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Attention PLEASE

Today is a glorious day for those of us riding the #BoycottApple train! This is possibly the funniest thing we've heard all year. Go ahead and give Apple the finger by +1'ing and sharing this post.

Let them know that you will NOT be a sheep!

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Erich W
i can't wait till it goes on apples site it's not up yet but when it does someone should take a screen grab of it
Erich W
dunce cap 2.0
lol, Bart Simpson. Classic!!! You should have apple or Steve Jobs saying Homer's phrase D'oh!!
LOL!!! That would have been epic.
I'm an Apple fan with a Nexus 7 on its way to my door, and I find this funny. It's the lawsuit/patent/copyright culture that I have a problem with, rather than any one company.
The lawsuits are definitely out of hand and unfortunately its the patent system that is the cause of most of this.  Seriously, who lets someone patent a rectangle with rounded edges.. I am pretty sure I learned about that shape in school long before even cell phones were a thought.
Fucking love this judge. I will be grabbing a screen when it goes up and using it as my wall paper for Facebook g+ Twitter and instagram. About time someone embarrassed these douche bags
Mike A
Well I always wonder about the start button had Hudson or Studebaker known Microsoft could be paying them royalties that would put a smile on my face!
Posted this as well...its kind of funny...wonder what they will end up doing! Always sucks to be forced to advertise for your competitor...not that I have had to! A bit of a slap in the face! Maybe they will quit with all their frivolous lawsuits and can continue competing in the traditional sense. They have a great product, but should not shut the competition with backend negative tactics. Competition is good and healthy and benefits the end user in the long run! 
+Lily Bryant I think it comes down to more personal preference in how you want your device to perform.  I think its hard to say that one is more definitively better than the other.
How's that boycott thing workin' for ya'?
Android OS with it's most up to date version is superior to iOS. The iphone looks almost the same as it did when it was first released. Not very creative or innovative.
"Let them know that you will NOT be a sheep!"  What?  Hey, these people are protecting a patent to the current (broken) law's extent because companies are copying them.  Everybody berate them and let them know we're not sheep!  That's the stupid thing I've ever heard.

MacBook Unibody -> Dell Adamo
MacBook Air -> all current gen ultra portables
iPad -> Current Tablets

Isn't the whole point of this that competing companies are the sheep?  Few companies are being innovative and simply tweak a successful design.  How many rednecks would walk up behind someone using ANY tablet and say "HEY! Is that one of them there iPads?"  Not because it's first, but because it's the most popular/prevalent.  Did Samsung rip off Apple?  Certainly - look at their connectors, their accessories, and their packaging.  Did Samsung rip off Motorola when the copied the Q (Blackjack) or the RAZR (Blade)?  They sure did.. but something so basic as a good "general" design idea (glass front, rectangle shape, thin device) should never have been patented in the first place.  
+OMG!Droid I was trying to be... perspective at the two.. I personally love Android and Samsung and would never own an Apple which is why these battles are pointless from Apples standpoint.  People either love Apple or they don't.  The ones that don't will buy anything but Apple and vice versa. Killing off one of Apples competitors will only bring on others because of people like me.
It was microsoft that invented the idea of the iPad with the tablet computer, apple just made it touchscreen, now everyone drools over the iPad and when Samsung makes their version these dumbass people are like " OMG u leik totally steal dat from APPLE" I own a iPad, microsofts tablet computer and now I'm getting this thing. There all good people lets not fight about it.
David Day
Yawwwwwn...seriously, who gives a shit. Pick your platform, pick your phone and stop wrapping up your egos in your choice. End of story.
They deserved it.
I like this judge, very much.
Hang on. You're rejoicing? Apple's marketing ability and the judge's comments mean this really won't be much of a win for Samsung.

I wouldn't hold my breath on this happening at all. This ruling is almost certain to be challenged.
#boycottapple totally works. I convinced several customers at best buy today to buy an Android product instead of Apple... I am running this local campaign right now. It is all about educating the consumer. ;-)
We should all just accept each others ideas and all be happy with what we got
are you daft enogh to think any big company cares?
its called spoilt child syndrome only this time the parent woke up and smelled the roses
With the way Apple is... I wanna see how they will respond. Pride kills. I have a feeling this is a start...
In your face Apple.
Stop patenting weird stuff like rectangular cutting board designs and calling it your idea!
This is a good start.
Apple is one of Samsung's largest customers, and Samsung is one of Apple's biggest suppliers.
(Google it.) Apple Hipsters will finger with an iPad Retina display which is originally made by Samsung.

I have to admit that I bought the Samsung 10.1 because it does look like the iPad lol

Apple and Samsung should team up, not beat the crap out of each other! They didn't copy! Their inventions are similiar, that's all!
+Lily Bryant Samsung does = Apple. Guess who makes the majority of the parts for the iPhone
Like all the other posts I've made: "Haha, Apple!"
Todd J
Luckily I am not in the boycott Apple gang so this is just boring to me.
This is going to ruin Apple for a while. They made it their goal to tell the world they hate Android. They made it their goal to show the world they will pursue them in court. Now the whole world will know first hand by the power of the internet and news that by their own words, on their own site, Samsung did not copy them. This will go viral and most definitely hurt their ego and a few sales to go along. I can only pray both Google and Samsung use this in a commercial.
The truth revolution for us consumer to these big fat companies is to walk into their stores and take their products without paying a single cents.

Apple vs Samsung = consumers lose
stock android is better than stock iphone
rooted android can't compare at all with jailbroken iphone.....
wrote this with my rooted Gnote running Paranoid tablet/hybrid mode is great :D
Can't wait for the screen shots from the UK!
I find this hilarious. Excuse me while I go hilar at this.
+Layba Zaman if you're an apple fan then you know how much they deserve to be humiliated like this and how big of assholes they are being?
this is funny but the android fanboys are starting to become frantic and thoughtless.
And for anyone who thinks apple devices perform better, try a jelly bean device. Android is becoming a few years old now and jb devices blow apple devices away, pre Android 4.0 maybe not but definitely with 4.0+
Singing James Brown "the big pay back".... APPLE meet Karma. Karma make your self comfortable in Apple's home. #boycottapple
This made me lol.  And btw, how do you even make a strong argument that you own a square shaped device that the people you are accusing of stealing the idea, already came out with the idea before you?
so droid people, who are developing cult-like alliances with their tech products, are making fun of Apple and Apple people because they are cult-like people?  Sounds logical.
Sorry but I don't like a tablet with android. i like way better the iPad but the surface will be way better of all. The only thing is good in android is the s3. That needs to be the face of android
+Christian Margary but you have a choice! Apple would like to take available competitive (better imo) options away from you.... It should be obvious what they are trying to do, but i have just spelled it out for you...
Don russ
The whole #boycottapple apple thing is not because android is better, no its because apple would like to remove all competent competition from the market. They have and still are going after every major android manufacturer. Get it? It's not that complicated.
I have the best of both worlds. Mac Book Air and Droid Phone.
If apple don't want Samsung to make a similar phone why do they get Samsung to make parts for there ithingy's ?
+Anthony Tarantino your right we should be able to enjoy them, but Apple doesn't like competition. So yeah if you buy apple products your helping to eliminate choice knowingly or unknowingly, you are.
Way better at stealing designs and then getting them patented... I totally agree with you +Eric Quirinale . Finally somebody from Camp Apple that does understand.... LOL
IPhone and Toshiba Thrive (Android)
Why you hating on Apple were the love and compassion for your mags corporation
Bart simpson writing it. Just perfect. Realy cool. Lets see if they will learn.
+Lee Davis Seriously? How does even begin to embarrass Samsung in any way, shape or form? Fail sir. Hope Samsumg starts charging Apple more to make their phones.
The picture with Bart Simpson is pretty funny. :-)
Serves these money hogs to the world and I hope they get many,many more.
Yeeeaaaah ... I'll stick to being a sheep until the quality of the Android UI or apps gets anywhere close to that of iOS.
Really? Some comments on this post could have stayed on facebook.
+Justin Ross you apparently haven't been paying attention...Apple hasn't been the leader in quite some time.
+Pete C The reason why people care is not because they are "so sad" but rather because patent trolling, no matter who engages in it, kills innovation. It is ironic that you tout your "live and let live" philosophy while bashing people who only want tech companies to extend to each other that very same courtesy. A healthy marketplace is one in which companies compete by making the very best and cutting edge products they can instead of attempting to push others out of their niche through litigation. Whether or not Apple is actually guilty of this is a fair topic for debate amongst engaged and informed citizens/consumers. If the discussion bothers you, then focus on your charity work instead of reading/posting on it.
Apple products are way overpriced when comparing other operating systems hardware. I consider their products to be rich folks computers. In hard these hard times Thank God for Windows, Linux and Android.
It is not about taking anyone down, it is about freedom of design.
Huh. Another iOS-bashing post promoted as "What's Hot" by Apple's chief competitor. Must be coincidence.
I'm sure there is a lot of similar posts on "what is cold" over on facebook.
No matter what anyone thinks of Apple or Samsung, if you falsely accuse someone of something and are proven wrong, you have got to expect to say sorry and put the record straight.
They can't innovate so they imitate.  Freedom of design?  or you mean capitalizing on some else's work.  The iPhone came out and all the sudden 1000 smart phones came out.  The iPad came out, all the sudden people started making tablets.  Apple didn't invent the cell phone or even a "smart" phone, but they are the ones that popularized it because they innovated it in a way people like.  This boycott crap is ridiculous.  You don't like it, don't buy it and stop crying about the prices.  Apple products aren't toys, they are high end products and worth the money.  Obviously they are priced correctly because they seem to be doing VERY well. 
+Jamie McCarthy the metric for determining what goes into "what's hot" is determined by the number of +1's and shares a post gets collectively, as well as if the amount of traffic it is attracting is greater than normal, it will be featured in "what's hot".

This isn't a conspiracy. Another thread documenting the early build defects in certain batches of the Nexus 7 has been trending on "what's hot" for a few hours, earlier today. 
You Fandroids are such embarrassing fools.
These promotions are for the android users who dont buy apple products at all. Is there any reason for Apple users to care this bullshit and give up using their iDevice? No, I don't think so.
So, where is the effect on Apple sale charts?
Nice job Google. Keep going.
+Jim Meek   What kind of Apple is the best?  Gala?  Honey Crisp? Granny Smith?  Droidheads want to know!  LMAO!
Great pic, but everyone knows Bart's fingers on his other hand are crossed.
This is the same Judge that said the Samsung table is "not as cool" as the iPad right?

As a side, why all the hate? Apple products are made with Samsung parts and Samsung's first store in North America is identical to the apple store. Who cares? As long as both companies continue to put out products consumers are looking for I'm good.
As much as I love Apple products, I have to admit this is pretty funny. That said, some of you Android fans need to stop being so rude to us Apple fans. We too, are people (suprise?) and have feelings. Please do not call us iSheep, because it's rather ironic. How? Most of the people who love Google as much as we love Apple are the ones who call us iSheep. Thank you.
Lol that's funny! I'm sure the judge was probably tired of Apples BS!
I am waiting for the day when we have a truly cross platform os that works on everything and not have an operating system for the phone another one for the tablet and yet another one for the PC or laptop. I think it is about time these egocentric companies got together. I am sure they could all work out something and between them come up with a system that would make them really filthy rich and keep all us poor consumers poor because we are always buy the latest gizmos and technology
What is the moral here? Well, that each omelette has two sides...and that we must always Beware when we think we got things by the handle! -Because the issue might just flip at cha!...and by experience usually when the omelette flips there is not as much butter in the pan as it once used to. LOL -This thing is Sizzling!
+Bruce Patrick It's called Linux. Android is built on the Linux Kernel, and Ubuntu is one of the best Linux OS's running on anything bigger than a phone. It's truly an amazing OS with a TON of capabilities. 
+David Dyer nice. Apple definitely has the apps and hardware accessory support. But this is but one vertical that cements it for you and others with similar interests. In any case, thanks for the link!
Ive seen this thread since I first came online in 92 Micro vs  give it a rest already.
While (apple != samsung)
stop bullying

else detention();
Apple got sued by Creative over the Ipod by stealing some technology all those years ago...
Apple licensed the Xerox GUI advancements. Old fallacies die hard Robert.
Someone paste it to TIP website and show those ass$&@; 
This was my favorite article from today.

Funny how the apple fan bots claim that android copies iOS, but then say that iOS is so much better than android.  You can't have it both ways people.
I think trying to patent the scroll bar (news on the Verge) is a perfect example of Apple going a step too far, they're power hungry, great business sense, but no professional morals.
I wonder what will Steve Job say if he was still here >< (not to be against Samsung yeah...I am just saying)
Aren't any of you getting tired of repeating how much apple sucks? Jacking each other off for purchasing android devices is comical at best. You are not getting back at the man. Apple gets sued every day, and they in turn sue other companies, get over it. Nobody was doing anything in the tablet space until apple showed them how, now it's a thriving market. 
+Matthew Thieme law suits are a way of business and sure it's okay I guess, but apple is out to eliminate competition and choice. Not seeking monetary compensation but rather seeking product bans! And to that I say #boycottapple
I have a MacBook Pro, a first Gen iPad and an Android phone. Apple fan and investor. Ex-iPhone user though. Not a hater of anything...I enjoy the ability to customize and tweak my Android (Galaxy Note w/Gingerbread).
#apple AND #facebook both suck. People need to take a half step out of their comfort zone and try something new for a change!
+David Day unless you can't buy device you picked, because it was banned due to some stupid patent trolling... And that's the point in fact.
It's like tapping the screen with your finger. Can you patent that? I don't think so. So is swiping your finger across the screen. On what grounds can apple claims Samsung copying iPad?
I wouldn't trust big business as far as they have screwed us,would you, are you ready to extend your hand and say all is forgiven,
Looking forward to see it on Apple UK website hahaha
Now I actually have a reason to visit the apple homepage-I have literally never seen it!
Maybe they shouldn't try to take out their competition through legislation.
You guys crack us up. We knew it wouldn't be long til the trololo's started showing up!
Blah Blah Blah (that "sheep"ish enough for you?)...what a useless post--if I could -1, I would.

Well..wait a second--let me rephrase:

This is either a completely useless post--which is pretty much harmless; or, this is really badly written PR (which is less harmless, but equally stupid and pointless.)  I hope the former is be true--but I expect the latter.

While i'm sure this is not true for all android users--some must simply be disgruntled windows users who already had that in-bred hatred and/or prejudice for Apple. Same idiots, different OS. Then again...I don't blame the OS, I blame the user.

Sorry to let you down, people "riding the #BoycottApple train"--but those of us who use apples are NO different in any way from android, linux, or windows users...except for maybe some humility every now and then. The BS that android and windows users continue to spew all over the internet is like a bad case of diarrhea shot all over some gas station restroom: all it does is disgust me and I'm sure countless others.

What this post really tells me is that 1765 people (and counting) have just about as many brain cells as they do fingers and toes.

...perhaps just toes. 
If i had to choose between an iPad and an old Nokia brick phone with Nibbles on it... I would choose the latter... watch out Apple, Samsung does it better!
Why Samsung nexus 7 is more than 200$ in eBay?
So what! It doesn't change the facts. The question is whether there really is a patent infringement or not? If the iPad was first on the market, and then the Samsung product followed and looks remarkably similar, doesn't that look like a copy? Isn't Samsung trying to look like its competitor in order to attract some of that market? Sounds like copying to me.

In the end the consumer will choose what they want to buy and are motivated by their own set of values and judgements. Their choice will be made irrespective of what some UK judge decrees.
I'll plus one with my macbook :)
+Steven Bloom you are correct in saying that consumers will buy what they want to buy. So what's with all the litigation from Apple against Android manufacturers? If they have the best product, they will have the most sales, right? And actually, Apple is the runaway leader in tablet sales.

A flatscreen TV looks like any other flatscreen TV. I don't hear about any TV manufacturer suing their competitors. Maybe Star Trek should sue Apple for copying their tablet device.

Software-wise, iOS on tablets is very different from Android. It's just so funny of Apple to keep publicizing comparison photos of the iPad and a Samsung Galaxy Tab with the Samsung in its App Drawer screen instead of the homescreens which is really how consumers interact with their apps.
I see this as a stinging slap across the face of Apple. And it is probably deserved in this case.
But Apple users aren't necessarily sheep. 
Plus, this is not a glowing victory for Android. It is a victory for Samsung. 
The Android OS is an excellent platform and I know that it will do well. Supporting Samsung is a different matter entirely.

People need to realize that supporting Android doesn't necessarily mean that they have to support Samsung
love it ...hate you Cr-applle
My first touch screen smart phone was linux based motorola e360, it was perfect for business, great for music and great for gaming, and the platform is opensource...
Get real Apple, I don't see Firestone suing Goodyear for making black, round pneumatic tires...
I'm more of a Motorola person but DROID is DROID right?
my family doesn't relly care for apple but there apple is agood company
+Tomas Pfeffer Like? Bet you it can been shown whom Apple ripped off with each "good idea" that you mention
Jay R
All the apple fans..if you love apple..hate Droid..then why are you using is all Google.. isn't there a social network for fruits? Or will you sue Google+ for stealing that too..LOL
i dont know whats more stupid - this ruling or the comments made by either side.  

its not a difficult recipe -  apple vowed to only produce decent hardware so you have a good base.   and iOS is designed to be BASIC without much customisation so there isn't much that can go wrong.   

that way stupid people can enjoy their products without the frustration of things breaking or not working....  

and it works - look how many people praise this garbage. 

on the flip side - i would love to not have to reboot my android device every other day ... my WP7 phone was more stable.. thanks.
Troll baiting. That's all this is. The article in question merited zero responses. One immature judge does a Judge Judy moment, and many here sell out their principles to become what they say they hate. Ironic. Google has become Apple and Apple has become IBM.
let's see Android sucks apple is superior. I can hand an apple phone or ipad to an 80 year old and given a few weeks or hours they would have it down pat. Give them an android and I become tech support for the next year!
Funny that Google AdSense powers OMGDroid. Can anyone say "conflict of interest?" 
It's funny that no one cares about google+
funny how Noone is bashing Microsoft for getting moto devices banned
Apple fans don't realize this but apple restricts almost everything.....there iPods and IPads are great and this is something you don't notice but if you have an apple computer there are a lot of programs out there that you may need or want that apple doesn't allow while "pc" or windows allows any program to be installed and used by the user
+Jason Haslup That depends on whether you use iOS or the Mac. iOS is restrictive, but the Mac lets you install almost anything except apps checked to be Trojans or spyware by Apple. 
Wait, are u saying I am supposed to be a sheep for android or against apple?
The lawsuit culture is indeed harming businesses directly and indirectly. But it is still up to companies whether they want to engage in such pursuits. Apple's mistake was they pushed too hard with this. IMO, they should have let their products speak for themselves. It's not like their patents sell their products, or otherwise just because they have ambiguous patents, doesn't mean no one else are going to sell something ambigously similar.
Also there is the problem with upgrading a mac computer.. YOu are compelled to go to an apple francise to get any upgrade becase there is next to no after market cards that run in a ma computer 
This is the way law should respond to fake lawsuits. American justice must learn from this judgement
Jajaja omg or we stoped buying ipods cuzz the still selling ipods only in a different way or size
I never liked Samsung much, but Apple's bullying over the past few years made me like Samsung more.
don't really care one way or the other. They're just phones. I really wish my old walkman had not fallen in the toilet. I would have saved a lot of 
time and money!
Most people around me don't know/care about these lawsuits. They make decision based on the products presented in front of them. Hence, the banning game..
Got my Nexus 7 yesterday thanks Google!
This is one of the most hilarious things that I have seen all summer
No thanks Apple inc. is awesome. Keep hating for dumb reasons. Grow up its business and Apple is king. 
For the record I like what google is coming up with, doesn't mean I have to pull down one to raise another.
IAgree Pablo Felix One always has a choice!
It's about food and robot...
It' different...
Apple is afraid of competition, so they are trying to ban as many Android phones as they can haha xD pathetic
Apple always was, is and will be an evil empire, as soon as it regains power
Can't wait until the new apple juice box
With competiton companies are forced to "innovate more" least they lose market share. By monopolizing on products and also keeping it proprietary, Apple isn't giving consumers a choice!
The adage is "how do you like them apples"... 
Lets not forget that the judge said "samsung didn't copy apple. apple products are way better. "

I don't think fandroids should be gloating about such a dis on Samsung. 
and the first thing i did when i read this news was open the apple site... and it's not there yet.. still waiting for those announcement and pretty sure someone will grab the picture ;)
Wait for it.... Apple's next product....
'The dPad' ( Douche Pad )
Congratulations! All you #boycottapple  folk have likely boosted Apple's UK website traffic by directing your attention to a minor copyright note.
What sad people you are. Buying an Apple product does not make you a sheep. Do Apple have a special ray they use to make people buy their products? Have they infilrated the government? No. They just make products with a strong element of design that many people like. Hmmm, think I'll boycott Mercedes.
Too bad the same judge said the Samsung was "not as cool"
Ck Yew
Samsung good than Apple
I'm not sure I can boycott apple. Boycott seems to imply that i will no longer buy their products, but I never used them in the first place. That being said, if apple's software was not tied to its hardware, then I might consider it.
its YOU who matters...not I sucks all the way
f5.... damn.

waits 5 seconds

f5.......... damn..

Lather, Rinse, and Repeat
Just made my day a little better! Go droid army!
Ha! That's awesome... I don't really care much for Apple, but they can be horrible trolls and have forced other companies to do some pretty crazy stuff, I guess they are getting a taste of their own medicine.
it's about time!!    grrrreat news!!
Bo Tan
Glorious day
I like apple products to an extent. However, I can not stand their community or pretentious attitude. I am all aboard the #boycottapple train. <3 android
Liking android over apple is like dating someone to fix them. The challenge distracts you from the issue of wether you like it or not.
+David Dyer Hmm, better analogy.  Getting an i<whatever> is like only dating fake sorority girls with a fashion merchandising degree, fake blonde hair, who acts dumb even if she isn't, and who looks exactly like every other fake sorority girl...  (Get it? Pre-packaged female. When they are all the same you can pick any 1 of them and know for sure what you are getting.)

It is all a matter of perspective.
Apple and google should be friends.
Let the people choose and don't let them get stuck with one system.
Unlike Microsoft, though perhaps they 're changing ...
Apple??? Android???? They BOTH get me paid!!!! I love my connection anyway I can get it!!! Keeps me making $MONEY$ from Home.... You can to >>> Internet is where its at Baby :0)
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