my inner hate for nVidia speaking... I will still be purchasing as soon as I can
+david kramer A lot of my friends have had experiences with screen problems and despite the fact that their warranty was voided due to rooting, they fixed the screen for them free of charge. I suggest trying other ways to reach the Asus company, I've gotten remarkable service from them, I think they can do better.
+Tom Yu I SO AGREE. I first gave NFC a big so what? But after mastering the connectivity,it's amazing.instantaneous sharing of just about anything.
ASUS rocks! They seem to keep bloatware to a minimum and their keyboard dock is great!
This looks horribly like the PC wars of the 70s and 80s. A lot of blood will be spilt and money lost and the winner is impossible to predict...
I was going to use the $30 voucher from Amazon to get a kindle fire... But... If this of coming this month, same price roughly... With stock jelly bean... I think I'll wait get this instead... I know it'll prob be post I/o (this year's swag most likely) but I want one now, don't know if I can wait that long....
Google read my mind, I want!
I have a Transformer Prime and tegra 3 is totally over rated. It should pump out more than what it does. Doesn't stop me from absolutely lovin my tablet though.
Love my ASUS TF-101 with Android 4 - so many great things about it. Keeping the spending down until we get a new economy.
我近来已经身心疲惫。请你离开我。在这里只是一个自我的解刨。一个手术。与你无关。don't be afraid of it.
I wonder if google is going to hand these out at the I/O later this month.
g pad!great!! will it be available in China mainland?
If it is jelly beans I will rush to the online store.
So do we android users go on bragging about specs or can we see some real high def games making actual use of these GPUs?
It's not spilling the beans when your advertising team makes it happen.
Could this mean Asus will make the next pure Google phone?
I have the newest transformer tablet and it uses this. i am very happy with it.
Migs B
My 1st tablet
I ll add it to my gadget list I just hope it's worth to effort on all sides
My first tablet was the GalaxiTab P1000. a great little tablet that i liked very much. It was also my telephone. my new Transformer is not a phone and i miss that option on a tablet.
was waiting for this tablet since ipad 2 came out def gettin it but would have liked it to be made by Samsung to complete my range (Samsung galaxy s3,series 9 ultrabook 2nd gen, and series 8 Smart TV) oh well between this and galaxy tab 2nd gen
I suddenly feel like some sweets
Android jellybean 5.0 anybody
I have been wairing for a replacement for my iPad 1, looks like this is it!
A Nexus Tablet will be my first tablet as well - if it comes as a 10" version! I have my mobile phone for mobile entertainment and 7" is too small for me for home couch entertainment.
Hope this comes to £150 then its very tempting indeed
Why do they have beans anyway? Serves them right for eating beans and not working on the Nexus Tab...
Why are Google partnering with ASUS, when they own motorola?
I like that it is a 7incher, I think 10inches is for home use only and still does not fully replace your laptop.
Shit, just bought a transformer prime!
Very attractive combination of performance and price for such a slick piece of media consumption device. Any ideas when it will hit the British shores?
So cool but I would like a 10" screen.
watch a documentary on you tube by david adaire who was a top rocket scientist for nasa , he says we have had alternate fuels since the 1970,s, , he also claims that in the seventies he had the technology to travel 6 times around the earth in the blink of an eye , so why we still using fossil fuels ?????????????????????
I'm glad because I still have a Google Nexus S 4G
gia nguoi mau sao dat the minh lam gi co tien de sai ?
7 in is too small for a tablet. With a taskbar taking up a lot of the space I would prefer a galaxy note. Go away +ASUS .
+vuong rau , tại sao hỏi về người mẫu?
What model are you talking about?
I think that this is the last year that companies are able to make a Nexus phone. I think that Google will use Motorola from now on. Using stock Android.
What a surprise! I bet the next big leak will be a phone. #justsayin
+Abdullah Kakooli Google has announced something different.  From now on, they will work with up to 5 manufacturers to create a "Google Experience Device" to spearhead the release of a new version of Android, not just one manufacturer, as in the past.
Finally, everyone can own a
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